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  1. Jamesf172

    Any improvement to the ai this year?

    Yes I’ve done 1 weekend in F2 best races ever really really good
  2. Jamesf172

    Has the AI got harder this year?

    On f2 I’ve had to drop 100 to 96. At Barhain on 100 the ai are 0.8 of a second faster than real 2019 pole time
  3. Jamesf172

    Full game

    dont know what version you on but not had any issues on PC. Done all my setup, time trial with historics and 2020 F1, started carrer and done a practice with F2
  4. I'm doing a full season of F2 to start my career. In the pit menu you can choose the usual practice programs. I assume these are irrelevent in terms of F2, or does completion give better driver reputation?
  5. Jamesf172

    how to get good start in f2 cars?

    I tend to go 100% throttle and give a slight lift just after releasing the clutch. As you say if revs are less than 100% as clutch released it bogs down too much but then you need to manage wheel spin. Its quite tricky and takes practice but its rewarding when you get it right
  6. Jamesf172

    Petition on Steam RE: Anthoine Hubert

    Wether Hebert is present in the f2 update hopefully Codemasters will follow the wishes of his family