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  1. Eenzeenz

    F1 2020 Codemasters Anti Cheat Measures

    unfortunately after 10 seconds search on google you can find several cheats/trainers for f1 2020 . I hope CM will find a solution for this problem because TT is fun but , when you see that the top 10 times at Zandvoort (PC) are probably not legit then its time to act CM ! I Like to see a time trial without "assist" and anti-cheat measurements 😙
  2. same here win10 64bit / nvidia 451.67 rtx2070 / dx12 /16gb ram / ryzen 2600x thrustmaster t300
  3. What the title says, the game crashes to desktop every time I beat my rival in time trial. To top it off, the EGO dumper crashes too so I have to close both the game and that through the task manager. Same problem here, PC Win10 64bit/dx12 Nvidia rtx2070 (newest driver) ryzen 2600x, 16gb ram thrustmaster t300
  4. Eenzeenz

    Gameplay screen not being displayed

    I've "clean" installed an older nvidia driver 446.14 whql That fixed it for me, good luck
  5. Fixed for me! I've removed the newest nvidia drivers and i installed the older nvidia 446.14 Black screen problem fixed
  6. Rtx 2070 win10 64bit Same here, played for 20 minutes TT, no problems. Closed game, installed newest nvidia drivers 451.48 and now i have got the "Black screen problem" I've tried dx11 and dx12 Same result Intro movie is working Just fine but in the main menu my background is black In the showroom i can see the team logo's but no cars, that area is pitch black Plz help