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  1. odeepaanh

    difference curbs steering wheel / controller??

    Ohhhh ok got it. I mean I don't know, to me from what I've seen there's only about a tenth or two difference when someone compares the two, that is if they're experienced with both. Are you Moreno experienced on the pad? Because if you're a new wheel user, you're going to start off slower because you're not used to it. If you are a new wheel user then it's down to trying to get used to the wheel.
  2. Good suggestion, I'm pretty sure there's also a t300 pro that's comes with the upgraded pedals if he wanted to go the t300 route too
  3. I rather enjoyed online championship mode with being able to race against my friend with the ai on the realistic setting, to make up for the skill difference between me and him. so he could be in the mercedes and i could be in a slightly slower car like the red bull to make the playing field as even between us. however online championship was scrapped because of the addition of leagues, which i don't mind, however the realistic setting is missing and we have to do equal cars which gives him a disadvantage since i'm faster. could y'all add the setting back? i know it isn't useful for actual organized leagues, but for when you want to do a championship with your friend against the ai but there's a noticeable skill gap between you and them. Also the ability to change cars too would be nice, at least in private leagues. Enjoying the game so far tho, i like it
  4. It will, but I don't recommend buying it, save up for a force feedback wheel like t150 pro (if you're going to get the t150 or t300, make sure it's the pro that comes with the 3 pedal set). trust me, it's worth to save up rather than get the t80 right now
  5. odeepaanh

    Render mode does not work in photo mode

    wrong forum, this is for setups
  6. odeepaanh

    difference curbs steering wheel / controller??

    i'm confused as to what you mean
  7. They changed the tire regulations for this year in real life if you've been following this season. It's just soft (red wall) medium (yellow wall) and hard (white wall) because the rainbow colors became too confusing for casual fans. The only variable is how soft/hard the tires are by track. So they have a scale that goes from c1 to c5, with c1 being the hardest and c5 being the softest. So at a track like Catalunya with high tire wear you'll have the c1-c3 scale, with c1 being marked hard, c2 medium, c3 soft. At a track like monaco where tire wear isn't severe, you'll have the c3-c5 scale, with c3 being the hard (which was called the soft compound at catalunya), c4 medium, and c5 soft.