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  1. I want celebration cut-scenes like on the podium. I also want additional classic content, I think they should keep last years classic content in the came and just keep building side of it up. I would also like to be able to drive the warm-up lap to warm up the tires e.g: if you don't swerve enough and brake hard enough in the warm lap then your start won't be good and you will lock your brakes going into the first couple of corners. Also I would like to see interviews and press-conferences. Also a grid walk would be good. I would also like to see some new cameras during the replays such as the new infrared camera they use during live broadcasts of the real races during the season. Telemetry would also be good and a few tips from your race engineer as to which corners I can improve in. I would also like to see pre-season testing and testing during the season like in real life. Also I would also like to see better crash effects. Also a bit more mechanical failures on my car and the other A.I such as a car pulling of the side of the track because there's a fire in the engine bay area. I also want the A.I to block me a bit more so its a real challenge to get past. I would also like to see an option to watch the pole position lap after qualifying. I would also like to see a much longer career mode if you choose. Thanks guys.