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  1. Nitro199

    F1 2014 Game Q&A Thread

    [Quote]As there is no more Young Driver Test, how do we choose our starting team for career mode? You can now choose from any team you like.[/quote] Does anyone have anymore info on this? I guess this means the whole contracts and getting to sign with better teams is gone? If so, that really sucks. It's what I enjoyed about F1 career mode
  2. Nitro199


    Hello everyone. I just joined this forum today. Codemasters,I along with a lot of others would love for you guys to make NASCAR games. I am a really big fan of your Grid, F1 qnd DiRT series. You guys have done incredible work with all games. Damage looks great, AI is good, graphics is good, sound of the cars. Anyway I would love for you guys to make NASCAR games. I am pretty positive that you guys can get the job done just like you did with your other games. I got confidence that you guys can make NASCAR games that has a deep presentation, a deep career mode, have great physics, great graphics, great damage model and more. So I and along with many other NASCAR fans would love for you guys to make NASCAR games. We would all really appreciate it. In 4 years, Eutechnyx games haven't improved one bit and with today's technology that's available, it's pathetic. They are unplayable. I think their is a big fan base if you guys were to make a game and I would be happy to help out any way that I can