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  1. Hi, I'm Having Same problem. Trying to do Monaco Weekly event. Tried 3 times in last 3 Hours. Got the NM14 Twice and now just got the KMR4 error code. Exactly like the Youtube video posted above. I had this a few weeks back but just ignored. Problem now is I am running out of weeks to complete the challenge and last week's race didn't count as it was a scenario. running PC v 1.07 (and Latest Windows 10 updates) Weekly Event - Monaco (had problem few weeks back too) Using Xbox controller Happen 3 times - once this morning 11am BST time (NM14
  2. Hi, @BarryBL I did not get rewards from the weekly event from 2 weeks ago.... would have been my first event and remember it being classic cars. I chose the most modern McLaren. My PC Username in the game is SteveyB. Thanks, Steve.
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