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  1. SavageXRDS

    ErrorCode 500:H

    I am having the same issue at the moment. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here: Error 500:H upon starting the game. Cannot connect to the CM servers. Platform: Steam, PC. What version of the game you are using: 1.10 Game-mode: Occurs when starting the game We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again: Occurs every time I start the game. What troubleshooting have you attempted: restarted the game multiple times, disconnected several peripherals, restarted Steam, restarted my computer. What peripherals are you are using: Fanatec CSW2.5, Formula V2 rim, V3 pedals
  2. SavageXRDS

    Fanatec Wheel Display Tuning

    Generally speaking, I think it is a little bit of both sides here. Codemasters and Fanatec should work a bit more closely together to make a solution. This is an issue that has been raised on the Fanatec forums, so I don't want to beat a dead horse there - I was just curious if any of the brilliant minds in the F1 gaming community have managed to Frankenstein some sort of back-door solution. I feel like the best way to go about this is for Fanatec to include some display options in the tuning menu on the wheels. Just like I can set my force feedback values, FEI, brake pressure, etc by going through the menus on the wheel rim, I should also be able to set the default display information there as well. And Phil, I have no idea how the PS4 folks even deal with half this nonsense. I've been hearing murmurs that half the thumb encoders still don't work...
  3. SavageXRDS

    Fanatec Wheel Display Tuning

    Hello fellow Fanatec users! As far as I understand, there is still no Fanalab support for F1 2020...which in and of itself is a bit ridiculous as Fanatec is an official sponsor of this franchise. I am aware that @EnsiFerrum posted a workaround for getting Fanalab to work in Career, Grand Prix, and Time Trial mode with the 2019 UDP, but there is still no way to marry it to the 2020 UDP used in My Team and Multiplayer. Now, the majority of the wheel LED defaults are perfectly fine by me and don't need to be tuned in Fanalab, but the thing that is frustrating me a little bit is the display in the center of the wheel. I'd love to see the gear I am in as the default display and have the position I am in pop up briefly whenever said position changes. Unfortunately, at the moment, I am stuck staring at the car's speed, which does more to distract than inform me. Thus, I am curious if anyone has found a way to tune this display without the use of Fanalab (as that seems to currently be a non-starter). Thanks in advance to any input anyone is able to provide.
  4. SavageXRDS

    British GP unraceable

    I will concede that I have not raced Britain in My Team just yet but I raced them in Grand Prix mode on 100 difficulty and managed to beat my teammate fairly handsomely. However, when qualifying for the Weekly Event, I only got 10th place on 102 difficulty, but my time ended up being 35th in the world of a little over 2000 entries. I was about 4 tenths off of of pole position in my quali, the time for which would have been about 25th in the world, if memory serves me correctly. Hard to imagine that only 20 or so people are capable of racing and keeping pace with AI above 102... So take from that what you will. You might want to take another pass on your setup, too. I was absolutely horrifically bad on tracks like China (which offer a similar balance of corners to Silverstone) until I managed to get a lot less understeer from the car. That might be part of the issue.
  5. SavageXRDS

    What I'm hoping will be fixed in the next patch

    100% agree with this. I'm perfectly happy with the AI being basically 1-2 points of difficulty higher in quali than the race. I love fighting through the pack, especially because I typically run race-oriented reduced tyre wear setups that give me some extra pace later into each stint. I'd like to also bring up the gearbox wear glitch that is currently present in MyTeam and the various connection issues in multiplayer.
  6. SavageXRDS

    F1 2020 - Great game but...

    I definitely had a chuckle, thank you for that, sir. 😄
  7. @LNR I'm somewhat curious about being a commentator for a racing league. It kind of depends on the level of exposure (the audience for the streams/uploads) as well as level of commitment. I'd like a bit more info on how many races per week your commentators need to be present for, if the commentary is done live or in post-production, and if the commentator is also the one manning the spectator camera during the race. I've got a year of amateur radio experience, about 7 years of Youtube commentary experience, and an advanced understanding of the F1 rules/regulations and wheel to wheel etiquette.
  8. SavageXRDS

    Give us Co-Op for my team.

    I 1000% agree with that suggestion. I've been wanting to do a coop career with a buddy of mine for years but the closest we get is an online on-demand league. With all of the awesome features My Team introduces, the experience could be that much better.
  9. SavageXRDS

    Overtake button as hold rather than on/off

    This would be super useful as an option. I definitely think that everyone would benefit from more flexibility to set it as they prefer it. Have a 1) on/off toggle, 2) hold only, and 3) on/off toggle with auto off when brakes are pressed. Everybody wins.
  10. SavageXRDS

    Track limits are ridiculous

    I feel that the track limits in this game are far more consistent than in previous games. Yes, it is a little annoying how stringently they are enforced (especially when you are fighting to just keep the car pointing in the right direction during the rain and then Race Control hits you with the ol' razzle dazzle) but I will take consistent stringent enforcement over the hit-or-miss nonsense that F1 2019 was. I wish the asphalted runoff areas would just have half the grip they have now so that track extending would lose you more time than it gains - that would be the best solution.
  11. SavageXRDS

    F1 2020 - Great game but...

    @PJTierney I was actually very, very impressed with the audio work in this game. The downshift rumble and hiss sounds so much more like the real deal than F1 2019 or any of the previous titles. Driving in Broadcast Audio mix and pseudo surround sound is quite immersive.
  12. SavageXRDS

    Fanatec podium shifter does it work?

    I also use just my bottom left paddle for clutch. It seems that in addition to this, the three rotary dials also function only as encoders...which is profoundly unfortunate. I would love to set engine modes to specific dial positions instead of having just and up/down function. Oh well. On another note, Fanalab still doesn't seem to support F1 2020, so I can't even get my lights/display to show what I want them to show. I want to see the gear I'm in, not the speed for cryin out loud!
  13. SavageXRDS


    @Peachrocks I am definitely in agreement with you there. In F1 2019 I had the same issues, but with safety cars. The AI were definitely a bit slow to realize that pitting under the safety car is usually a good idea. So I would get a free stop in (and sometimes alter my strategy to make it work if it wasn't near my pit window) while the AI would stay out and pit right after the SC, allowing me to get podiums in an Alfa Romeo in Season 1. Granted, I don't want the AI to all be perfect and on the ball with the correct strategy calls - what I want is a greater variety in AI decision making. Have some drivers stay out while others risk it and pit. Similarly, in the wet, have some AI gamble and fit slicks when the track is drying and have others maybe stay out on their slicks an extra lap as rain starts coming down in hopes of someone spinning off and triggering an SC, resulting in a free stop. That is what I want to see more of. And on-track errors, obviously.
  14. SavageXRDS

    Wet-weather Driving Tips

    Differentials: On throttle diff I would recommend to be set to 50% for any event that has the possibility of rain. Off throttle can vary, but until you feel really confident while braking, I would recommend around 65% or higher. That limits how much difference in rotational speed the rear wheels can have when you are not putting any throttle in (i.e. when you are braking or turning in without throttle), which gives you a lot of stability. Brakes: My preference is always to keep the pressure the same as in the dry - in this game that is usually 100% - and to just be softer on the brake pedal, but I do know of people who lower their pressure by 10% from their dry setup to race more consistently in the rain. Brake bias in this game is somewhere around 50%-52% for most tracks in the dry and that tends to be OK for the wet. I would approach brake bias like this: do you ever feel your rear end sliding out under braking in the wet? If you do, move brake bias up by 2% and try again. That will give you greater stability. The downside is that you might start locking the front wheels much more frequently, which will slow you down. Tyre pressure: will agree with Janbonator. As a general rule, lower tyre pressure means that there is a greater area of the contact patch with the asphalt, and more surface area = more friction = more grip. But as Jan correctly stated, if you lower pressures too much, you might have a hard time getting the tyres warmed up. Thus, I would say keep the fronts a similar pressure as in the dry but lower the pressures of the rears to their minimum or 1 tick to the right of minimum. That will give you greater grip out of corners and shift the balance of the car towards greater stability. The general rule of thumb for these particular aspects of a wet setup (diffs, brakes, and tyres) is that it is always a trade-off. One one hand you can have a more nimble and agile car that is more prone to slipping out or threatening to spin, and on the other hand you will have a slightly more "sluggish" car that is much more consistent and safe. You have to tweak these until the car is the more nimble it can be without causing you to be uncomfortable driving it. And, as always, consistency is very important in a race - after all, there is no point being 3 tenths a lap faster if it causes you to make a mistake every 5 laps that loses you 5 seconds every time. Cheers!
  15. SavageXRDS

    DSQ from Tyre Change Master Thread

    I had the same issue as well. Maybe not an "issue", but it is a bit immersion breaking. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. I used the standard medium and hard for P1 in Australia and drove about 5 laps on each. I then finished the session, loaded back into the paddock screen, and exited My Team and the game for the day. When I returned the following day (in other words, I did restart the game between doing P1 and P2) and loaded into P2, the two sets of tyres I used in P1 were available to equip and had 0% wear. 2. What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen). 1.03 PC 3. Game-mode? My Team. 4. What are your replication numbers? Minimum test attempts are 4. Please also add EXACT replication steps for us to try too. Only 1 replication - I plan to test this with more sessions, but I thought I'd share my experience since this post was already created. 5. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue None just yet. 6. What peripherals are you are using (gamepad, wheel make & model etc) Fanatec CSW V2.5, Fanatec V3 pedals, Fanatec Formula V2 rim. 7. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears. Similar to the OP above, I can take screenshots of before/after next time I encounter the issue if the written description does not suffice.