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  1. NellyFurtado

    Nelly Furtado requests more random online failures

    I am not married, and Brendan is a rather lovely man I must admit. He has some character @AMS97KRR Can someone from Codemasters team please confirm or clarify whether there will be random failures online in the next series?
  2. NellyFurtado

    Nelly Furtado requests more random online failures

    Sorry I didn't reply. I agree to this, it should add a new dynamic which is much needed
  3. NellyFurtado

    Nelly Furtado requests more random online failures

    Yes this also sounds good. However trading off performance against reliability may sell a few 'pipe dreams' for some players who then inevitably get stung for sacrificing performance. I think for variability for league races including the actual performance of the vehicle degrading throughout the race need to be taken into account, it will give it that special new dynamic which @BrendanRodgers1 clearly highlighted in a well articulated post
  4. NellyFurtado

    Nelly Furtado requests more random online failures

    I do agree with you @Chicane486 @AMS97KRR - but sometimes when an online failure comes my way, I just say 'give it to me' I think failures of this nature are needed more often, along with engine blowout for over acceleration, loss of gear, hydraulic failure. I am quite supportive of the current pitlane failure though where the car is unable to leave the pitlane due to some unforeseen circumstances, it adds to the realism and I quite enjoy experiencing something that'll punish me and turn off the light on my race. I think more failures are a must online to spice up the show
  5. The 'Promiscuous' hitmaker Nelly Furtado took to the Codemasters forum to request more random online failures in the F1 2018 Codemasters series. "I have really enjoyed the online gameplay from the F1 2018 Codemasters series this year, and I hope to enjoy the same for the upcoming series. I would like to put in a request for more frequent and varied random online failures. At present the cars can be driven as a 'man-eater' with no risk. There needs to be more DRS and ERS failures, with the variety of random punctures to make things a bit more unpredictable - it all adds to the 'hoo-haa' of online league racing. At the moment I feel like I've got the Spirit Indestructible"