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  1. Jamesf172

    Penalising a team your leaving

    In what way not realistically? After all this is a game on a console. I think it represents this aspect (r&d car upgrades) fairly well under the circumstances not a big fan of driver changes but seems to have been toned down as it was crazy at first
  2. Jamesf172

    Penalising a team your leaving

    I really like the r&d it really enriches the game from static performance for an entire season. And putting this in the hands of the player adds to the whole experience in my opinion
  3. Jamesf172

    First Career Season in 2019 - quick question

    Renault are poor in my season I’m at Singapore and they only have a few points each
  4. Jamesf172


    +1 all the best and thanks
  5. In season 1 with Williams. Major rule change for season 2 on aero and chassis which is where most upgrades done. May switch team at end of season. If I spend no resource on adapting upgrades, them leave, presumably that sets Williams back for season2? now on a separate level, does that seem a bit naughty? In reality team would try to adapt regardless of driver moves, but the game puts you in control.....
  6. Jamesf172

    Petition on Steam RE: Anthoine Hubert

    Wether Hebert is present in the f2 update hopefully Codemasters will follow the wishes of his family
  7. Jamesf172

    eau rouge keeps breaking front wing

    Strange I don’t get this what ride height and spring settings are you running?
  8. Jamesf172

    Weather forecast difference

    Update - engineer forecast was correct, the car monitor was wrong. Still had a great race, felt the ai was ok in terms of wet pace, not op.
  9. Jamesf172

    Weather forecast difference

    Update - engineer repeated his forecast before qualy and race. Race strategy screen shows the same rainy forecast. Not run race yet
  10. Jamesf172

    Weather forecast difference

    Ha ha yes fair point especially at Spa! Thanks for your input I will update how it turns out
  11. Jamesf172

    Weather forecast difference

    Is the monitor the right forecast though? I’m trying to avoid qualm race with the wrong setup?
  12. I’m at Spa in career mode. Starting the weekend engineers message showed race mostly wet - dry to light rain to heavy rain. However whe weather forecast on the in car pit monitor shows race as totally dry. Never noticed this discrepancy before, which will be the correct one to follow?