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  1. What’s wierd about this is - did you not watch F1? Ricciardo WAS pants most of the season😆
  2. A detailed description of the issue. Montreal race -Late in the race it started to rain triggering the need for dry to inter change. Some ai - seemed to be the leading half a dozen or so (red bull, merc, Ferrari) - stopped for inters but changed to more dry tyres and stoped again on next lap before changing to inters. This was repeated again when the inter to dry tyre stops occurred - first stop saw those ai emerge still on inters requiring second. Stop before dry tyres fitted. There may be pit strategy issue beyond this for Canada as at the end of a 100% race several ai had made 7 stops and s
  3. Go into steam and validate your local files. Seems to have worked for me (so far)
  4. I use career mode and as long as you don’t use overtake too much it charges. It’s gets low don’t use overtake for a few laps should charge up nicely
  5. Had it happen in saved career mode pc version
  6. Can anyone shed any light on this Addressed a handling exploit in lower speed corners does that mean an adjust to the ai or players car or both?
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