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  1. KaitlynsDaddie

    Problems With Downloads On PSN

    I probably didn't phrase that last question quite right...when I purchased the unlock code for Grid 2, it gave me instant ownership of all of the online cars.  Will the season pass in Motorsport do the same thing?
  2. KaitlynsDaddie

    Problems With Downloads On PSN

    Loore, is it true that the Season Pass is supposed to unlock all of the content that is one the disc?
  3. KaitlynsDaddie

    Problems With Downloads On PSN

    I am wondering if ANYONE else is having the same frustrating problem that I am.  I live in the U.S. (I know that's probably strike one), and I pre-ordered my disc from Gamestop.  I brought the game home, and went in to the Playstation Network Store, and entered my code for the Black Edition content.  That was the day the game was available, and I STILL have not seen the Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe, or ANYTHING else that was supposed to come with that code.  To top it off, I spent $29.99 for the Season Pass, and I can not even download it on to my PS3.  Before anyone starts in on me, I KNOW that the DLC portion of the pass comes as it is issued, but when I try to download the pass itself, I get a big NOTHING!!  I contacted Sony support, and they just issued me a refund, which IS NOT what I was after.  I absolutely LOVE Codemasters racing titles...pound for pound, they make the best racing games in the business, but if there is a problem getting content to those of us in North America, I wish the company could be a bit more forthcoming with us!!  Yes, it is just money, but when you spend it for anything, you expect to get what you paid for, and this case, I have gotten NOTHING that I spent my money on!!!  After what happened with the release of F1 2013 here in North America, I'm beginning to wonder about some things...