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  1. If ETX is making Nascar 15, then they're probably gonna start working on it in December, take a month long break for Cheetos Appreciation Month, and release a game even worse than 14 in February.
  2. Hopefully, whoever picked up the license makes a legit Nascar game and nothing like Nascar Unleashed or Kart Racing.
  3. I just want CM to know, and I hope they see this, that we want THEM to make these games. You don't see people actually asking another company to make a game they want. The community wants a change, and without a doubt, it'll be a better change if Codemasters makes the Nascar games. I can guarantee that people who have no idea who CM is won't care that it's a different company will be more than delighted to have a much better Nascar game than the crap that ETX puts out. 
  4. A mix of pressure from the ETX forums and the fact that ETX blocked me on twitter for emailing them SUGGESTIONS led me here. For those who have no idea, I'm a dirty platypus on the ETX forums and after being blocked by ETX by trying to help, I've absolutely given up on them. I'd much rather have a company that can take some sort of criticism make a Nascar game. I run a Nascar '14 league that was destroyed by the latest patch released for the game. No other company could possibly DESTROY a game with a patch that should not have taken 4 months to develop and test. Three years in a row, they have
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