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  1. Well with it looking like neither caterham or marussia wil make it to the grid in 2015 this will firstly free up even more space on the new consoles but mean there will only be 18 cars racing at any time. Do you think codemasters will up the online limit to include all 18 cars as it seems odd to just leave 2 cars out. What do you think they will do?
  2. This is the mad catz wheel i was refering too (link below), but like you i am waiting for the fanatec wheel rims & wheel bases to be released for Xbox One as i already have fanatec pedals which will work with a new system base.  http://store.madcatz.com/categories/specialty-controllers-category/Mad-Catz-Pro-Racing-Force-Feedback-Wheel-and-Pedals-for-Xbox-One.html
  3. Well someone else Disagrees! Confirmation Mad Catz Pro will work on the next F1 game on xbox one! https://twitter.com/theleemather/status/541723887365795840
  4. I run a league on the Xbox 360 on each monday at 8pm UK Time which runs 100% race distances with a 15 minute qualifying session to determind the grid. We run a custom calender and custom points system which we feel is best as anyone down to 14th place will score points. Oh we also run on equal cars with abs & steering assist banned and we only run corner cutting as in game penalty as we have 3 stewards that investigate incidents with footge if its possible. We will be starting our 6th season on 3rd November around Bahrain. Contact us on twitter: @UTRLeagues or our website http://utrle
  5. @Hatta‌ has already fed back to the team which are working on it right now. See it here:  https://twitter.com/lukespringuk/status/522482974835871745
  6. Normally shopto have dispatched new release for a friday on a wednesday morning, or at least thats how it has worked for the last several years. But for F1 2014 i have had nothing yet, it just seems odd like shopto have forgotton all about the F1 2014 release. Anyone had theres dispatched yet Update 3pm - 15th October- its been dispatched like normal
  7. There's no info on this yet but my guess is probably around the mid season break. I know some people here believe that the game will release early in the season but I personally don't see it happening seems like too short a turnaround to me. Too short a turn around? They have been working on the xbox one & ps4 version since september/october 2013. Or atleast thats when they were making the new engine so if released in spring 2015 it would of been in development for 18 months or even longer. 
  8. Confirmed by @Hatta‌ (Luke Spring) that ateering assist can be turned on & off in the assist menu and also be banned in online sessions in the final game! https://twitter.com/lukespringuk/status/517257745134014464
  9. @Hatta‌ i would hope that the next gen version on Xbox One, PS4 & PC wont be released in a country 2 weeks infront of the majority of other places. Unless its the UK getting it 2 weeks early
  10. Codemasters say that the release date for F1 2014 is 2 weeks before the UK because they always launch it alongside the Japanese GP. I dont understand why a british company making a F1 game would want to allow people in Japan where lets face it is not where the most F1 games are sold or even game consoles unless its nintendo. Anyone from codemasters please be willing to tell us why you couldnt launch the UK & Europe version alongside the Japanese version. You owe your customers an explanation, please!
  11. Also confirming it will be called F1 2015? and not F1 New Gen as they have been calling it
  12. When looking on @LukeSpringUK‌ twitter account I came across a tweet which says: @LukeSpringUK: @AlPachino_92 Yeah, should be real soon. Now i am not for one minute confirming this news but this tweet does point towards a reveal this week or even today if we are lucky??? View the tweet here: https://twitter.com/lukespringuk/status/493493620205694976
  13. just seen this on twitter i know its not f1 (but its forza 5) and he is trying out a xbox one wheel. Now also in picture he tweeted is a xbox 360 dev kit & a retail xbox 360 version leading me to believe that f1 2014 COULD be on xbox 360/ps3 which would be an updated version of f1 2013 with improvements to playabillity then the xbox one/ps4/pc would be a brand new game with lots of big updates & changes. The more i think of it the more it makes sense for codemasters to do that to get more sales as not many will have an xbox one or ps4 straight out of release but maybe they willl l
  14. Surley @T4RG4‌ you know which platforms your making the game for? And if it is only on xbox one & ps4 then you need to give people time to upgrade once you reveal for you to get good release day sales?
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