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  1. Agreed, apart from traction in Wet conditions. Something not quite right there if you use no traction control. Pretty sure it's impossible to match Legend AI at present.
  2. I suffered with lag issues for months on last years game. I upgraded my Internet connection to a fibre optic 60mbps+ awesome connection and now I hardly ever get a disconnect and experience much fewer lag issues. I think with a lot of people it's their poor connection and not Codemasters servers or whatever else they blame it on. UK-AUS is also more likely to experience issues. What I'd suggest is for Codies to implement 'Europe Only' lobbies or 'Australia' or open or whatever. That way I could avoid the lag and the Brazilians who always seem to work together to take me out! I'm sure some of
  3. I'm confident that wet conditions with a wheel and no traction control on Legend AI is not possible! At the moment there is no point in racing in the wet on Career unless I put TC on which is not what I want to do. Needs sorting out. It's as if like 5% throttle is optimum, yet hit 5.1% throttle and you spin out. Intermediate conditions is much easier it seems.
  4. Looks the same pit stop time for AI in which case it is not a game breaker, but it does increase the chance of a pit delay if you are stationary for longer and those pit delays can cause a unrealistic 10second delay if a chain of cars comes in a few seconds after you. I'll get over it! :)
  5. Despite the many flaws of the F1 series, I always find it the most exciting racing game to play. I would probably give Forza or Grid AS a better review than F1 2013 for example, yet still played F1 2013 10 times more than any other racing title. I guess it's partly due to the fantastic community and the speed/intensity of the racing.
  6. It is taking around 3.8 seconds for a pit stop. Why the extra time when in reality it's 2.5-3.5 seconds average? What benefits/improvements is this extra time supposed to bring to the game? Why make this decision? Surely it just increases the chance of getting held up in the pits which has always been an annoying feature of the series.
  7. From all the youtube vids and forums I have come across, it seems there are many mixed reviews of the game. As a wheel user I have some optimism though and the Legend AI are clearly harder to match than last year so looks a decent challenge to me. Some people are saying that it's no challenge even with a wheel, yet fast youtubers are struggling to keep the car straight out of loads of corners. It looks hard to me compared to the last 3 games. I'll trust NickDahy's views above and will purchase the game this afternoon.
  8. I'll buy it full price (£40) today, but I already know that I will be slightly disappointed with a few things after watching various youtubers basically cover all aspects of the game already. Menus/fonts/animations all to similar which doesn't give a fresh enough feel. This pad assists issue sounds like online could be a joke, and they better have made the equal cars actually equal at the first attempt this time. Damn I'm raging already and haven't even played it yet.
  9. Same old whining. You have to let it go and move on, they won't respond to your sulking. My prediction is that you will still buy this game.
  10. This is annoying who made this stupid decision? I can't imagine a benefit to lengthening it, but I can immediately think of a problem - more chance of getting held up in the pits as you're stationary for longer which in turn equals less fun and more frustration.
  11. I will set unlimited flashbacks to unwind and avoid AI nonsense, dodgy penalties/pitstops etc. I race 100% in career and without the odd flashback I'd have smashed my console to pieces. Sometimes they are needed otherwise it's too frustrating if your race is ruined in the last stint due to a glitch.
  12. TMDol


    When will we see some actual F1 2014 gameplay ? "Soon" Check youtube channels. Many get the work in progress release and there is already about 30 gamepay vids, all sorts of modes and tracks. Game looks good!
  13. I'm almost convinced that setups alone simply do not affect tyre wear, or if they do it's negligible. I spent hours and hours testing only to find out nothing. Instead I focus on a fast setup that allows nice smooth driving. This smooth driving is the key to tyre saving, although on some tracks such as China its really difficult. In fact China is the only track I didn't win at in Career mode over 5 seasons.
  14. Looking forward to: Less pit stops (if based on 2014 season so far)Less time driving on worn tyresLess corner grip (more challenging)More varied fuel strategy (hoping for more in race options, multi 21, Overtake mode, fuel save mode 1, 2, 3 etc) Not looking forward to: Less traction/more Torque (I already struggle to not wheel spin out of slow corners)Quiet Engines. (the 2013 scream keeps a small level of Adrenaline simmering)
  15. Great Idea. The one thing I want from 2014 is more of an emphasis in setup. What a great idea to have feedback from the Engineer. I want him to recommend settings where possible, and give feedback on likely tyre wear with varying camber setups etc etc. Have a view of your team mates setup in Career mode would be awesome. I've spent so many hours wasting time trying different setups on 2012/13 that basically make zero difference to tyre wear.
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