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  1. I am soooooo looking forward to being back in the commentary booth for this one. Hopefully we'll get some more insane action like this:
  2. I will concede that I have not raced Britain in My Team just yet but I raced them in Grand Prix mode on 100 difficulty and managed to beat my teammate fairly handsomely. However, when qualifying for the Weekly Event, I only got 10th place on 102 difficulty, but my time ended up being 35th in the world of a little over 2000 entries. I was about 4 tenths off of of pole position in my quali, the time for which would have been about 25th in the world, if memory serves me correctly. Hard to imagine that only 20 or so people are capable of racing and keeping pace with AI above 102... So take fr
  3. I had the same issue as well. Maybe not an "issue", but it is a bit immersion breaking. 1. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. I used the standard medium and hard for P1 in Australia and drove about 5 laps on each. I then finished the session, loaded back into the paddock screen, and exited My Team and the game for the day. When I returned the following day (in other words, I did restart the game between doing P1 and P2) and loaded into P2, the two sets of tyres I used in P1 were available to equip and had 0% wear. 2. What versi
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