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  1. The 'I'm Like a Bird' hitmaker Nelly Furtado returned to the Codemasters forum to request the return of old pilots and the Sahara Force India Team "Although I understand that at some point 'all good things come to an end' it would be nice to see the return of old pilots/drivers and also old teams such as the Sahara Force India which has served many memories on the codemasters series. I have enjoyed the recent series very profusely, however it would be nice to have the option of selecting old pilots such as Sootil, Massa and Fisichella. I do hope that codemasters can 'try' to repair the 'broken strings' that are evident in the current gameplay."
  2. I hope some classic features can be added in future series like the F1 2013 version. Perhaps also including the 'classic tracks'. If they can add these additions, with the old pilots and Force India, I'll definitely be a man-eater on the day of the release to purchase the game
  3. @BarryBL Many thanks for the welcome x I might need to 'Turn off the Light' in my hope for the return of Sahara Force India, but hopefully old pilots will see a return I have also missed you profusely, thanks for the kind words @1512marcel x
  4. The 'Promiscuous' hitmaker Nelly Furtado took to the Codemasters forum to request more random online failures in the F1 2018 Codemasters series. "I have really enjoyed the online gameplay from the F1 2018 Codemasters series this year, and I hope to enjoy the same for the upcoming series. I would like to put in a request for more frequent and varied random online failures. At present the cars can be driven as a 'man-eater' with no risk. There needs to be more DRS and ERS failures, with the variety of random punctures to make things a bit more unpredictable - it all adds to the 'hoo-haa' of online league racing. At the moment I feel like I've got the Spirit Indestructible"
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    Nelly Furtado requests more random online failures

    Another sensible comment from @7thGearRL, it's all about adding to the realism. Imagine if the engine blew out more often in career mode, more reliability concerns. But also in the online segment of the series, the hoo haa that this would add to league racing would just be thrilling. Proud site directors of worldwide racing leagues such as @AMS97KRR would be absolutely delighted and thrilled with this type of direction. If Codemasters and @T4RG4 get this implemented, then just like a bird I'll be flying into the next Tesco's to purchase the series. Many thanks, Ms Nelly Furtado x
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    Nelly Furtado requests more random online failures

    Im am sure @robin8f has some strong views about this topic about random car failures, it would be good to see what she has to say and for her to provide her comments on such an intriguing debate
  7. NellyFurtado

    Nelly Furtado requests more random online failures

    I think that's a very insulting comment, I think some good views have been made by many users including @AMS97KRR I think code masters need to take note of this and implement these features into their upcoming series - at least as an option. Like a switch you can turn on and off.
  8. NellyFurtado

    Nelly Furtado requests more random online failures

    I am not married, and Brendan is a rather lovely man I must admit. He has some character @AMS97KRR Can someone from Codemasters team please confirm or clarify whether there will be random failures online in the next series?
  9. NellyFurtado

    Nelly Furtado requests more random online failures

    Sorry I didn't reply. I agree to this, it should add a new dynamic which is much needed
  10. NellyFurtado

    Nelly Furtado requests more random online failures

    Yes this also sounds good. However trading off performance against reliability may sell a few 'pipe dreams' for some players who then inevitably get stung for sacrificing performance. I think for variability for league races including the actual performance of the vehicle degrading throughout the race need to be taken into account, it will give it that special new dynamic which @BrendanRodgers1 clearly highlighted in a well articulated post
  11. NellyFurtado

    Nelly Furtado requests more random online failures

    I do agree with you @Chicane486 @AMS97KRR - but sometimes when an online failure comes my way, I just say 'give it to me' I think failures of this nature are needed more often, along with engine blowout for over acceleration, loss of gear, hydraulic failure. I am quite supportive of the current pitlane failure though where the car is unable to leave the pitlane due to some unforeseen circumstances, it adds to the realism and I quite enjoy experiencing something that'll punish me and turn off the light on my race. I think more failures are a must online to spice up the show
  12. The days are counting down until F1 2014 is released in Europe. As we all wait, lets start a countdown with pictures of cars with the relevant numbers as the days go down. I'll start off! 10 days to go!
  13. Nelly Furtado's patience was running out in months prior to the announcement that there would be a F1 2014 series for the Playstation 3. The grammy award winner, 'promiscuous' star, is now satisfied to hear from Codemasters that there will be a release on the current platforms.  "I am satisfied to receive some closure on the recent announcement that F1 2014 will be available on the playstation. I hope to enjoy this offer from codemasters in my free leisure time, and enjoy the gameplay which the F1 series beholds. I look forward to more of what codemasters have to offer, and I sincerely hope that this edition is worth every penny."
  14. Much like her music career, Nelly Furtado has stated that 'Career mode has become stale' in light of recent editions of the game, and believes it needs a massive revamp.  "I believe that over the past two editions of the game, career mode has lost its vibe and energy, it is not that people are bored of driving in the races themselves, but the feel and the atmosphere of being an F1 driver is somewhat lacking. I believe all you can 'feel' through emails is no emotion, just words, and the news clippings are the same, thus it has led to me stating that the career mode in codemasters f1 series has become stale as of late. I believe that codemasters have the resources and the scope available to revamp career mode, to ignite a better feel for their consumers. F1 2010 had an impressive press conference available, it had regular interviews with the media. This is stuff that could be reintroduced and revamped, as such interviews could then be translated into various news clippings, some which criticize you and some which praise you... contract deals could vary, as I believe there should be the more likelihood of being sacked from a team due to poor performances and constantly being outperformed by your teammate. I hope the Developers can open their ears in regards to revamping career mode, as NellyFurtado would like to enjoy more of her free leisure time playing your games".
  15. I am very upset about the fact that in online lobbies, between qualifying and race, there is a slight tendency for your game to freeze. Also before the lobby goes into qualifying.  This for online racing leagues is a complete nightmare, as we racers no longer go into races with adrenaline before the lights go out, but the anxiety of whether we will make it into qualifying, or the race itself. I am in two leagues, both run on different sites. One which does safety car restarts which is fantastic, another which will continue which is understandable. Why should leagues be denied one of the most central parts of the race - the start? Doing safety car restarts at the courtesy of a broken product ruin a bit of the experience for the racers, so please try and address this issue to the developers and fix it for your upcoming sequels, so league races can run more smoothly, and people playing the game can enjoy it.  ThanksNellyFurtado
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    NellyFurtado demands an answer

    NellyFurtado has demanded an answer as to whether F1 2014 will be released on PS4 or PS3, and whether there will be a game at all. "I have enjoyed my free leisure time playing the F1 game series from codemasters, and with this statement, I wish to continue purchasing their products and enjoy more of what they have to offer"
  17. All you have to do is clear cookies. Like a Maneater
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    Thank you

    As Nelly Furtado would say, "All good things come to an end".  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pBo-GL9SRg
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    F1 2014 career ps3

    I'm in a Sauber mate, and I ended up holding a queue of the chiltons and ericsons behind, and Sutil too for 16th place, losing 3 seconds a lap to Bianchi ahead. The game handling is extremely tough in career, I guess mainly down to not having the upgrades compared to the original car... whereas online with equal cars I found it much much easier. Loving the challenge though, will see how Malaysia goes tomorrow. I have a spirit indestructible!  
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    F1 2014 Countdown for EUROPE release!!

    1 day to go!!! The final countdown picture, with Michael Schumacher! 
  21. NellyFurtado

    F1 2014 Countdown for EUROPE release!!

    2 days to go!!! Almost there - This time from Rubens Barrichello and Car Number 2 from 2010 - Lewis Hamilton!
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    F1 2014 Countdown for EUROPE release!!

    Lovely picture Gui!! 3 days to go - here's another picture, brought to you by Giancarlo Fisichella's Renault in 2007
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    BUG Tires Qualyifing and Race! F1 2014 PS3

    If it was a 3 or a 5 lap race online, then they don't make you start on the set you qualified on, you get to start on a fresh set. For distances 25% or above on the F1 2013 game, you were locked into the tyre you set your fastest lap on, provided you qualified in the top 10.  League racing often starts a couple of weeks after the game is introduced, hopefully this is not a bug in the F1 2014 game, otherwise there could be a lot of backlash from some infuriated people! What distance was it? and test 50% distance to see if you get the same results. 
  24. Greetings,  any races undergoing at 9pm EST time on the Friday nights. I will be driving under the alleviation of the braking and steering assists. 
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    F1 2014 Countdown for EUROPE release!!

    4 days to go - from Jenson Button's McLaren in 2011!