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  1. TheDarkCrown91

    Patch confirmation?

    It is very unrealistic, that drivers, who play with pad could accelerate much earlier and so they could drive nearly 2 seconds faster per lap in race...fix this problem pls...
  2. TheDarkCrown91

    F1-Onlineliga - 100% (PC & PS3)

    In the F1-Onlineliga we encourage clean, fair and fun online racing!  Currently we have leagues where most drivers are German, but don't be afraid to come in and join us. Most of us can communicate in English and we have an own TeamSpeak Server. We have currently two PC leagues and three PS3 leagues, where we will drive 100% races.  If you are interested in a nice community and have fun in clean and fair races, come on and join us. http://www.f1-onlineliga.com/