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  1. I think in general the AI have improved another step from 2013, but there is one consistent issue where the back markers sit on the apex. I'm sure it's gotten worse from 2013 with the back markers as I don't recall as many issues last year. I have been overtaken impressively round the outside many times in 2014 which is a noticeable improvement.
  2. 1. All practice sessions. 2. More host control for online lobbies 3. A Fresh a more complex setup system, with Engineer recommendations based on track. 4. AI tyre wear/traction closer simulation to players 5. More control over R&D (So I can pick what I think I need) 6. Rebuilt animations/menus/voices etc. Needs a brand new fresh feel. 7. Scenario modes up to Legend pace 8. Rebuilt Career mode that isn't so scripted. 9. More qualy options for online. Maybe one shot but with custom setups. 15 mins is maybe too long a session for a 25% race for example. Loads of people want more realistic d
  3. I've not had these issues in 50% or 100% races on Career mode, but the opposite to some degree where I can't get in Q3 yet easily finish top10 in the race. Legend AI, no assists, wheel.  I have noticed that softer spring setups and often running some Aero gives better traction and pace particularly on high fuel. The AI certainly have over the top consistent tyre wear though meaning you're usually defending at the end of most stints.
  4. It depends what Car and game mode. In Career with a Mclaren, I started off using the old 11/1 11/11 style setups from previous games and basically it doesn't work. Car is just too stiff with the front end sliding into corners and the rear sliding on exit. With low fuel in qualy you can nail one lap, but in a race you just can't get the front end turned in on high fuel and the slippy stiff springs mess up any decent consistency over a stint. So I'm simply setting up for the race only by trying setups with high, medium and low fuel until it feels ok, maybe an hours practice/setup work at each tr
  5. It's a massive issue though. There must be players numbering in to the hundreds who start a race with their main objective to hold back a lap and ruin as many other drivers races as possible. It has plagued the online lobbies for years and the ghosting idea is the only viable solution in my opinion. What harm would a ghosted backmarker do? ....and to say 'It's all part of racing' is nonsense clearly. Purposely crashing into the leaders by backmarkers is not part of racing is it? Have you heard of Pastor Maldonado ?    kek. You took my comment out of it's original context i wa
  6. It's a massive issue though. There must be players numbering in to the hundreds who start a race with their main objective to hold back a lap and ruin as many other drivers races as possible. It has plagued the online lobbies for years and the ghosting idea is the only viable solution in my opinion. What harm would a ghosted backmarker do? ....and to say 'It's all part of racing' is nonsense clearly. Purposely crashing into the leaders by backmarkers is not part of racing is it?
  7. Online - You can join a custom race lobby that is in qualifying, and still race from the back. But two times in a row when doing this, I am forced to use whatever setup I used in the previous online race that is usually a different track! Everything but front aero is greyed out as in parc ferme conditions. This is annoying as I haven't even qualified for the race so no setup should be present on the car, and have waited 10 minutes for the qualy session to finish. Silly bug that was present on 2013 as well. Career - Once again we seem to have a range of AI difficulty that varies dependent on w
  8. Yeah it's a joke. I ran medium traction control in Malaysia to test it out and even then the AI are still way too fast. Definitely needs patching. I'm enjoying the game in dry conditions, but any conditions requiring full wet tyres are not worth even trying, I'll just crash out and retire on career mode wet races until its fixed.
  9. Really enjoying Sochi, really nice flow to it, suits this years cars. Austria as well. Hockenheim is so much better than Nurburgring. Silverstone always a fav.
  10. Starts - on 2014 with no assist on a wheel it is not easy to get the car off the line, loads of wheel spin. No start is the same and full revs you go nowhere. As for a formation lap that would be awesome, really gets the adrenaline going on the way to the line as well. Engineer Content - Totally agree with you. Loads of untapped potential here. All voices, animations, menus etc need updating as well. Reliability Issues - Would you really want a random ERS failure in the last few laps of a 100% race leaving you seconds a lap slower? A few more failures might be OK but I don't think that
  11. Missed this before I posted. That worries me! I thought it was new gen only hence the relative optimism in my last post.
  12. I think given Codemasters decision to release 14 on old gen only, we can be optimistic that a lot of effort is going into 2015. With everything having to be redesigned from scratch I'm hoping for a fresh look to the game in terms of menus, animations, voices etc. They better not use that Engineers voice again! The game will no doubt be more complex, which probably increases the chance of bugs and the like, so it would be silly not to expect some issues. I will probably wait until after release this time though as I'll have to buy a next gen console as well or a new PC to run the game ( I don't
  13. That's great news. Hopefully they already have some! I said I knew it would have issues but still brought it. Not after sympathy. I don't regret buying it. It's a not scam is it? If I am fully aware of the fact that the game may have issues, yet still buy it, then that's my choice. Nobody is being scammed dude.
  14. I think most people accept the time frame needed to fix the issues. It's when the SAME issues from last year start slipping through that the frustration grows because it means that they either ignored the issue or missed the issue entirely which are both pretty unprofessional. Whilst many go over the top with criticism, a lot of it is very justified.
  15. I suggest Codies stick a napkin on the wall of their office with the various 'bugs' written on it. That way they can refer to this each year so that they don't reproduce the same or similar problems in the next game. Sounds a bit complicated I know but just a suggestion...
  16. I'm an F1 gaming addict. I knew it would have lot of bugs. I knew that I would get really frustrated, yet I still brought it full price on release day. Even if nobody reads this, I feel I need to at least let out some steam. So here are my thoughts so far: After the ridiculously pointless driver evaluation test, assists were turned off and straight to time attack for some initial practice. My wheel settings for 2013 seemed just fine, and after a couple of laps getting used to the throttle I noticed I'd already hit gold. 10 minutes later and I've done all the golds. Thanks CM what a thrilling
  17. I just can't believe they haven't changed his voice for a start! Some different sentences and a new voice at least gives a fresh feel to a new game. The only useful things they inform you of is how far away rain is and when your team-mate is in the pits. I can't defend CM on this one it's just pathetic. 0/10 for team radio.
  18. There is no way Tiametmarduk cheats or uses hacks at all. I've been using his videos for reference for years and basically match what he's doing in terms of laptimes in Qualy. He's definitely more consistent that me but I have proof that he is not cheating because I also race no assists, Legend, wheel and always compare laptimes. They always match there or thereabouts, although he's more consistent over a full race distance than me.
  19. I'm racing with a Fanatec CSR wheel, no assists and I'm pretty certain it's impossible to match Legend AI in full wet conditions. In the dry I can match them, but in the wet it's 2 seconds a lap that I need to find and I can't see how it is possible. I've tried full aero and soft springs etc, which do seem to help rear traction. It feels far too sensitive to me, something is not right here. Might have to look at playing with pedal settings etc, but I don't want to put too much effort into that if they then end up patching the issue in the near future. 
  20. He's confirmed that they are looking into things on a few threads that I've read. Given the drama on these forums I'm pretty sure they will be talking about the pad/wheel thing at least! I expect a patch in a month or so.
  21. Why does Steve Hood feels no shame for ripping us off and lying about 2014? Why get so personal? Most games start at £40. We knew there was no classic content months ago. You state 10% effort, what are you talking about? The effort that goes into these games is and any game of that matter is huge. All Codemasters try and do is the best they can under some tight time schedules and difficult limiting circumstances (FIA/legal stuff etc). Nearly all games have patches these days, nearly every game. It's a good thing in my opinion as you cannot test everything in these games under the time frame t
  22. The problem for me is the difference between the players ability to brake and the AI. Sometimes they brake so early you can't even react to it and lose front wing/get penalty etc. Flashbacks are therefore required unfortunately.
  23. It just seems a bit over the top on Career. It does help to run more rear wing and softer springs I think, although hard to tell as I'm not that consistent yet.
  24. same. it's not a perfect game but it is still fun to play. Dont see why people keep complaining. I just don't get how obsessively angry and attached some people get. Over a computer game! Do they honestly expect Code masters to listen to such immature whining? this hammymansell2nd dude is losing his marbles it seems.
  25. Yes this game is a joke!!! My copy's in the bin!! Can you go away then now? Why waste your time here? Somebody ban this angry fool
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