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  1. I have to say I am surprised this doesnt seem to bother more people... I mean, without these 4 values you cant record your relative performance to others... @Loore cant you ask for a microscopic patch to solve this one?
  2. Hi Amphy! Thanks for answering... So Wins, Podiums, Fast Laps & Number of Races kept the same values and didnt update? (I am assuming you won! :P) If that was the case, then this is probably happening to everyone... Thanks again!
  3. Hi all again! ;) No one cares about this or this is not happening to anyone else? Please just give me some feedback! ;) Just do a Race Online and check if your Number of Races; Number of Podiums; Number of Wins or Number of Fast Laps or all suffered any change! Thanks!
  4. Hi all! I noted a problem with statistics not updating and I wonder if its just me. Before anything else, the game can give you 2 different values for the total number of races you did and I will explain what they are before presenting my problem in order to make it clear! ;) When you load your savegame, you note that when you choose it, it gives your the x number of races you did in career and the y number of races you have Online. This is also the value the game shows you when you select a driver in a room and choose to see his stats (you see his average place, number of races and money w
  5. I dont know why I even bother, but I guess the only thing necessary to proof here is that its possible to have a keyboarder faster in racing games. I looked for the rankings of the games I raced when I was a keyboarder and the only one I found still online was this one: http://u2.wrecord.com/ ! The important thing here is that I was using a keyboard and I was still in 1st place when they closed the competition, some 2-3 years after I sent my last improvement (on a side note, this league had a backgroud software which would prevent cheating by cheacking files and memory usa
  6. Great post,  just doesnt need the last part.  Im more than happy thanks.   Still not a believer though.   @TUSMBOX,  Show me the replay.  Can you prove he did use a keyboard? NO.   It doesnt mean it didnt work for me,It had to work for me, there was no other option.  It was keyboard or dont play.  Years went buy, game pads were bought and binned, Then I stopped gaming for a few years, untill PGR4 on the xbox, and I had to get used to thumbsticks, which I didnt like at first.  But realised the're a better way of giving me more control.  
  7. Hi all! RTA, you are wrong. Although keyboard shouldnt be faster then an Analog controller, it is on many cases. It all depends on how the codies implement the controllers, usually by "giving" the digital controllers "internal" assists, in order for the cars to be drivable with those inputs (which like you say only allow 0% or 100%, which can be dealt with by clicking the keyboard very fast - if you play a keyboarder and he has the microphone on, you will hear this infernal cliking, especially if he has a mechanic keyboard). Its the same with consoles and 1st pers
  8. Its probably a good idea make sure VAC will not create problems with this, before using it... Using common sense also, I would say that its pretty strange CM didnt release it, if it was so simple... There is probably a but somewhere... Unless the mirror severly increases processing power requirements and they just dont think its worth it...
  9. I didnt understand if the upgrades will be functional or not... English is not my primary language, but from what I could understand, what is said in the patch notes is that when tuning is off, upgrades are also off... :S
  10. I was going to comment longer, but SRS13Rastus1701 said it all. The amount of times you dont do the right line, you are missing breaking points, not forgetting you use TC (!!!), I would say your lap time isnt even that bad...
  11. @RWBSUPERCHARGER Thanks! ;) It was pretty cool, aside from the traditional kamikases! :P But the loaners are a lot slower then the owned ones, at least it felt like they were... People would gain on me like crazy on straights, more then what I think happens in other classes... Anyway, I may be wrong, afterall its been quite a while since I use loaners, with exception to those that almost nobody owns (Cobra, GT40, etc.).
  12. @SASBlink You are wrong overall. I am not going to say much because that would probably only generate a response from you with 10 remarks instead of 5... What you say in your 5 points is not wrong, but you are missing the point of what was being discussed here. Saying this is just a game is a fairy tale for most in this forum and to have trully genuine fun in these kind of games you need to understand the ethics and sportmanship around racing, its not only when you can actually die for real that they matter. And... Well, thats it! ;P
  13. @SASBlink, this was not a racing incident in any part of the World. If in F1 he had crashed on the back of the other car because of that, wouldnt be the guy in front who would get the penalty, believe me, and Martin Brundle would call it a "rookie mistake". About that corner, I am tired of overtaking there on the inside. The rest is in my 1st post on the subject.
  14. I dont know if that information is considered to be of free access to a server...
  15. @Amphydoodle Are you not on PC? There the top 3 are between 1m 08s and 1m 11s. If you think that is possible... ;P
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