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    Skyline or Sierra Cossie

    @RobMUFC1987 Dont loose more time... Buy a Sierra! ;P I can give you a time I remember I did without doubt. Okutama, the bigger track, the one associated with that car class in the present online playlist. It was in Time Trial, I did 1m 54.2s with a level 60 Sierra, using default setup (all in 0).
  2. VGSpeedPro

    Random Grid Order

    I guess the reactions I had to my comment more or less show Codemasters is correct. I give a solution that removes the "luck factor" and the "how much time you are in a lobby factor", and is only based on skill (of course you can have a bad race and then start from the back, but mainly is a matter of skill from as soon as you finish a race in that lobby), and on those replies people say essentially 2 things: its good to have luck play a factor (which everyone knows is great for competition, thats why all sports look to have it as much as possible) and the next one is "you have to learn to deal with the unfair players, since you cant do anything to avoid them" (which as we all know is very fun and a great thing that should be encouraged in gaming). Oh well...
  3. VGSpeedPro

    Random Grid Order

    This weekend I had a curious experience... I as in a Custom Race which had reverse grid order, no flashbacks and full damage. I couldnt race. My car was continuously destroyed by people who dont understand what a breaking point is and when side by side think the strategy is to ram the other to the wall... So no, reverse grid no thanks. Random grid is better but gives luck an even bigger part, which is also unfair, in my perspective. Now, I also dont think that starting based on lobby points is fair, because again is not a matter of skill, but a matter of how much time you spend in a room. For me the only thing fair and which I guess is closest to having a qualifying session, is to have the grid mirror the results from previous race. For people that are slower or average having a mix grid may be fun, but for the fastest guys is a problem, not that its not enjoyable, because if you are fighting fair drivers, it really is, but unfortunately most of the times that's not the case. I have enjoyed random grids many times, although I find them unfair due to the luck factor, but reverse grids I only enjoyed in one situation: ghost racing (no collisions).
  4. VGSpeedPro

    Skyline or Sierra Cossie

    Yeah, I am also curious to see that...
  5. In TT you dont have Upgrades as option. So in TT you can see what a car can do with full tuning and no upgrades... In custom cup you can see what that same car can do with the same full tuning, but also with the upgrades (you can choose to have none, all, or just some).
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    Selling cars...

    What McRoss1966 said! ;)
  7. VGSpeedPro

    Selling cars...

    What I am about to say may only be my imagination or can only be me knowing the car/track combination better, but here is what it felt with this car (Super UTE) in this track (Bathurst) (using TT and custom cup modes to compare): having it with upgrades bought but uninstalled (Time Attack Custom Cup) felt better then a car with no upgrades bought (TT); having flywheel upgrade installed felt more consistent and a little faster; having brakes made the car more inconsistent under braking; having the engine is worse all around, absolutely no upside. There is a bug in this game that means upgrades dont work or work not like they are supposed to when you have tuning on. This means that only in Custom Rooms where tuning is off you can actually feel what the upgrades bring. Bottom line, if I am right, everytime tuning is on, remove upgrades or just use flywheel. If you enter a custom cup with tuning off, then install all upgrades! :P PS: In Street, Weight appears to be also a valid upgrade.
  8. What I am about to say may only be my imagination or can only be me knowing the car/track combination better, but here is what it felt with this car in this track (using TT and custom cup modes to compare): having it with upgrades bought but uninstalled felt better then a car with no upgrades bought; having fly upgrade installed felt more consistent and a little faster; having brakes made the car more inconsistent under braking; having the engine is worse all around, absolutely no upside. About setups, still no news... My best so far would be close to a flat 2m 14s. I have to say I am not seeing where I might be loosing a second, but maybe its just a matter of setup.
  9. VGSpeedPro

    Selling cars...

    @Boyan Upgrades make the car worse, that I have felt, mainly engine. Fly and Brakes, not sure if there is any difference. What I intend to find out is if the fact you bought the upgrades is already enough to make a car worse compare to a car you never bought the upgrades, even if in the 1st case you have the upgrades uninstalled. Dont know if I made myself clear! ;P
  10. Hi guys! Thanks for the feedback! I will let you know what I find! ;) About the No Upgrades car, you mean a car you leveled up and never installed upgrades? Or a car for which you bought the upgrades, but now have them uninstalled? I ask this because since the upgrades dont work, we never exactly now how the game implements it and if there is a difference there.
  11. Its no possible, yes, as far as I know.
  12. VGSpeedPro

    Selling cars...

    Thanks guys for your feedback! :) I wanted to test something: trying to figure if there is any performance difference between cars that have full tuning and no part upgrades bought (like the cars in TT) and those who are also fully tuned, but have upgrade parts bought just not installed (in theory shouldnt be any difference). Now that I think of it, maybe I can use TT and Custom Cup to test this...
  13. Anyone wants to share the setup they used? Because in my country this wasnt valid I really didnt invest any time on it (did 1 try!), but I have to say I was surprised with some of the times achieved and I reckon most people must have spent a good deal on setup testing. Since my time is limited and I prefer to spend it racing, if anyone wants to share some setup tips for the UTE, I will be thankful! ;P Thanks in advance and good luck for all for the final rankings!
  14. VGSpeedPro

    Money losing fixed?

    In PC yes, in Consoles not sure...
  15. VGSpeedPro

    Club XP system - Is it fair?

    Well, like many said here the solution is simple: xp and race duration have to be hand in hand. What troubles me much more is the kick vote abuse, for which the solution is not clear... Maybe when VAC cames online people will not abuse it so much. Sometimes, and this is really sad, I think about going slower just to avoid being kicked... But then I think: "wait a minute, this is what the grip cheaters do!", so I just go as fast as possible, and I am kicked. Best was far was 3 times in a 4h span.
  16. VGSpeedPro

    so this week's cheat is....

    @RobMUFC1987 Ups, you are correct, sorry! 2 separate discussions on similiar subjects with the same people can cause these missunderstandings! ;P
  17. VGSpeedPro

    so this week's cheat is....

    @RobMUFC1987 That's not true for the Challenges, which is what we are talking here. Anyway, this just seems to increase the importance of having, for instance, a general ranking table for Time Trial, since this one wouldnt be based on the amount of racing you do.
  18. Well, although what I say is worth what is worth, I did 2m 05.2s and I dont cheat and I dont want to do it again... I use wheel no aids (except ABS) and have a car with full custom setup. First lap was 41s and the other 2 were 39's. If you go wide on the last 2 rights its possible to do 38's quite easaly, but its also very easy to get a cut warning, which means that in a race where its so hard to get rid of the PC cars, its not worth it. I dont have any videos, but Zodh has one when this was the time attack track+car, doing a very low 38s. He is also thrustworthy. Hope it can help. 
  19. VGSpeedPro

    31,256FT ?

    Well, that explains why the usual Top 10 in PC are most of them outside Top 20 this week.
  20. VGSpeedPro

    Time Trial

    The only problem I have with this, and correct me if I missed it, is that I fail to see the end game for it... I mean, sure you can fight to be the fastest here and there... But wouldnt it be cooler if somehow they took this opportunity to do a World Ranking based on it, that would actually be the closest thing possible to a World Ranking for World Record Laps in this game? If that was the case I would be the 1st to go there and do it... Fighting for a place in ladder of time trial runs, who would resist it? They would just have to score it somehow and do an overall table! ;P Anyway, maybe its just me! :P
  21. VGSpeedPro

    so this week's cheat is....

    This guy really seems to be a cheater, if you see his overall xp, well... Anyway, like jerryhat says, there are a few strange bugs, but I really dont think its the case here... But anyway, as I said before, the problem continues to be the smart cheaters... Luigi M, for instance, I raced him a few days ago and he had the grip/accelerating cheat... I spectated him and I have no doubts that was the case... Unfortunately had to minimize my game to enable the vídeo recording, and the fact the game gets windowed trashed the vídeo, so... What is strange in his case is that he belongs to a established Team... Maybe he doesnt to it always... Maybe he does... In the end, only if we have backgroud software doing some checking, we will ever be certain. In 2001 we already had, running Grand Prix 2, a software made by the community that would produce 24 A4 pages of checks and would sweep the memory. I dont understand why over a decade after we still have problems with this.
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    Great video! Eheh! ;)
  23. I get the platinum bonus only once, the 1st time I get it... I guess that is what its supposed to? There is one thing: each time I finish a race for the racenet challenge I let it go to the end and then to the menu and then select again and re-do... I dont do restart after completing a race until the very end... I say this because if we do restarts after finishing the race (and I have done in the past), I see that my time, if improved, counts towards the racenet challenge, although I restarted, and I dont see bonus or money for it, because I restarted... Could it be that also the prizes are registered although we dont see it, in case of constant restarts? Could this be why most people "dont get" (dont realise), they got the bonus? Just an idea...
  24. VGSpeedPro

    SLR 722

    Hi! I havent tried much that car, but I think the SL65 continues to be the best car in the class. Anyway, Mineral Water has this video that maybe can help you achieve some kind of conclusion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2cTrjBu3-U Abraços!