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  1. Hello, I also am having trouble with receiving my pitcoins, except i'm having this issue on ps4 not xbox. 1. pre ordered the schumacher edition 2. boxed version of the game, pre ordered from amazon US 3. N/A but if it helps, pre ordered in june, i don't remember the exact date but it may have been the 12th 4. No i haven't attempted to purchase any coin packs username is odeepaanh edit: apparently it was supposed to be redeemed when claiming the code for the schumacher edition items which was inside the box, i already did that when i got the game, but it never gave me the coins
  2. odeepaanh

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    I want to see manual warm up laps also
  3. odeepaanh

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Oh yeah and also on PS4 make use of the light bar please so if ur Ferrari then the light bar is red because red is the team color Red Bull dark blue and during yellow flags yellow light bar green flag green bar manager mode where u can upgrade the car, sign drivers change look of of car Chang logo design helmet and race suit also the option to create ur own team that would be nice
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    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Please add the following •Setting where u can either have pit assist on all the way i.e when ur entering and exiting, semi which in other f1 code masters games is off so u control the car as u exit the pit lane or off i.e enter pit lane and pit stop urself, and exit pit stop and pit lane ur self •Continue on with the classic cars. I really loved them especially the 1999 Ferrari F399 (I just love that engine) •Photo mode •Setting where u can change the damage to realistic or original (same damage in 2013) •When a car hits a wall at let's say like 150 mph make it so the front end would be smashed like in real life •Commentary •Pre-race and Post-race press conferences •Interviews •Cars a little less reliable so they break down at random times i.e brake failure •Better AI •Improve penalty system •Fix tire scaling so modifications to car actually affect tire wear •Better safety car system i.e sc comes out when there's carbon fiber on track or if car is stationary on track That's it for me obviously there's a lot more so listen to the other people as well