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  1. probley the same as me i buy a cat c touring car 200,000 race it for a night then sell it for atleast 1.7 million but since i started selling the cars worth high value i have had no corrupt game saves 
  2. weird i was in a race on an oval the other day and the only person causing problems was a yank other people was faster and was going past and then they got up the side of him he would put them in the wall 
  3. Money Pack DLC? :\ from what cars i have, it's the cat c touring car that's the money pit. i won a race and got 6000 cash, then repair bill for 15,000! :o but my formula c (level 30+) is very cheap to repair surprisingly. you must not of owned a formula A yet i bought it raced it sold it 120,000 for level 1 brake bios . at 99% level 5 the repair cost was over 10.000 per race dont want to think what it would be like at level 50 . but i agree the cat c is a money pit evan with boost pack you lose money so the boost pack is not much good if you race cat c alot
  4. the game itself is good its just the glitches what am a problem for me i wish they would stop the dlc and focus on fixing the game first 
  5. Honestly, I hope not. Le Mans is great and all, but that track is sooo boring to drive and, if at all, only interesting with supercars. All the other classes would die on the straights... tape the button down, get a coffee, nothing to do for one minute. If any legendary track at all, then the Nordschleife. I'd love to do online races there. By todays standards, this track is a must have for a racing game anyway. Which big thing over the past years didn't have it? That alone would justify half of the season pass money, if you asked me. formula a
  6. maybe offer a bonus like if your green you get a 10% bonus at the end of the race if your yellow/orange you get a 4% bonus and if you red you get a -10% reduction of everything money and xp 
  7. it does work my save as been fine since i started selling cars worth more than normal
  8. Thanks for that! I've been in the top 10 several times and resent the blatant labelling of good racers as Automatic cheaters! Instead of whining on the forums follow the advice CM gave in the "How to report cheaters" thread, and stop accusing in the forums, CM previously had a strict and enforced "no naming and shaming" policy on the forums as not all players are members of the forums, therefore they would be unable to defend their reputation against such accusations. They DO investigate, IF proven guilty the time is removed and the offender recieves a ban from online via Steam for breachin
  9. you cant get a refund if you read when you buy it says none refundable
  10. forza is more user friendly and more cars and more things to do the only thing grid has better is open wheel and wtcc 
  11. some people just have more pace than others . in touring car cat c i ran a 1.24.950 and the last time i tried i was running nearly 2 seconds faster till a ai wrecked me so it can be done
  12. we need the game fixed before the dlc it can only cause more problems 
  13. all what i hear is dlc all the time but maybe they should fix the game first with issues with glitches and the money problem . adding dlc will only create more problems 
  14. the boost pack is good if you dont get alot of time to play the game but. i have the boost pack and still lose money in cat c touring cars so whats the point if you still cant make money out of a car you like racing 
  15. evan with the boost pack after lvl 20 i struggle to make money i would love to have a lvl 50 but it cost way to much , when i had my lvl 74 it it lose 30% a race atleast 
  16. i sell my cat c when it gets to lvl 20 to keep cost of repair down then just buy a new one 
  17. how do you no they are cheating just cause there in the top 5 doesnt make them cheaters 
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