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  1. I have this same wheel with same problem. I posted in another thread about it cause I didn't know about this one until today. My wheel feels really weird/bad in hairpins, and the feel almost feels backwards to what the car should be doing as far as ffb at most other parts of the track. I stopped playing cause I thought my wheel was broken, until I went to iracing/euro truck simulator 2 where everything felt fine again. The wheel has little to no ffb, is real weak and sloppy at times if there is any ffb, and has a unfixable dead zone no matter what settings I use.
  2. Please codemasters even a No at this point would at least put our minds to rest. I cant speak for everyone, but I'm not to proud to beg lol. Thank you in advance.
  3. Is this sarcasm cause I looked and there isn't anything that says they are making a NASCAR game? As far as announcements anyway(lol). @73duster: Its been that way way since the start of their forums, its nothing new and doesn't suprise me one bit. That forum is dead/dying anyway.
  4. @Briton: I was curious if you were still around and if you could give us Nascar fans any insight as to if the Codemasters dev team have decided to hopefully throw their hat into the Nascar gaming scene? I don't have much money myself, but I would gladly give what I can as far as crowd funding to help get this going. I know it wouldn't be much in the grand scheme of things for what you have to do, but ya gotta start somewhere. I've already given Etx alot of money that felt wasted so why not a company that I trust to make damn good racing games(Toca Grid F1 Dirt) all games I grew up on so I kno
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