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  1. Hi all!

    I noted a problem with statistics not updating and I wonder if its just me.

    Before anything else, the game can give you 2 different values for the total number of races you did and I will explain what they are before presenting my problem in order to make it clear! ;)

    When you load your savegame, you note that when you choose it, it gives your the x number of races you did in career and the y number of races you have Online. This is also the value the game shows you when you select a driver in a room and choose to see his stats (you see his average place, number of races and money won) and so these stats refer to the savegame you choose to play on that online session. These ones are working perfectly, updating.

    Then there is another set... The one you can see from the Options menu and that shows you several data: from XP won to the number of fast laps. These are also the values that are shown to you in Racenet when you click on the nick of the gamer you want to get this info. As a curiosity, in my case, the number of races my savegame points is 200 races less then what Racenet has to my name. Have no idea why, because I never had more then one savegame, but these 2 values never were identical.

    Now, what is happening to me is this:

    Data that is updating: XP for the Club; Total XP for myself; XP for each category; Time spent playing; Money won; Laps in Lead (although seems to me that what this really means is if you lead or not a lap in that race, not the actual number of laps you were in the lead); Number of Clean Races.

    Data that is NOT updating: Number of Races; Number of Podiums; Number of Wins; Number of Fast Laps.

    Can you guys check this out and tell me if in your case these values are also frozen?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I dont know why I even bother, but I guess the only thing necessary to proof here is that its possible to have a keyboarder faster in racing games. I looked for the rankings of the games I raced when I was a keyboarder and the only one I found still online was this one: http://u2.wrecord.com/ !

    The important thing here is that I was using a keyboard and I was still in 1st place when they closed the competition, some 2-3 years after I sent my last improvement (on a side note, this league had a backgroud software which would prevent cheating by cheacking files and memory usage - in fact, it was the software that would even validate and upload the results). All the fastest Arcade/Semi-Arcade racing dudes at that time were doing this World Records Championship (the guy in 2nd was the 2007 Need For Speed Carbon WCG Winner in San Francisco; the guy in 9th was the 2005 Need For Speed Underground 2 WCG Winner in Singapore), across all platforms (keyboard, gamepad, wheel and even joysticks).

    Bottom line, there has been and probably there will be in the future games where keyboard will be faster, mainly because there will always be "internal compensations" for digital controllers, or it would be unplayable. This said, I dont know a "true" simulation where analog was slower then digital, but definately there were and probably still are racing games outsider that group where digital is faster.

  3. MrDeap said:

     You will be a happier person and above all, you will learn more.

    Great post,  just doesnt need the last part. 
    Im more than happy thanks.  

    Still not a believer though.  

    @TUSMBOX,  Show me the replay. 
    Can you prove he did use a keyboard? NO.  

    It doesnt mean it didnt work for me,It had to work for me, there was no other option.  It was keyboard or dont play.  Years went buy, game pads were bought and binned, Then I stopped gaming for a few years, untill PGR4 on the xbox, and I had to get used to thumbsticks, which I didnt like at first.  But realised the're a better way of giving me more control.  

    This is going nowhere,  

    You say he did use a keyboard and I cant prove he didnt. 
    I say he didnt use a keyboard, and you cant prove he did.  

    So Im going to just leave it there.  

    Believe what you want.   

    Try to beat that. It's done with a keyboard. Got beaten by it.


    Mr. Deap, its clear this guy is using keyboard from the get go, but are you sure he is ligit? I am having troubles accepting the S2000 (assuming it is JDM version, but even if it is the more powerfull one), can accelerate that fast and especially corner that fast. After the brigde you have all those fast corners and then you enter a tunnel... Before coming to work I did an attempt in Okutama for this week challenge using the F1 GTR and I came 5th in the PC, so not a bad run even if I still lack that extra that re-running gives. This guy does that corner in this car 40 km/h faster then what I can do in the GTR! His grip is insane, seems like he is driving a Formula car.

    I saw the other day a guy in the Audi Legend car doing corners like that car couldnt leave the track even if he wanted to. To this day I still dont know what to think about it, because I could beat him, even if with great difficulty, using other cars (this guy is the one leading party mode this week and that did a 1m 35.7s lap in Algarve using a BMW Cat C car in Algarve in the Challenge from a few weeks back)... Have been trying diferent setups to try and emulate what I saw, but although had some success I still feel I am far from it.

    My point being, if this is a ligit run, then I am really surprised I can win as many races as I do and can, resonably easy, do Top 10 times in race week challenges, because looking at this video, Wheel seems to be several seconds each km slower then keyboard, at least in those tracks.

    Oh well... The car seems on rails really.

    PS: LOL... Just saw that was on Grid 2! :X Forget what I said... :X

  4. Hi all!

    RTA, you are wrong. Although keyboard shouldnt be faster then an Analog controller, it is on many cases. It all depends on how the codies implement the controllers, usually by "giving" the digital controllers "internal" assists, in order for the cars to be drivable with those inputs (which like you say only allow 0% or 100%, which can be dealt with by clicking the keyboard very fast - if you play a keyboarder and he has the microphone on, you will hear this infernal cliking, especially if he has a mechanic keyboard). Its the same with consoles and 1st person shooters: how do you think a gamepad player can aim as good and as fast as a keyboard+mouse player? "Internal assists", in this case an "aim assist", dont doubt it.

    As you I have been playing for a long time... My 1st car race game was Nigel Mansell Grand Prix on the Spectrum, in 1984 if I am not mistaken.

    I have been doing World/European Cups Online since 1997, including several trips to World and European Cyber Games (WCG & ECG). And I was a Keyboarder for a long time, only switched to wheel in 2007. Games like GP2 or GP3 were dominated by keyboarders and several Need For Speeds also . When we talk true simulations, Analog doesnt give a chance, but arcade games or semi-simulation games like is the case of GAS, that is not always true.

    I read sometimes your posts and you have to start accepting that what you think isnt always true. You will be a happier person and above all, you will learn more.

  5. Its probably a good idea make sure VAC will not create problems with this, before using it...

    Using common sense also, I would say that its pretty strange CM didnt release it, if it was so simple... There is probably a but somewhere... Unless the mirror severly increases processing power requirements and they just dont think its worth it...

  6. I didnt understand if the upgrades will be functional or not... English is not my primary language, but from what I could understand, what is said in the patch notes is that when tuning is off, upgrades are also off... :S

  7. @RWBSUPERCHARGER Thanks! ;) It was pretty cool, aside from the traditional kamikases! :P But the loaners are a lot slower then the owned ones, at least it felt like they were... People would gain on me like crazy on straights, more then what I think happens in other classes... Anyway, I may be wrong, afterall its been quite a while since I use loaners, with exception to those that almost nobody owns (Cobra, GT40, etc.).

  8. @SASBlink You are wrong overall. I am not going to say much because that would probably only generate a response from you with 10 remarks instead of 5... What you say in your 5 points is not wrong, but you are missing the point of what was being discussed here. Saying this is just a game is a fairy tale for most in this forum and to have trully genuine fun in these kind of games you need to understand the ethics and sportmanship around racing, its not only when you can actually die for real that they matter. And... Well, thats it! ;P

  9. @SASBlink, this was not a racing incident in any part of the World. If in F1 he had crashed on the back of the other car because of that, wouldnt be the guy in front who would get the penalty, believe me, and Martin Brundle would call it a "rookie mistake".
    About that corner, I am tired of overtaking there on the inside. The rest is in my 1st post on the subject.

  10. RTAnoskills you have absolute no reason to complain (I doubt when someone is in your slepstream, you just extend the red carpet and tell him: "you can go"!). If you were thinking like a racing driver, you would have made the corner entry from as wide as possible to be able to get traction as soon as possible and eventually go side by side and overtake in next corner (because when someone goes to a corner from inside, he will have to enter slowly to correct). That guy didnt do anything wrong, au contraire, he was doing the only smart move available to him and its your job as the oponent to counter it, which you didnt do.

    PS: I didnt read the posts, just saw the vídeo. If this was already said, I am sorry.

  11. I tried these cars yesterday and if they were in the Classic Touring, they would be destroyed by the 2 cars we have now there (Sierra and Nissan), so that was not a possibility, unfortunately (I dont know about the Nissan, but the Sierra RS500 reminds me of the Mountain Racing one, what would explain the extra power, since there wouldnt be the same restrictions as in track touring).

    The only chance to use this car against everyone else would be to give this pack to everyone in a Patch, but kept it locked to those who didnt buy it (like everyone likes to say CM does already), and of course one of these cars would have to be gifted to everyone (like they did in Grid2).

    If we had these tracks in normal playlist rotation like other developers allow (Titanfall dlc maps for instance), then when one of these tracks would be choosen, everyone who didnt have them would be kicked from the room (which is what happens in Titanfall).

    About the tracks itself, they are simply put: awesome. Donington is by far the best version I ever played, no doubt. Silverstone probably also is, to be honest, although there the competition is more present, giving the number of games which have it.

    One thing is sure, did a few online races yesterday (yes its possible, on online custom cups for all who have the dlc) and all of them were pretty close. In one case the top 3 were covered by 0.2s! :)

    Audi and BMW seem to have an edge... Sierra is also good. Volvo and Alfa seem to be a little behind. Of course that when upgrades start to work, maybe things will be diferent.

  12. VAC is probably only working in true online gameplay (custom cups and playlists)... In Racenet Challenges clearly is not working, but then again this is racing offline and having the system send the result to an online table.

  13. I guess the reactions I had to my comment more or less show Codemasters is correct. I give a solution that removes the "luck factor" and the "how much time you are in a lobby factor", and is only based on skill (of course you can have a bad race and then start from the back, but mainly is a matter of skill from as soon as you finish a race in that lobby), and on those replies people say essentially 2 things: its good to have luck play a factor (which everyone knows is great for competition, thats why all sports look to have it as much as possible) and the next one is "you have to learn to deal with the unfair players, since you cant do anything to avoid them" (which as we all know is very fun and a great thing that should be encouraged in gaming).

    Oh well...

  14. This weekend I had a curious experience... I as in a Custom Race which had reverse grid order, no flashbacks and full damage. I couldnt race. My car was continuously destroyed by people who dont understand what a breaking point is and when side by side think the strategy is to ram the other to the wall... So no, reverse grid no thanks. Random grid is better but gives luck an even bigger part, which is also unfair, in my perspective.

    Now, I also dont think that starting based on lobby points is fair, because again is not a matter of skill, but a matter of how much time you spend in a room.

    For me the only thing fair and which I guess is closest to having a qualifying session, is to have the grid mirror the results from previous race.

    For people that are slower or average having a mix grid may be fun, but for the fastest guys is a problem, not that its not enjoyable, because if you are fighting fair drivers, it really is, but unfortunately most of the times that's not the case.
    I have enjoyed random grids many times, although I find them unfair due to the luck factor, but reverse grids I only enjoyed in one situation: ghost racing (no collisions).