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  1. getting my XB1 on Thursday looking forward to project cars. I was wondering if NWR  was going todo a team on Project cars.
  2. @Loore is or has left the company along with half the workforce :(
  3. is the Racenet challenge only paying out 10,000 XP now only on platinum. I got gold the first time an only got 600 XP then got Platinum which played out 10,000 XP. I was wondering if the update had changed the pay outs ????
  4. your club tag appears when you own your car not loan cars. you need to put your club livery on your car too before the race (Racenet livery)
  5. I sir enjoy racing and want to race so that's what I try to do :D
  6. just looked @Sethioz on yt thanks funny watching and I liker he posts on yt hehehe bet cant drive for real :( 1 reason I left Pc for console
  7. can I ask do you play Pc, Xbox or Ps3 ???? @Meatbolicx83
  8. it only says your online when your in a lobby so you will not see your self online as your not in the lobby but you will see your team mates if there in a lobby. your team name come up on cars you own an set a livery on but does not appear on loan cars. the 0xp not sure I get the same messages. hope this helps :)
  9. 5 times tonight GAS  has stopped on me im gutted as I like racing on here. PLEASE @Codemasters get it fixed soon PLEASE. :) :D
  10. its party mode and not sure if you can use your own car.
  11. I have once or twice seen this too.
  12. LOVE the sound of TOURING CAR LEGENDS AND DRAG RACING will this be online too. @Codemasters @loore @justbiglee your coming out with great ideas and I thank you. :D
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