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    Tuning Question

    Hi! Not all cars have the same adjustments... Ride Height I have only found out on Street Cars, but I barely played other modes besides Touring. Rogério
  2. VGSpeedPro

    Comprehensive supercar category guide

    Thanks for the info! ;) I use wheel, dont know if these statistics would change with it. I am guessing Furai will be the most balanced car, at least based on what you have here! ;)
  3. VGSpeedPro

    Boost Pack for PC available, but...

    Oh man, I bought both things yesterday! LOL :S
  4. Couldnt agree with this post more... Last week Fun Party Challenge, for the love of God! :S
  5. VGSpeedPro

    Party Mode RaceNet???

    You can use your own cars in all Challenges except for Party Mode, where you can only choose one of the cars made available by CM for that mode.
  6. VGSpeedPro

    Upgrades and tuning off.

    @Photonik Thanks for the tip and the time to share it! ;)
  7. VGSpeedPro

    Upgrades and tuning off.

    @Photonik Can you explain better the procedure to test the cars? You mean Custom Cup in Single Player? Thanks in advance! Rogério
  8. VGSpeedPro

    The Smart Cheater - A New Breed?

    Hi! @gaski Yeah, for sure is the same thing you show here... Thats a great idea... I should gave Action! ready to go for these things! ;) What fun can someone take from playing like that? Really dont understand... I dont resist saying this, but I saw you also had the pleasure of seeing Monstro99, at least on 1st game. That guy is also to avoid... Not because he cheats, I dont think so, but because he enjoys crashing people, when they are faster then him... Once I was starting just behind him, so he slow started, when I was along side, crashed me (got yellow steering from that stunt) and then went away... :S Its a car racing game and so its bound to have this situations, sometimes I remember fondly the ghost racing! ;P
  9. VGSpeedPro

    Upgrades and tuning off.

    Hi! I never had a car reacing level 50 so I was not able to test this 100%, but it seems to me that if you only buy the performance packs, you dont improve and can even get worse (touring cars, others dont know). But if you buy the setup packs, even if you dont change the values from default, cars seem to get quicker... I am guessing that to have bigger impacts (although I have a feeling that will never be massive improvements), you will have to max out both packs and then actually set setup options. Cya! Rogério
  10. Hi MrDeap, Just wanted to thank you for the vídeos. I guess you feel the same as me when I say the Fun Mode is the least fun of the challenges... All the best! Rogério