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  1. Many thanks for this and the kind words x I would be very appreciative if someone from the codemasters department is able to confirm whether the old pilots will be accessible in the standard edition of the game, and if not, which edition of the F1 2021 game will they be available in? @BarryBL
  2. Gracias for the lovely words @CarlosSantos87, I knew you would be an advocate for the old pilots. Hope to see you on track some day, te amo 💜
  3. Thank you very much, the work the developers have put in has been very impressive and has not gone unnoticed . You are also doing a fantastic job in creating a welcoming & harmonious atmosphere in the community where people can be comfortable with sharing their views without any hassles, so I would personally like to thank you for this 💜 Thank you for the lovely welcome, perhaps one day we can share a piece of tarmac in an open lobby! I know @CarlosSantos87 was also a big advocate for the old pilots, so I hope he has some positive feedback to share with Codemasters on this ne
  4. The 'Promiscuous' hit maker Nelly Furtado endorsed the Codemasters forums to express her gratitude to the developers for heeding her request to bring back 'old pilots' as she requested in October 2020. "I am very satisfied that Codemasters did not 'turn off the light' on the old-pilots concept and for showing that they value and listen to suggestions from the wider community. The F1 2020 series has been a fantastic edition, and they have done a remarkable job to roll out the series amidst a global pandemic. I am glad that they are continuing to fly 'like a bird' and for making de
  5. Mr Rodgers you are a fine gentleman

  6. As Nelly Furtado would say, "All good things come to an end".  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pBo-GL9SRg
  7. I'm in a Sauber mate, and I ended up holding a queue of the chiltons and ericsons behind, and Sutil too for 16th place, losing 3 seconds a lap to Bianchi ahead. The game handling is extremely tough in career, I guess mainly down to not having the upgrades compared to the original car... whereas online with equal cars I found it much much easier. Loving the challenge though, will see how Malaysia goes tomorrow. I have a spirit indestructible!  
  8. 1 day to go!!! The final countdown picture, with Michael Schumacher! 
  9. 2 days to go!!! Almost there - This time from Rubens Barrichello and Car Number 2 from 2010 - Lewis Hamilton!
  10. Lovely picture Gui!! 3 days to go - here's another picture, brought to you by Giancarlo Fisichella's Renault in 2007
  11. If it was a 3 or a 5 lap race online, then they don't make you start on the set you qualified on, you get to start on a fresh set. For distances 25% or above on the F1 2013 game, you were locked into the tyre you set your fastest lap on, provided you qualified in the top 10.  League racing often starts a couple of weeks after the game is introduced, hopefully this is not a bug in the F1 2014 game, otherwise there could be a lot of backlash from some infuriated people! What distance was it? and test 50% distance to see if you get the same results. 
  12. Greetings,  any races undergoing at 9pm EST time on the Friday nights. I will be driving under the alleviation of the braking and steering assists. 
  13. 4 days to go - from Jenson Button's McLaren in 2011! 
  14. 5 days to go! We're almost there - this time from car number 5, Fernando Alonso from the 2005 season! 
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