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  1. I highly doubt it would fall into the category of needing to be redownloaded since it works fine in every other circumstance.  Further observation has shown that it does not give the XP bonus after any of the events in the Championship, but at the end it does appear to give the 50% bonus to completing the sponsor challenges.  Doesn't make any sense to me. 
  2. I've moved on to work on the Grid series events (Grid Grand Slam currently), and I've noticed that I'm not receiving the 50% bonus from the Boost Pack dlc on the Discipline Rewards screen.  Is this a glitch?  Was it meant to work this way?  If so, then why?  We're supposed to be receiving a 50% bonus to our XP in our career, our whole career as far as any description has said.  I didn't read anywhere where the white Grid series events were excluded from this bonus.  Could we please get some clarification?  Thanks.
  3. I redeemed some bing points to put $5 in my Microsoft/Live account so that I could buy the Boost Pack dlc without actually spending my money on it.  It's worked great in the career up until today.  Today I started the Grid Grand Slam series and noticed that I no longer have the "Boost - 50%" bonus listed on my Discipline Rewards screen.  This is kind of a bummer.  I plan on doing some searching in these [piss poor] forums to see if anything has been mentioned about this.  Web searches have turned up absolutely ZERO results.  Oh well.
  4. Color changing seems to have been working properly for the most part in the few hours I raced online last night (Xbox 360).  I'm not sure how to clear cache on the PS3, but you might want to see if there's someway you can reset your game to get that system working right, or maybe it's a PS3 version issue.  My biggest issue with that system is that it's pretty flawed to begin with.  If someone does a PIT maneuver on me, I start to slide and because other cars hit me while I have no real control over my car, I'm the one that gets penalized as a dirty racer.  It gets old prett
  5. For Codemasters: https://twitter.com/SonySantaMonica/status/505065081000820736 This is how you treat your fans and paying customers.  And this^ was just because there was a release day install issue that was resolved within a day or so and could be worked around (though from what I read it was a bit complicated to do so).  If you want to keep your fans, keep people looking forward to and spending money on your products when they come out, you need to do at least SOMETHING when you have a major screw up like this corrupt file b.s.  You're a business, I get that.  And you c
  6. CM has said that if the file had been "altered" in anyway that the patch wouldn't be able to recover it.  I'm not saying that anyone has intentionally altered their save file, but who knows what the system might have done to it over time.  Especially on the PS3.  My corrupt file has been sitting exactly where it was when I first got the error message (Xbox 360).  I decided to just drop the game and wait for the patch.  Hopefully this will increase any chances I might have of getting it restored.
  7. In 2021 Codemaster will already be 6 years bankrupt after the Grid Autosport game save bug, if they aren't no way I will buy grid 6. At my place we don't buy "garbage", we get rid of it! U sure love talking about codemasters and grid . You got corrupted like everyone else but your acting like a spoiled little brat. If I'm the only one thinking this , well I'm not . Quit moaning it happened and it happened in grid2 , do I think its wrong yes. But you need to put your big girl panties on and deal with it .  As a paying customer, berre and anyone else has the right to be upset and v
  8. A bank holiday where?  Since it's currently in MS's hands (reportedly), then I don't think a holiday in CM's home country will have any effect on the patches release.  Unless it's denied, again.
  9. Or maybe I just tell it like it is. If you've noticed, which you haven't, I have brought up several points against CM, like their recycled "Disc Locked Content," repetitive playlist rotations, the current "garage/level" limitations, upgrade glitches, etc. But, no, someone as simple minded as you doesn't see anything past surface level. You are but a mere troll here to gain popularity by going with the flow of hatred for Codemasters. And my original point still stands. Loore never confirmed the patch would be here by now, he said "expected to be" live. But, people here are known for reading o
  10. So, it's Friday morning and the end of another week.  A week that was supposed to see a patch for console by its end... I really hope this gets done.  If it were in CM's hands I doubt we'd see it come out during a weekend, but I'm wondering if MS would just let it sit over the weekend.  Any ideas whether or not they'd release a patch on a Saturday or Sunday?
  11. Thanks for the update.  I'll try to make the rounds when I can find the time.
  12. Maybe you should start sharing these sites with the rest of us so we can make some comments or try to contact someone there to voice our frustrations with their coverage, or lack there of, of known issues.
  13. Hey, how's it going buddy?! (other than not being able to play Grid that is) ---------------------------------------- To Codemasters: At this point, with today's news, I've reached a decision.  Here are the factors:  Corrupt save file issue.  Corrupt save file issue has kept my game completely shelved for over 4 weeks (and existed for even longer).   You're apparently not willing to do so much as a bonus XP week/weekend, let alone giving the affected players the XP Boost dlc (which is what I feel should happen), as a gesture of goodwill for all the grief caused by this issu
  14. Compensated for ? Did you not know about the corruption bug ? I sure did but kept playing with the attitude of hopefully it won't hit me but it did. I was at lvl 150 online and almost finished offline besides a few things. I'm not asking for compensation. C'mon that's a joke right ? Did I miss a giant notification window that would pop up whenever I started the game that informed players of this issue?  I sure as heck didn't know about it before it hit me nearly a month ago.  Why would I?  I have and play way too many games to go trolling every game's website for any possibl
  15. So it's going to be a month of being unable to play a game that I bought brand new (pre-ordered even)?  A lot of devs try to do something to make up for such a gross error in programming, which was on top of that so poorly handled (sorry, but there was a huge lack of info and updates to the community in regards to what was going on with the console version of the game).  Instead we got paid-for dlc.  I understand that sometimes bad things happen, but since 100%  of the people I played this game with on a regular basis got hit by this (5 for 5) it seems like this is somethin
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