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  1. Yes I agree, maybe also the experienced reserve driver options for teams too. I hope to see this factored into future editions of the game
  2. I do agree with you, I think it might be nice to be able to select different faces as the team owners also if that is what you are implying. That would certainly satisfy my needs, having a plethora of options to choose from
  3. Thank you my dear x I have a lot of sympathy for you @Scrogs and hopefully you will have your needs satisfied in the future editions of the game
  4. The 'I'm Like a Bird' hitmaker lashed out on her return to the codemasters forums to request the return for old pilots to be used in the F1 team career mode, whilst simultaneously applauding Codemasters for the F1 2020 series. "I must applaud codemasters for delivering such an exceptional game during these unprecedented times where it appears that 'all good things' are coming to an end. I am really enjoying the F1 2020 series, and I believe the developers have done a fantastic job with the addition of the My Team F1 Career Mode gameplay. However there are some 'Broken Strings' that I would like to address. In particular with the lack of old pilots for use in the F1 2020 my team series. It would be good to have the option of selecting experienced pilots to represent my team such as the Robert Kubica's, Heidfield's, Massa's, Hulkenberger and the Jarno Trulli's of this world. I do hope that codemasters can take this feedback into account to incorporate experienced old pilots into future editions, otherwise I may need to Turn off the Light."
  5. All you have to do is clear cookies. Like a Maneater
  6. NellyFurtado

    Thank you

    As Nelly Furtado would say, "All good things come to an end".  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pBo-GL9SRg
  7. NellyFurtado

    F1 2014 career ps3

    I'm in a Sauber mate, and I ended up holding a queue of the chiltons and ericsons behind, and Sutil too for 16th place, losing 3 seconds a lap to Bianchi ahead. The game handling is extremely tough in career, I guess mainly down to not having the upgrades compared to the original car... whereas online with equal cars I found it much much easier. Loving the challenge though, will see how Malaysia goes tomorrow. I have a spirit indestructible!  
  8. NellyFurtado

    F1 2014 Countdown for EUROPE release!!

    1 day to go!!! The final countdown picture, with Michael Schumacher! 
  9. NellyFurtado

    F1 2014 Countdown for EUROPE release!!

    2 days to go!!! Almost there - This time from Rubens Barrichello and Car Number 2 from 2010 - Lewis Hamilton!
  10. NellyFurtado

    F1 2014 Countdown for EUROPE release!!

    Lovely picture Gui!! 3 days to go - here's another picture, brought to you by Giancarlo Fisichella's Renault in 2007
  11. NellyFurtado

    BUG Tires Qualyifing and Race! F1 2014 PS3

    If it was a 3 or a 5 lap race online, then they don't make you start on the set you qualified on, you get to start on a fresh set. For distances 25% or above on the F1 2013 game, you were locked into the tyre you set your fastest lap on, provided you qualified in the top 10.  League racing often starts a couple of weeks after the game is introduced, hopefully this is not a bug in the F1 2014 game, otherwise there could be a lot of backlash from some infuriated people! What distance was it? and test 50% distance to see if you get the same results. 
  12. Greetings,  any races undergoing at 9pm EST time on the Friday nights. I will be driving under the alleviation of the braking and steering assists. 
  13. NellyFurtado

    F1 2014 Countdown for EUROPE release!!

    4 days to go - from Jenson Button's McLaren in 2011! 
  14. NellyFurtado

    F1 2014 Countdown for EUROPE release!!

    5 days to go! We're almost there - this time from car number 5, Fernando Alonso from the 2005 season! 
  15. NellyFurtado

    F1 2014 Countdown for EUROPE release!!

    6 days to go!! - Courtesy of Keke Rosberg :)