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  1. First of all, many thanks to both of you, for the time invested in this. So basically, it doesnt matter if we bought or not the tuning options, the only way to get the performance upgrades to work is if we are in custom cup with tuning off? Did you guys tested to see what was faster: tuning options or only performance upgrades made? Just out of curiosity! :) Thanks again!
  2. Hi! So, if we buy a car, dont buy the tuning options and just buy the upgrades, this will enable the upgrades as it is supposed to? Will the car be better then with just tuning options? Thanks in advance!
  3. VGSpeedPro

    Loore why cant we

    As far as I know, the only way to avoid what happened to you, is to use the same session to create the different savegames... From what I understand you probably didnt do that, so its to expect the overwrite of one savegame with another... Dont know if its possible to recover, but I doubt it, unfortunately, hope I am wrong.
  4. VGSpeedPro

    Loore why cant we

    To be honest, I still didnt try the TT mode, so forgive me if what I am about to say is stupid. If there is a technical limitation to the number of Leaderboards, why not do only Leaderboards for all tracks and respective combinations? There wouldnt be separation by category of car, all times would be stored in the same track leaderboard. What would be were filters for car class, which would enable to see the fastest in that respective particular. I would prefer something like this even more to see how cars would compare, from diferent classes, since I believe there would be a few surprises.
  5. VGSpeedPro

    Getting bored now - WHERE IS THE PATCH

    In PC you would be able to use both savegames at your discretion, I am guessing consoles will be the same, assuming you still have old savegame (the one which is corrupted). In consoles can you turn the cloud sync off? Last year, in Grid 2, the problema which was causing the games to get corrupted was the Steam Cloud sync... Because of that I also turn it off in GA and so far I havent had any problema (hope I am not talking too soon...). Another thing you should do is a backup of your savegame, each time you finish a session...
  6. VGSpeedPro

    Getting bored now - WHERE IS THE PATCH

    With this I am not defending Codemasters, cause your complains have merit, and fixes shouldnt be necessary in the 1st place, although with the complexity of today's games, its basically impossible to do a game 100% without need for fixes. But if you want to have the fixes working as soon as possible, start playing on the PC. What I am about to say its been written over and over, but maybe only the PC guys understand it: patches for consoles have to be approved and made available by Sony or Microsoft, which means that its out of CM hands after that point. What you should do is to ask your service providers why these processes are so complicated in their respective networks. PS: A possible explanation why it happens: the main appeal of the console is how easy it is to use and how good it is to have its hardware listed, now both of these things are cool and mean less money on hardware, but are limitations in itself, and you got to live with them, or as I said, buy a PC, which is what you should have done in the 1st place! ;P
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    Newbie seeking info...

    The kick vote is necessary, but can be abused with ease... Sometimes people kicks guys who have a lot of points or are just better then them, not crashers or cheaters. Its unfortunate, but its a reality, one I wouldnt know how to solve, because it all depends on the people who are in the room.
  8. VGSpeedPro

    What happened with loaner cars ._.

    Sierra is a lot better then Skyline in my opinion... Skyline only starts faster and has more speed... But in corners sucks compared to Sierra. What happened to you, cant explain it, unless you are slower then what you think. It may not even be a problem with your skill, maybe you are using driving aids? In Sierra, I am guessing, that if you use TC, you are doomed (I dont use aids, so I am not sure about this, but its likely).
  9. Cant think of anything to say different from what I wrote in previous post, so maybe read it again? :S Thanks for telling me MizuJPN is Phychic... Didnt understand why this guy was coming at me! ;)
  10. Sadly you didnt read when I say I do it full throttle in the Holden, so I know its possible on some cars... Sandly people tought I was calling you a cheater, when I was not even talking about you... Sadly there wasnt any point where I blasted anyone, just said something I saw that was not possible with another sadly thing people try to forget which was the LOANER Viper GTS and not the Viper GTS (and btw, no aids, which might be relevant I guess)... Sadly you dont know me from anywhere, so you just assume things about me, so let me tell you something: I dont accuse people without being resonably certain, and again I say, I said "probably". Also sadly, still nobody proofed it was possible to replicate. There is one thing I did wrong and I accept it: I "probably" shouldnt have refered his nick, but then again the previous race with the Holden, also in Bathurst, he semi-crashed with 2 guys and then caught up to me like I was on a Sunday walk. I didnt do a very fast lap ("only" 2m 02s), but then again if he had have a clean run, and knowing how fast he was approaching, I guess he would be on 1m 58s or less. Ok, that might be possible with a tuned max leveled Holden, dont know, because mine is only level 25 and on default setup. But then again, it was strange and if it had been only that, I wouldnt have said a thing. I have enough years of SimRacing and Semi-Arcade Racing to know I am decent driver. And although I dont have the time anymore to really dedicate myself to a game, I know that when I am following a guy that gains seconds towards me in a matter of a few hundred meters using the exact same car as me, well, something is not right. But I may be mistaken and if that will proof to be the case and since I refered his nick, I will be man enough to say I was wrong and say I am sorry.
  11. Honestly, I dont know what car is this, since I dont use cockpit view... I dont even think this is Grid Autosport (or else I dont understand why people are saying cockpits suck). Anyway doesnt really seems a Viper GTS. So, really, dont get what you are trying to proof here... But maybe its just me...
  12. @Kaerar I do that flat out in my Holden... I just meant that if that ones is a bitch, imagine the Viper GTS going a lot faster, being a lot more tail happy and weighing more.
  13. I already played with you, and have nothing to say about you, even more because you left very quickly. About experience, I am not going to put here what I have done or not, but suffice to say that I have experience enough to spot when things are not trustworthy. The fact is that after that race I described, your friend Psychic, everytime he entered a room where I was, and other AG drivers were with me there, he would left. But I am guessing that is a coincidence, and I am just saying things I dont know. Ask him how he, using his wheel, was able to keep accelerating thru the very fast left corners in Bathurst, before the SS's, without lifting or breaking with a loaner Viper GTS. Just the level changes in that part of the track are enough to loose the back of the car, like the much less powerfull Holden can show. Better yet, try to do it yourself! ;) I can be wrong and you guys have unimaginable skill.
  14. @SRS13Rastus1701 Dont really know what is your problem... I say "probably", "maybe", dont say its a fact. I dont remember seeing you in Top 10 to be honest (in the last week challenges), so dont understand your reaction. Yesterday did 2 Challenges and for the time being I am Top10 in both, one of them would be 1st if not for that clear cheater, and not even had to invest a lot of time... But I am pretty sure that when the end is near, incredible times will be posted by people with 40 race experience! ;) The biggest problem seems to be a grip cheat... Even today I played Psychic from AG team and as soon as I saw he had average 1st with over 400 races, immediately caught my eye... That is extremely hard to achieve in this game, knowing how the grids are sorted, unless you retire each time you see you are not getting 1st or 2nd. Anyway, we were in a custom room and we both went with loaner Viper GTS in Bathurst. I was following this guy until we got to the fast left corners before the famous S's. Basically, he disappeared... While I had to lift and even brake a little to avoid leaving the track, he just went full trottle like the car was on rails. The other day I spectaded another one that sometimes is in Top10... Unless there was a lag phenomenon (which didnt seem the case), he would lift several times, especially before changing gears, making the car loose rotation, but then he would be 2s faster then all others per lap. This is the problem... There seem to be some guys that probably think: everybody cheats, so its ok or something. Or when they enter a room and there is a faster guy then they are, it can only be because he cheats, and so cheat. Bottom line, its pretty hard to know for sure who is cheating because they only "cheat enough". Only a tool then would check files in real time could make a definative difference, I think.
  15. If there is any technical reason why AI must remain present, then put us starting in 1st place or just ghost the AI, as some other guys have said. I guess this would solve it.
  16. I was checking the vídeo and he was 2s faster then you! ;) Anyway, most likely it only has to do with the fact he had a custom car, dont think is a matter of skill. Also, after seeing the complete race I do believe you maybe are not custom to find guys faster then you, and because of that you took a couple of minutes to start driving closer to the limit! ;)
  17. Well, I have raced that guy... He is na idiot... He got up to the point of crashing me specifically on the start to make certain he would win. But at that time, he was fast, but was not doing suspecious times (more or less same laptimes as me). Maybe he uped his game... Maybe you are using a loaner and he had a custom?
  18. But those, like the one in 1st now, are the ones without consequence... The problem are the others... The ones that cheat just to edge the 1st or just be top tem...
  19. VGSpeedPro

    Garage Slots

    I agree that some cars seem to have extreme coasts to fix... I play mainly Touring and most of the cars have that problem, but its probably a problem from Touring class, or does it happen in other classes? I say this because sometimes I play street, and coasts there dont seem so problematic.
  20. Well, unfortunately cheaters got smart and sadder... I am pretty resonably sure (PC) most of the Top 10 times, if not all, are probably cheating... But most only have small diferences to what is really possible... :S Its very hard to spot, unless they can check game files for changes.
  21. VGSpeedPro

    Corrupt save on pc

    Try to turn off the sync in Steam... In Grid2 that would solve the corrupt savegame problem until CM solved it via patch. Maybe that can still be a problem under some very special conditions.
  22. VGSpeedPro

    Boost Pack?

    After playing the game a little I have to say that it seems diferent classes seem to balance themselfs out... In Street you can easaly win money, while in Touring sometimes you loose! :P
  23. VGSpeedPro

    An idea for kick votes

    We cant be without the Kick vote and to be honest, I dont know what can be done to prevent it from being used unfairly... This week, although I play maybe once a day, I already was kicked 2 times for being faster, never due to crashes (has been quite some time since I am not white). In fact I have come second in many races, when I could have forced my way and win it without problems. Then again, yesterday I was in a room for 3 hours or so... Won more then 20 races and although I was voted a few times, was never kicked! ;P Maybe there is hope, but if a party of friends is present and in sufficient numbers, they own who is allowed to stay in that room.
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    The Smart Cheater - A New Breed?

    I dont understand how people see that video and dont understand why they are cheating! ;P If the image alone doesnt let you get it, pay attention to the sound. Its not a matter of how much upgraded is the car or how good a driver is, but about the stuff you would never do, no matter what.