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  1. The clocks have gone forward, flowers are beginning to bloom, and we’ve seen blazing sunshine and snow in the space of a week… it must be spring! Whatever April and the new season throws at us, you can rest easy with one simple constant: more major news, reveals and general fun stuff firing out of the front door of Codemasters HQ. Our fantastic team have kept their foot to the floor as we enter month four of 2021, and the end result is another Racing Line bursting with info for you. What’s on the agenda this time round, then? Just the small matter of new content drops, big esports action, and revealing our own actual real-life racing team? What?! We better get straight to it… DIRT 5 Turn it up to 11 and bring the noise! Since the last Racing Line, we only went and released DIRT 5’s Uproar Content Pack and Update 4.00 to the world; our latest major content drop of 2021, with new cars, Career events, private race lobbies and so much more. Don’t worry if you’ve missed any of the details on this one – we’ve got all the info here. The moment we went live with this content drop, our attention turned to your feedback and comments, to see what you’re enjoying and if anything needs addressing. A couple of small, additional patches have rolled out on DIRT 5’s main platforms to tidy up a few things (full details are in our patch notes hub), and we’re already outlining what the new priorities are for additions, fixes and tweaks. So whilst you enjoy the juicy new content, we’ll be kicking on towards the next chapter of DIRT 5. No rest for the wicked, eh? As often as possible, we’re also updating players on exactly what we’re working on, and what’s on the horizon for DIRT 5. Here’s a community update from earlier this week on Reddit – track us on there for the updates, or hang out with us and other players on DIRT 5’s Discord server. – Chris DIRT RALLY 2.0 Hey everyone, PJ back again with a whole bunch of rally news to catch you all up on. Introducing the Codemasters DiRT Rally Team There’s no better place to start than this: We’re racing a real rally car again! Long-time fans of DiRT Rally will remember Jon Armstrong (who is now a Game Designer here at Codemasters) competing in events like the Galway International Rally as well as Rally Sweden. In 2021 we’re expanding those ambitions even further with an all-new rally team, competing in the 2021 FIA Junior WRC Championship. The Ford Fiesta’s livery was revealed last week and it’s a stunner, as you can see above. Jon and co-driver Phil Hall have been busy over the weekend, working together with RAF Engineering to get some testing done. They’ve been using DiRT Rally 2.0 to train during 2020 but as Rally Croatia is only a few weeks away they were itching to get back into a real car and tackle the roads. Jon also had a few interviews (here and here) following the team’s announcement. WRC Croatia Rally kicks off on April 22, and if you’re watching live keep an eye out for the Junior WRC competitors as they tackle the Stages. We’ll let you know over on @dirtgame how Jon gets on and, if you’re after some team merchandise, you can grab a whole bunch here. DiRT Rally 2.0 Yuasa Esports Championship Back in the virtual world, our friends at the British Rally Championship have teamed up with reigning champion Matt Edwards to host a DiRT Rally 2.0 series ahead of the coming season. Edwards will be driving the Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 this year and used the game to reveal his car’s livery, in Yuasa’s typically striking white, red and black. You can find out more about the announcement here on Yuasa’s website and if you fancy competing for a whole bunch of prizes, their competition details can be found here. DiRT Rally 2.0 Official Club – Round 2 Underway In other news, the Official DiRT Club’s finished its first round, with around 4,000 of the club’s 20,000 competitors braving the high speed Scottish woodlands. Over on the Forums, gedazz (who runs the excellent dr2.today leaderboard fansite) compiled some stats from Scotland that make for interesting reading. 3,738 people took on the opening round – however, the brutal nature of the event (it’s one of the longest and toughest Clubs in the entire game) meant that only 18% of those made it to the end. I was one of those and finished in 169th place despite some serious engine trouble at the end. Chris and Fernando braved it too with varying degrees of success. Round 2 is already underway at Spain. I‘ve gotten my run in and as of last Friday was sitting in 5th overall. If you fancy beating that and calling me out on the Forums, all the info’s here. That’ll do it for now, so if you’ll excuse me I’m off to play some more DiRTRally.txt; see you all soon. -PJ F1® 2020 Hey folks! Who watched the 2021 season opener last weekend? They don’t get much better than that! If it was any indicator as to how the following 22 races are going to pan out, we’re in for an incredibly close season across the field. Still think Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have enough to fend off the likes of Red Bull and Max Verstappen? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Raise Your Game Thank you to everyone that took part in #F1RaiseYourGame – the Birmingham St Marys Hospice fundraising campaign. It was great seeing everyone’s fast laps on the Bahrain International Circuit in F1® 2020 – we’ll be getting in touch with some of you who took part to send out some merch very soon. Racing Ahead members SootieLive and Theamusante both contributed with fundraising efforts of their own, helping raise hundreds of pounds after completing dozens of laps on their respective streams. Big shoutout to the both of them and of course everyone who contributed by donating. If you want to find out more about what Birmingham St Marys Hospice do, and why they’re so important to our F1 Game studio, you can head to the Just Giving page here. – James F1® Esports Challengers This past week saw the fourth event of the F1 Esports Challengers Series on PS4, Xbox and PC, racing at Monza and Suzuka for rounds 7 and round 8, respectively. With the series now approaching its explosive finale, our racers are taking more risks than ever before; late braking, daring overtakes, setting the pace lap after lap to secure a place in the Pro Exhibition event. The highlight of the event has to be this calculated move from Alessio Di Capua, where his methodical approach allowed him to retake the lead on the final lap of the race at Suzuka. In case you missed any of these action-packed races, head here to watch the PS4 races, here to recap on the Xbox races, and here to see how the battle unfolded on PC over on our YouTube channel. Don’t forget to tune in to twitch.tv/formula1 on the 27th of April from 7pm GMT+1 to watch the final and deciding event of the series that will see who will take part in the Pro Exhibition! – Fernando PROJECT CARS 3 Image credit: max_the_ronin (Twitter) Welcome to the first Racing Line post-holidays entry. I hope you all had a restful break and are now fighting fit to get back to racing action. Your Vote Matters! We asked the Project CARS community to vote on our Facebook page for their favourite Classic Team Lotus racing machine. The choice was between three Formula One Championship-winnings cars. The clear winner was the 1967 Lotus Type 49 Cosworth, followed by the 1972 Lotus Type 72D Cosworth, and the 1970 Lotus Type 49C. Legends always win, I guess! Our next poll will be even tougher, featuring legendary examples of peak German engineering. Look out for that post, don’t forget to vote, and get involved with the discussions in the comments (please be courteous!). Find Your Rival With March now over, your total Rivals results and rewards should be available in-game. This, of course, means a fresh batch of challenges are now available, and many more will appear in the Rivals mode tab throughout the month of April. We started the month with one of the greatest motorsport challenges ever known— a hefty and throaty V8 around the legendary Mount Panorama circuit. You can follow the action and your own progress online with the leaderboards and visit the website to get a schedule of upcoming Rivals challenges. Getting Snappy One of my favourite things to do in the Project CARS community is talking about car photography and share tips on how to capture the best shots in our games. I often collect my personal favourites from across the web and share them with the rest of the team – and now I’m sharing them with you! Here are some of the best shots I’ve seen from the community. Keep them coming, I’m always lurking about and collecting! Image credit: Don Joewon Song Image credit: AuditoreAdriano (Twitter) And with that thought, I’ll say goodbye for this week. Enjoy the racing. – Fernando ANY OTHER BUSINESS? – No more wheels, no more pads. Keyboard. Is King. Last week we ‘revealed’ the trailer for DiRTRally.txt to the world – a text-based adventure that dares you to tackle the world’s toughest rally stages, with nothing but your trusty digits and keys for support. Don’t cut, and whatever you do, don’t break the car! Alas, much like last year’s acclaimed (well, by us) DiRT Rollers, this was our bit of April Fools fun to share with you all – though we wouldn’t mind seeing someone make this for real… View the full article
  2. Apologies, dear reader. Usually by the time we write this pithy introduction to the Racing Line, we’ve received detailed notes from the Codemasters team on all the big news, reveals and info we’ll be bringing you below. So far, though, nothing has come through. Perhaps there’s just no news to bring you for once. Wait, hold the phone – there’s a new email in the inbox! Let’s have a look. …Really?! …Woah, seriously? …How big? Right, there’s no time to lose. Turns out we have a lot to get through, beginning with news on our amplified off-road racer turning itself up to 11… DIRT 5 Well, where do we begin? Ah, yes, let’s kick off with the small matter of DIRT 5’s next major update, hot off the presses. The Uproar Content Pack and FREE Update 4.00 launch on March 30, adding a stacked list of new goodies for all players, as well as exclusives for Amplified/Year One Edition players. For the Uproar pack, four legendary cars from DiRT: Showdown have been restored and readied for action in DIRT 5, alongside more Career events, new Achievements/Trophies, fresh liveries and much more. Check out our announcement post to sneak a first look at it all: Alongside the pack will be a free update for all players which, by popular demand, includes the addition of private race lobbies for Online! More iconic liveries will be added, along with the new Verified Creators feature for Playgrounds, rewarding the best custom arena creators with an exclusive verified tick. Between now and March 30, we have a huge amount of goodies to show you from the upcoming update, including gameplay, new screenshots and more. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to DIRT’s YouTube channel, to make sure you don’t miss a thing. Wait, you thought that was it? Come on now, you know us better than that! Earlier this week we also kicked off DIRT 5’s launch on Google Stadia, with the Standard Edition available to play now! A Year One Edition and relevant upgrade item will also be available on Stadia soon, entitling players to all post-launch content. Full details on the release are right here. Okay, now that’s it for our DIRT 5 round-up. See you next week for launch day folks. – Chris- F1 2021 Hey all, This weekend the F1® season starts in Bahrain, and I can’t wait to see what happens as the drivers head out on track for the first time in 2021. What are your season predictions? I’d love to hear how you think the season will go! Patch 1.17 Earlier this week, we released Patch 1.17 on all platforms – you can find the patch notes and everything you need right here. If you’ve got any questions, something’s not quite right, or you want to say hello, come and visit us on the Forums. Podium Pass Series Five Podium Pass Series Five is live in F1® 2020 right now, and there are 30 new levels of free and VIP items for you to unlock, as well as a new feature for this series: Prestige. We know some of you like the challenge of getting to the top tiers, which gives you the opportunity to earn rewards beyond the heights of Tier 30! Check out the trailer below:  Excited? Take a closer look at what’s new in this series in our blog post. PitCoin Competition We’re celebrating the start of Podium Pass Series Five with a competition! If you want to be in with a chance of winning 10,000 PitCoins, this is for you. All you need to do is use Photo Mode, capturing your team’s car around the Bahrain International Circuit, and post it on our Forums with a caption. You can find out more here – you have until 1st April 2021 to get your entries in! Raise The Game for Birmingham St. Mary’s Hospice Birmingham St. Mary’s hospice provides support free of charge to people and their families living with life-limiting illness across the area and is close to the F1® game studio’s hearts. Lockdown restrictions have meant they’ve been unable to run physical events over the last 12 months, and relying on virtual events to raise essential funds has been crucial in maintaining this support. This is why this month, we’re supporting their ‘Raise Your Game’ campaign – challenging you to lap as fast as you can around the Bahrain International Circuit on F1® 2020 between 25th – 31st March 2021. If you want to get involved, post your lap on social media using the hashtag ‘#F1RaiseYourGame’, and we’ll be giving out prizes to the best ones! Find out more about how you can get involved on our website, and check out the JustGiving page. See you next time, – Jenny PROJECT CARS 3 Welcome racers to the Project CARS corner of the Racing Line. Can you believe March is nearly over? Time is such a weird concept, but then again, that’s what we use to determine who’s the fastest around the track, so it must be a good thing. Speaking of being the fastest… Rivals Challenge The end of the month means your cumulative results for this month’s Rivals Challenge will soon be added up. Depending on where you qualify in the overall leaderboards for each challenge, cash and experience points rewards will be handed out. So, don’t forget to check the in-game Rivals Mode tab to claim your rewards. Reading Material Are you a coffee or tea drinker? I personally prefer coffee, but whichever you choose, it will make a nice companion for some reading material from us. Get the kettle on and settle down for a few minutes while catching up on our most recent Driving Seat blog post. And once you’re done with that, head here to learn more about the legendary Imola circuit. Power Up In case you missed it, the latest content pack for Project CARS 3 was released earlier this month. Dubbed the Power Pack, it features four JDM cars including the one-off Nissan Z Proto, which has made quite a splash in the motoring press since it made its official debut in Project CARS 3. Head over to the digital storefront of your choice to grab the latest pack, and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. If you already own the Season Pass, then this is already yours! That’s it from me this week. Come hang out with the rest of the community on our Discord server and be sure to keep an eye out for the latest Project CARS 3 news by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the Project CARS website. – Fernando F1® MOBILE RACING It’s almost here, people! The new season of F1 on your TV, with an official F1 game in your hands to keep you occupied until those red lights go out, and after the chequered flag. What more could you want? Whilst we can’t wait for the 2021 season to get going, F1® Mobile Racing players have been busy all year with live events and competitive action. Right now, you can take part in the Spring Warmup event, with big rewards on the line. Keen to take part, but want a few tips on how to race like the fastest drivers? Earlier this month we caught up with Matteo Pagliani, the inaugural F1® Mobile Racing Esports Championship winner, to find out more about his road to glory and racing style. Check out the interview here – and enjoy this weekend’s action! – Chris ANY OTHER BUSINESS? – We’d like to offer our thoughts to the family of friends of Sabine Schmitz, who sadly passed away earlier this month. Sabine was an icon in the racing world not just for her extreme talent behind the wheel of cars in multiple disciplines, but her incredible charisma, personality and positivity, which shone through on television and across paddocks around the world. Rest in peace, and thank you, Sabine. – Time to take control of the some of the world’s fastest cars – any time, any place, and with the press of your thumb. Project CARS GO is the new mobile title from Slightly Mad Studios, available to download now! One-touch racing allows you to master real-world circuits with incredible cars, with competitive racing and an array of customisation options. Play today on Android and iOS. View the full article
  3. The inaugural F1® Mobile Racing Esports Championship recently came to its conclusion – a thrilling contest over several months, won by Italian player Matteo Pagliani. After his victory, we caught up with Matteo to get his thoughts on the championship, find out more about him, and see how he plans to use his once-in-a-lifetime prize… Q: Can you tell us about yourself? My name is Matteo – I’m 21 and I live in Italy. I live near Maranello, which is of course the city of the Ferrari factory. I study computer engineering at the university in Modena. In my free time I play the drums. I have a band but, of course, due to the pandemic we are stuck at the moment – we don’t play so much. I love riding my bike in my free time and going out with friends. I am very passionate about F1, and also about space and astronomy. We have just landed on Mars with the NASA Perseverance rover, so I’m very excited about the achievement. Q: How long have you been playing F1® Mobile Racing? How long have you been competing in Esports Events? When did you realise you had what it took to win the Esports Tournament? I started playing in December 2019 and joined the Esports events some months later. At first, I was a mid-field player and I had to develop my car. I became sort of competitive six months after the start. I started practicing more when the tournament was announced and I saw that there would be a prize. I reached the maximum Level, which is Level 35, but my car was not maxed out, and my car is still developing. So it was a fast learning curve. Q: How often do you play F1® Mobile Racing? Do you play on a daily basis? How long? What is your favourite game mode? I play nearly two hours per day. Obviously, before the Finals I played more. Now with my exams I play less. But it’s good to play because I can switch my mind off, I can relax a bit, and as I said before I’m very passionate about F1 so it’s good to play that game. My favourite game mode is the Events because it’s more challenging than the Duels mode. Q: Can you tell us about your setup for F1® Mobile Racing? What device do you play on? What are your R&D decks like? Do you use any assists? Which control scheme and camera view do you prefer to use in races? I’m playing on an Oppo RealmeX2. With my setup, the cards and the setup are not maxed out. For example, I have the Legendary Lightweight card at Level 3, not 4. I think that’s quite a disadvantage because the Lightweight card at Level 4 gets you half a second, or even a second of margin compared to Level 3. So I have a little bit margin to improve. I don’t use any assists, I use maximum sensitivity, and I play in tilt mode. My preferred camera view is the camera over the driver’s head. Q: Do you have any advice or recommendations for those who’d like to improve their driving in F1® Mobile Racing? I think practice and consistency are key. With real F1, for example, if you think about Lewis Hamilton – he is a very consistent driver. In the game it’s similar, so you have to be very, very consistent. You have to practice a lot. Of course, if you disable all the assists you should go faster, but it’s a gradual process. You can’t disable all of them when you start the game because it would be so hard. Then I recommend learning the tracks by heart. The key point is to discover all the limits of the tracks, to find the kerbs you can go over and where the penalties are. It’s also quite important to maximise Lightweight because that gives you good drivability, good speed, good acceleration and so on. Q: When we revealed the Esports Event, did you think that you’d have a chance of winning the tournament? Were you already aiming for first place? No, I didn’t think I had a chance to win, but I started practicing more and more. I developed my car and just before the event I told myself “Well, let’s try – it’s not important where you finish but let’s try” and I gave my best. I gave it my all. When the Finals started, I was watching my name in the first three positions all the time so I was confident. But at that point, I still didn’t think I could win – and then I won, so… (laughs). As I said before, it’s important to be consistent, and that makes the difference. Q: On social media, we saw a picture of one of the Finalists meditating before the start of the Grand Final and many players told us that the competition during 2 hours had been very intense. Were you nervous before or during the Grand Final? You lost a Duel 20 minutes before the end of the event and that was the only Duel that you lost. What was your mindset like during that race? Did you think that you might not win the tournament? Yes, I was very nervous because the tension was very high. You had to be very focused all the time. Two hours is a long period and you have to be very, very focused. Your eyes become more and more tired and so at the end of the two hours, it was like, ‘phew!’ my eyes were crying (laughs). I was very nervous and when I lost a single Duel I thought “That’s it. I lost the chance to win the finals,” So the tension grew more. I didn’t give up and I continued to push, but yes – I was very nervous. Q: You said that you were a fan of F1 in real life. Do you have a favourite F1 team? My favourite F1 team is, of course, Ferrari (laughs). I’m very passionate about the brand, about Ferrari’s legacy – they have such a history. Also, my grandparents used to watch F1. My grandfather went to a Grand Prix, I think in Imola in 1987, and he took some pictures of the cars on the grid. There was Senna in pole. There were Berger and Alboreto driving for Ferrari. The passion for this team is very present in the Italian culture. Even people who don’t watch F1 know Ferrari and know their history. I usually watch all the sessions from Friday to Sunday and I usually watch the press conferences. I’m quite interested also in the engineering aspect of the F1 because they are related to what I study. Now that I’ve won the paddock pass for a Grand Prix, it’s fantastic to go to a Grand Prix weekend but I’m very curious about discovering what the life in the paddock is, what the teams do and the entire process. Q: Which drivers will you be cheering on in the 2021 season? I appreciate Sebastian Vettel because I think he is a great person, a humble person, so I will root for him. I’m very curious about what Aston Martin can do in this season, then obviously Charles and Carlos for Ferrari. I think I will also support Mick Schumacher, because of his father Michael, who I grew up watching in the TV. Q: As a reward for your victory in the Esports Tournament, you will be attending a Grand Prix Event for the 2021 Season with paddock pass. Have you decided which GP you would like to get to see? Is there a reason for choosing this specific GP? It’s been a difficult decision to pick one of the GPs. I would have liked to pick all of them! But I had to make also some considerations about the pandemic. I have looked at Singapore and thought it would have been great to go to a city – a beautiful city, not only to a beautiful track but also to a beautiful city. So, I chose Singapore because of the city. It has always provided good races because it’s a street circuit so there are often some safety cars, incidents and so on. It will be very nice to go there. The F1 team asked me to provide three choices, and my second choice was Abu Dhabi. The third choice is Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, so I could potentially go to another European country. At the moment, I couldn’t go to Singapore because the borders are closed. I hope that the situation will improve in summer. Let’s hope and keep our fingers crossed. F1® Mobile Racing is available to play now for free on iOS and Android. Take on the world in PvP Duels, win big rewards in live GP Events, and look out for more big news and events in the coming weeks! View the full article
  4. We’re nearly a quarter of the way through 2021 already. That’s weird, isn’t it? It feels like yesterday that we were all excited to unwrap rectangular-shaped gifts that were quite clearly a video game of some sort, but we feigned polite ignorance as loved ones eagerly watched on, terrified that they’ve purchased the wrong game. Still, it’s not as though the past three months have been a quiet affair at the world of Codemasters, as the incredible team here continue to bring new experiences to our games. The last fortnight has been more of the same, with new DLC reveals, a Xbox Game Pass addition and thrilling esports action. That’s why the Racing Line is here to get you up to speed! Let’s start with an off-road racer that has certainly brought the Energy recently… DIRT 5 Somebody hold me! We’re still reeling from an extremely busy and exciting end to February, as DIRT 5 rolled out its first major content update of 2021 and welcomed a new community of Xbox players. The Energy Content Pack and free Update 4.00 are now settled in nicely, with a host of new additions and optimisations. Still getting up to speed on what new goodies we air-dropped into DIRT 5 in the last update? Not a problem – all the details are here, and we have gameplay of the new cars and classic liveries on our YouTube channel, as well as a livestream showing off the new content. Neat! On top of that, it’s been fantastic to say hello to Xbox and Windows Store players jumping in to DIRT 5, which is now available on Game Pass. A quick reminder for you: the Xbox and Windows Store versions of the game are enabled cross-play enabled, meaning you can play online with fellow Game Pass players or your friends across Xbox and PC. All of this has meant we’ve seen another influx of folks getting stuck into Playgrounds. To help newer players with the mode, we’re kicking off a video series highlighting some of the best creations to check out, starting with a ‘Quick Hits’ playlist of short and sweet Playgrounds that are available on all platforms. Get it watched, people. It’s been busy, then, but there’s no rest for the wicked – we’re tinkering away on the next DIRT 5 update, bringing more cars and more ways to play. Can’t wait to reveal more! Well, we can, and we have to, but… you get what I mean. – Chris DIRT RALLY 2.0 Hey everyone, PJ here with one more round-up on the latest Rally happenings. DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series – We have our Winners Tens of thousands of competitors were whittled down to just 11, and a few weeks ago we held the Grand Finals of the DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series in a virtual event hosted from Silverstone. All of our competitors would be well-equipped for the Grand Finals, with identical hardware being shipped around the world including the latest gear from Thrustmaster, the series’ official partner. They would also be driving two significant cars in Rally and Rallycross history: Colin McRae’s 1995 SUBARU Impreza and Johan Kristoffersson’s Volkswagen Polo R Supercar. After all of our finalists showed tremendous skill and bravery in the opening five Stages, the top three were then sent off to Wales for the final showdown on the iconic Sweet Lamb route. They would run one at a time with the full onboards shown live. Meanwhile, our Rallycross competitors duked it out across six heats before a winner-takes-all battle on the Silverstone RX track. If you don’t know the results yet we’ve got spoiler-free videos here, and if you simply want a recap of who won and how they did it, that’s here. Official DiRT Club – Join us for the 2021 Season With professional competition now behind us, it’s time for us regular players to get competitive, and there’s no better place than the Official DiRT Club. Over 20,000 people have signed up and it’s a great place to see how you stack up without stressing out about being ultra-serious. In 2020 we hosted a year-long Championship Season, taking in the many different locales of the game, and we’ll do the same again for 2021, but with a few minor tweaks to the formula. There are no prizes for this – it is a Club like any other in the game – however the challenge of such a long set of rallies and the bragging rights of a strong finish are worthy rewards in and of themselves. I finished in the top 50 of the 2020 season and am looking to improve on that in 2021 (the new Championship started a few days ago), and I have word that Chris and Fernando will be competing too so keep an eye out for us on the leaderboards. In other news, we’ve been doing our bit in raising awareness of various causes, such as the NHS campaign supporting positive mental health. Our players are getting involved too, one of which you may have seen on BBC’s Click if you’re in the UK. Finally, as mentioned in the last Racing Line we’re planning a little hotfix for DiRT Rally 2.0 to amend some issues that arose from our last update. I’m hoping to share more details on that shortly. That’s all for now, see you all soon. -PJ F1® 2020 Hey all, Happy March to you all. Time keeps rolling on, and I can’t believe we’re nearly at the start of the real-life F1 season. As I type this, Ferrari has just shown off their new car, meaning all 10 teams have revealed their machines for this year. I have a soft spot for the Aston this year; that green, with those pink accents, is just beautiful. Which one is your favourite? Head to our social channels and let us know! BAFTA Games Nomination F1® 2020 has been nominated for ‘Best British Game’ at this year’s BAFTA Games Awards! We’re so honoured to be included and can’t wait for the ceremony on March 25th. You can look at all the nominations and find out all you need to know here. F1® Esports Challengers Our F1 Esports Challengers event raced past the half-way point of the 10-race championship at the end of last month. With places in the Pro Exhibition up for grabs, it’s nearly crunch time for each of the drivers racing on PS4, Xbox and PC. You can find out how it went and watch the live streams all over again in our race report here. On a personal note, I was so proud to appear in a video about the women of Codemasters for International Women’s Day. You can find out more later in this post, but even though International Women’s Day is over, the stories, careers, and advice from women in the industry will always be relevant. See you next time, – Jenny PROJECT CARS 3 Welcome to the Racing Line from the Project CARS team! We have new cars, a new track, and a new Rivals Challenge for you to sink your teeth into this week, so let’s get to it. Update 4 and Power Pack DLC A new update is available for Project CARS 3 which brings improvements, further stability improvements, and the Lake Valley Speedway: a new track, free for all players. You can read about the Lake Valley Speedway here and catch up on the update notes here. Update 4 dropped alongside more new content for Project CARS 3, courtesy of the Power Pack. Along with the usual array of customisation items for both your driver avatar and cars, the Power Pack also brings four epic Japanese cars to the game: • 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex • 2002 Nissan Silvia Spec R Aero • 2020 Nissan 370Z • 2021 Nissan Z Proto Each car comes with its own racing conversion as well. Also including a fresh set of Career events and achievements for you to tackle, the “Power Pack” is great new content, so get out there and lay down the power! If you’d like to learn more about how the Nissan Z Proto came to be in the world of Project CARS 3, check out this Xbox Wire blog post where you can get an insight into how the car was built in collaboration with Nissan. Driving Seat blog returns After a short break where we did some spring cleaning and took down the Christmas decorations, our bi-weekly community blog series ‘Driving Seat’ returns to the spotlight. See what we’ve been up to in the latest entry here and look out for more posts coming every other Thursday. Rivals Challenge Cadwell Park and the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is the combo for this week’s Rivals Challenge. A narrow circuit with steep elevation changes against American power—a big test! If you think you got what it takes to top the leaderboards, then jump right. You have until Sunday, March 14th to take part. That’s it from me this week. Come hang out with the rest of the community on our Discord server and be sure to keep an eye out for the latest Project CARS 3 news by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the Project CARS website. – Fernando F1® MOBILE RACING Competitive action is the order of the day in the world of F1® Mobile Racing right now, with live events and constant PvP races on the menu. Things are getting tense in the Official Team Event – a six-race series where players choose their official F1 team to represent, then compete against the rest of the world for prizes. The event runs until April 9, but get started soon to give yourself plenty of attempts to nail your laps and overall scores. Elsewhere, with Update 17 now live, Elite Leagues are once again open, pitting the very best players against each other in live fast-paced Duels. Rise up the ranks to reach the Elite Leagues and win big. Good luck! – Chris ANY OTHER BUSINESS? – As we head towards the gradual easing of lockdown in the UK, we’ve partnered once again with Public Health England to reiterate the importance of following guidelines where possible. On top of that, we’re offering advice on how players can seek support about their mental wellbeing during the pandemic and beyond. In DIRT 5, DiRT Rally 2.0, and GRID, players in the UK may spot ‘Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives’ and ‘Every Mind Matters’ banners on trackside materials. Whether you’re in the UK or not, you can read more about what these messages can mean for you here. – In case you missed it, March 8th was International Women’s Day. To celebrate some of the inspirational women that help bring Codemasters games to life, we made a special video where some of those women sat down to share their stories of what they do, how they got into the games industry, and why International Women’s Day is important to them. You can take a look at the video over on our YouTube channel. Feeling inspired and want to know more about Careers at Codemasters? We’d love to hear from you. We’re currently hiring for over 30 different positions, all of which you can find on our Careers website. View the full article
  5. It’s International Women’s Day 2021! Last year, to celebrate IWD we shone a spotlight on some of the fantastic women who work at Codemasters (feel to check that out here). This year, we’re going one better, with video and written interviews with women who do some amazing work across a wide variety of departments here at Codies. From game design, to HR, to licensing, to analytics and more, Codemasters is fortunate to have incredibly talented women in its ranks at many levels of seniority. Codemasters is committed to encouraging and exemplifying diversity and quality within the world of gaming, and we’re proud to continue welcoming women from all walks of life to our studios across the globe. For this year’s IWD, we spoke to many of them to find out their story, what drives them in their role, and what advice they have for any women looking to join the games industry. Below, you can check out a special video hosted by Codies Recruitment Manager Meg Daintith, featuring interviews with women across the company. .embed-container { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; height: 0; overflow: hidden; max-width: 100%; } .embed-container iframe, .embed-container object, .embed-container embed { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; } If you’ve enjoyed that, you can check out the rest of this blog right here for more interviews and quotes from other women at Codemasters, who kindly gave up their time to speak with us. View the full article
  6. We continue to put the spotlight on the women of Codemasters on International Women’s Day with Faye. Read what she’s got to say below. Hey, could you introduce yourself to us – who are you and what do you do? Hi, I’m Faye and I am the Licensing Administrator.I am responsible for logging all agreements received within the licensing team onto our internal database. I also license some sponsors, liveries and drivers that are to be used within the games, I send out in game and marketing approvals to manufacturers and brands as required. Plus I carry out lots of vehicle research and due diligence, which is great as you turn into a detective! Why do you think International Women’s Day is important? I think it’s important to celebrate the achievements of women, who throughout history have transformed our world for the better. Also it’s a great chance for everyone to come together. How did you get into the games industry, what made you decide on the games industry? To be honest, it was unexpected, but the games industry is a fantastic industry to now be in and I am thoroughly enjoying being a part of it! My family are big gamers in which they especially love their racing games, plus my cousin who works here expressed what a brilliant company Codemasters is. Therefore when I was offered the position I was extremely delighted. What’s your career highlight so far, what are you most proud of doing? Receiving signed agreements back from Licensors always makes me feel proud and I feel a sense of achievement, knowing that I have licensed their trademarks to be featured within the games. Just last week I received a signed agreement back for a livery to be included in something, one I had been chasing for eight months, my persistence paid off. Do you have any female role models? My mum is one of my biggest role models, she has taught me many things throughout life and I always look up to her. What piece of advice do you wish you’d had when you started in the industry? I didn’t have to be nervous. Everyone is super friendly and we are all one big team working towards the same goals. How do you think we can get more women in the games industry? More promotion of women on social media. It’s great to hear stories from women within the games industry, seeing what they have achieved, plus lots of positive images and videos. What advice do you have for women trying to get into the industry? Never give up, keep following your goals. I have a tendency to underestimate myself but I have learnt to find that belief and go for it, you haven’t anything to lose. Tell us something about you we don’t know After a few drinks, I am the first one to hit the dance floor and karaoke machine! Want to read more about the women who work at Codemasters? Find more interviews here! View the full article
  7. Continuing our series putting the spotlight on the women of Codemasters, it’s time to talk to Associate Producer Siwan. Hey, could you introduce yourself to us – who are you and what do you do? Siwan Owen – Associate Producer at the Cheshire studio of Codemasters. Why do you think International Women’s Day is important? There is no doubt about it, some of us live in a much farer world now however, there is still an urgent need for gender equality. This day is important because we need to remember the courageous acts of women like Emily Pankhurst who dedicated 40 years of her life to helping women gain the right to vote to the point of incarceration. “We are here, not because we are law-breakers; we are here in our efforts to become law-makers.” To the modern-day activists like Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the head after publicly campaigning for Pakistani girls’ rights to go to school. How did you get into the games industry, what made you decide on the games industry? My journey into the games industry was not your most traditional of paths. I studied Art & Design at Coventry University and ended up working as an exhibitions officer at an art gallery. I fell in love with the creative sector and event management. This role then led to working over a variety of events in the creative and digital sector of Manchester. I later hosted a few playtesting meet-ups where my network of game devs and studios grew. I was approached by an indie games studio who offered me the position of Assistant Producer and now I’m at Codemasters! My decision to take the plunge into this industry wasn’t because I’m a hardcore gamer (I do play games) but it’s simple, I love working with creative people and I’m learning every day! What’s your career highlight so far, what are you most proud of doing? I have been super lucky to have worked with a bunch of inspirational people across North Wales and the North West of England in a variety of different roles. Working for a social enterprise whose aim is to land young people in work within the creative sector, to helping an indie game studio grow their audience and their team from 5 to 27 during a pandemic. I would say that one of the things I’m most proud of is managing a group of meetups from writers’ groups, film groups to playtesting games. These were spaces I organised where like-minded people came together and shared ideas, created and networked. This then led onto hosting one of the countries largest CoderDojo’s which welcomed over 250 young people and their parents to take part in all sorts of coding competitions and playtests. We always need to be thinking about the next generation of creative content makers. Do you have any female role models? The women in my family inspire me every day. What piece of advice do you wish you’d had when you started in the industry? Focus your time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, it’s how you manage your time that matters. I’ve come from an event background where completing loads of small tasks quickly was super rewarding. Game development required more focus. I would recommend they read into timeboxing and techniques on how to focus. This is easier said than done in Production when everything is on fire. How do you think we can get more women in the games industry? I was never aware of this industry as and industry when I was choosing a career path at secondary school, I just knew I wanted to work in the creative sector ( I actually wanted to be a car designer). I sometimes envy people who have a clear and defined career path but then on the other hand I wouldn’t have had the experiences I’ve had. We need to make subjects like programming and digital art more accessible and visible to young girls and this needs to start in primary schools. What advice do you have for women trying to get into the industry? You won’t regret it. Your approach might be slightly different to other but let your work speak for itself. You will be hired because you are good at what you do. Tell us something about you we don’t know. I used to build dry stone walls with my Dad in the summers I would return from university. Want to read more about the women who work at Codemasters? Find more interviews here! View the full article
  8. We’re celebrating International Women’s Day by shining a spotlight on some of the talented women who work here at Codies. First up is French localisation specialist Maurine. Hey, could you introduce yourself to us – who are you, and what do you do? Hi, I’m Maurine, and I’m a French localisation specialist here at Codies. On a typical day, my job is to either translate game content or do some testing to ensure that everything is working correctly on a linguistic level. Why do you think International Women’s Day is important? It’s important for representation and to celebrate all the amazing women of this world who have broken down barriers. How did you get into the games industry, and what made you decide on the games industry? I never thought I would have a career in the games industry; I always saw it as a field for only a select few. I was put in touch with a games company by a recruiting agent, which led to my first contract. This foot in the door later led to me working at Codemasters. What’s your career highlight so far, what are you most proud of doing? I think anyone who works in the games industry is proud when their first full project gets released, but oddly I think I felt most proud when my friend messaged me to say that he really enjoyed playing F1 2020. What piece of advice do you wish you’d had when you started in the industry? I wish someone could have told me how to explain to my grandparents what I do as a job – still looking for help by the way… apart from that, it’s been pretty smooth sailing. How do you think we can get more women in the games industry? As representation matters, having women who work in the games industry present at careers’ fairs, for example, I think could inspire the next generation of women to join us. It’s obviously important that game studios also have an agile company culture that works to retain women. What advice do you have for women trying to get into the industry? I can only give advice to aspiring translators, but study hard and gain experience where you can first. The jobs market for the games industry is competitive (for obvious reasons) but not unreachable. Tell us something about you we don’t know Umm… I started a vegetable patch during the first lockdown, so I’m looking forward to eating my own homegrown vegetables in the summer. Want to read more about the women who work at Codemasters? Find more interviews here! View the full article
  9. We all know that gaming is an excellent form of escapism. After all, it’s a little tricky not to imagine you’re somewhere very different as you’re virtually racing at 200mph past a roaring crowd, against a fleet of other cars, right? Still, it doesn’t quite match up to an actual escape, and many of us right now are unable to pack a bag and head somewhere else for a well-deserved break, which sucks. We’re all hoping for better news on that soon – but in the meantime, consider the Codies Racing Line your free, simple, quick opportunity to switch off from everything, kick back, and go on a little journey with us. Complementary refreshments provided! A huge content update, a star-studded live event, and a high-stakes esports championship are just the start of this hefty cargo load of fortnightly Codemasters news and info. Let’s start our latest voyage with details on how our amplified off-road title got another boost of ENERGY this week… DIRT 5 So, what’s worth chatting about this week? Just the small matter of revealing and rolling out our first major update and content drop of 2021 – and that’s only the start of it! Say hello to the Energy Content Pack and free Update 3.00, available now for DIRT 5 on all platforms. We’ve given our off-road racer a boost with four new cars, 25 new Career events, a glut of new Playgrounds options, new customisation items, and so much more. We’ve got all the details on the DIRT 5 website, including how the content is split between free-for-everyone additions and exclusives for Amplified/Year One Edition players. All this goodness arrived in DIRT 5 on Monday, and ever since then we’ve been closely monitoring your feedback and seeing what our priorities should be to address, and beginning to take action on what you’ve reported. If you’re experiencing anything following this update that you’d like to report, use our dedicated to form to give us the info, and our team will take a look. The new content and update has arrived just in time for another big event, as DIRT 5 arrives on Xbox Game Pass today – yes, TODAY! We’re incredibly excited to welcome more Xbox players to the DIRT 5 community and look forward to seeing your feedback once you hit the track. Come say hi on our Discord and let me know if you have any questions. – Chris F1 2020 Strap yourself in and get yourself on the grid – here’s what’s been happening in the world of F1® 2020 recently. Patch 1.16 Patch 1.16 has been released on all platforms – you can find the patch notes and everything you need right here. As always, if you’ve got any questions, something’s not quite right, or you just want to say hello, visit us in our forums. F1® Esports Challengers The third Challengers event has kicked off this week across PS4, Xbox and PC. This is the half-way point of the 10-race championship, and with places in the Pro Exhibition up for grabs, our racers need good results more than ever. If you missed any of this week’s racing, you can catch up on this week’s PS4 and Xbox action on our YouTube channel. Plus, make sure you tune in tonight to watch the PC players head to Silverstone and Spa-Francorchamps for some fiercely competitive racing from 7pm GMT, live on Twitch. Track Guides Whether you want to find out which racing style is the one for you, learn how to drive with traction control off, or nail those manual starts, our official F1 2020 beginner’s guides are for you! One of our most popular video guides offers tips on mastering the racing line – check it out below:  See you next time, – Jenny DIRT RALLY 2.0 Hi everyone, PJ here with the usual Rally update. DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series Grand Finals The time has finally come to crown the champions of our 2020 season – and you can watch it unfold live this Saturday afternoon. All of the stream links can be found here, as well as more detailed information on the competitors, format and more. The DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series Grand Finals will see our competitors tour several locations in identical machinery. Rally competitors will be retracing the steps of Colin McRae’s 1995 season with the iconic SUBARU Impreza, and our Rallycross finalists will be driving the most dominant World RX car of all time, the Volkswagen Polo R Supercar. Commentary as always will be from the dynamic duo that is Andrew Coley and Jon Armstrong, and I’ll be grabbing the best clips from the stream to share in all the usual places, so you won’t miss out. Version 1.17 Update Last week we released what we envision to be the final update of DiRT rally 2.0, just before its second anniversary which was a few days ago. Although the changes themselves were small, the download was relatively large, clocking in at 10-14GB depending on which platform you play on. The reason for this is that whenever a track is updated (like Höljes in this case) all of that track’s files need to be republished in order for the updates to work as intended, and with most tracks sitting around the 10GB mark that accounts for the bulk of the update. Anything extra was related to the files required for the other parts of the update. While this is the final planned update for the game, we have noticed some issues arising from it that you’ve been reporting; Logitech force feedback being the main one. We are aware of this and investigating, so you may see a small hotfix in the future once everything’s sorted out. That’s it from me; see you all on Saturday and enjoy the Grand Finals. -PJ PROJECT CARS 3 Hello and welcome to the Project CARS section of the Codemasters Racing Line! Can you believe we’re almost done with the month of February? Time flies when you’re having fun. I’ve got a couple of presents for you this week, so let’s get to it… Project CARS on Giphy We’ve prepared a library of GIFs (or is it jifs?) that you can use across the entire world wide web. Simply head over to the official Project CARS account on Giphy to grab a share link or download the GIF itself. These GIFs are also available on social media platforms by simply typing “Project CARS” or “Slightly Mad Studios” in the search bar when using the GIF feature. Go wild, share them with your friends and communities, and keep an eye out for when new ones become available. Rivals Challenge How have you been getting on with this month’s selection of Rivals Challenge events? Hopefully you’ve qualified high enough to get that platinum rating. This week’s challenge sees you tackling the narrow, bumpy, and fast street circuit in Shanghai. I’ll be running the Challenge this week as well, so what are you waiting for? Jump into the game, head to Rivals and show this touring legend who’s boss! The Next Game Update New content for Project CARS 3 is just around the corner, and that means Update 4 is coming too – which will include another free circuit location for all our drivers. Alongside that, our next DLC will bring four more legendary vehicles, each with race conversion kits, to take your journey from road to track – not to mention new customisation options that will let you freshen up the look of all your cars and your driver avatar, too. That’s it from me this week. Come hang out with the rest of the community on our Discord server and be sure to keep an eye out for the latest Project CARS 3 news by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the Project CARS website. F1® MOBILE RACING Our big news in this update… is a new update! F1® Mobile Racing now includes Update 17 on both iOS and Android. Coming in this latest revamp of our official F1 handheld title is the return of Elite Leagues, hosting our most competitive PvP events, available 24/7 to race against other players across the globe. More new GP Events are also added, with one already live (more on that in a sec), and further technical changes have been made in multiple areas, including improvements to the Dynamic Ghosting System. Jump in today to see what we have to offer in this update, including that new GP Event: Dizzy Heights. This event heads to high altitude, with five circuits situated up in the clouds. Keep a clear head and hold your nerve to soar up the leaderboards and rake in the big rewards. Good luck! – Chris ANY OTHER BUSINESS? – As you may have seen last week, we shared the exciting news that we’ve now joined the Electronic Arts family! We’re committed to continuing to make the racing games you love and can’t wait to share more with you. There were plenty of EA teams on hand to wish us a warm welcome over on Twitter; see if you can find them all here. – The Codemasters team continues to expand and welcome a diverse group of talent for all kinds of different, exciting positions. We recently added a new vacancy for a Senior Product Marketing Manager to lead our mobile efforts. Check out all our vacancies here! – Throughout the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been keen to support UK government initiatives in different ways. Thanks to technology provided by our partners Bidstack in DiRT Rally 2.0 and GRID (as well as DIRT 5 in the near future), we’ve been able to add messages directly in-game. Following on from the ‘Stay Home. Save Lives’ initiative back in April last year, in GRID you’ll find new ‘Stay Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives’ banners. When jumping into DiRT Rally 2.0, you’ll see ‘Every Mind Matters’ banners, offering players support for those seeking advice about their own mental health. To find out more information about Every Mind Matters including some top tips on mental health during the pandemic, you can head to the official site here or search “Mind Plan.” View the full article
  10. Listen: whilst we do like to have a bit of fun here on the Racing Line from time to time, we won’t be stooping so low as to theme this latest edition around Valentine’s Day, which is this Sunday. Come on people – we’re better than that. On the face of it, it may seem like an easy win, but we know that not everyone feels the need to celebrate February 14th in such a luvvy-duvvy way. Besides, there are more important matters at hand, like bringing you the latest update on all the news, reveals and highlights from Codemasters titles in the past fortnight! Very exciting stuff, as always, is on the agenda today, with star-studded esports action, build-up to an upcoming World Series, and some of the very best player-created content we’ve ever seen in our games. There’s no time to lose! Everyone: put the controller down for just a moment, and kick back with another edition of the Racing Line. Oh, and whatever you do – don’t look at the first letter of these opening four paragraphs… DIRT 5 (Image by ’23RL23′) Greetings! First things first: No major news this week regarding DIRT 5’s next update, which will include new content and some key changes. We’re continuing to make good progress and for all the finer details regarding the next game update, I highly recommend the official DIRT 5 Discord server and subreddit. Here, I’m taking your questions and providing regular updates on progress. See you there, yeah? With that in mind, this week’s update is all about the best DIRT 5 content that you’ve been creating, and we’ve been highlighting across our official channels. Of course, that includes the best custom racing arenas from Playgrounds – and last week we rolled out the latest ‘Playgrounds of the Month’ video, giving props to some of the most incredible maps made in January: Every Monday we’re putting your virtual photography skills to the test, with a fresh photo mode contest. Each week we choose a winner and feature their shot on our social profiles for all to see. This week’s competition was a doozee, as we asked for your best shots of some of the biggest machines in DIRT 5 from the Pre-Runners class. Check out some of the top contenders here – then circle back to our channels next Monday to find out the theme of our next contest. Finally, we’ve continued our collaboration with the fantastic organisation CALM, who are leading a movement against suicide and providing support for those struggling with their mental health. Recruiting the talents of Racing Ahead creator Merginator, a special Playground ‘The CALM Zone’, is now available to search and play on for all platforms – a Smash Attack event with a CALM motif and using the CALM livery, which we added to DIRT 5 in December last year. Take on the Playground and show us your best time! If you, or anyone you know, is seeking support with their mental, CALM is here to listen and help. Visit their website or call their free hotline on 0800 58 58 58. – Chris F1 2020 Hello, it’s time to get cosy for this week’s F1® 2020 Racing Line! Virtual Grand Prix Last Sunday’s Virtual Grand Prix had a stellar line-up, as the drivers, sports stars and content creators took to the virtual Silverstone Circuit for charity. George Russell reached the chequered flag first and made it five wins in a row, but not before some tense battling with Alex Albon and Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. If you missed it, you missed out on some great action – but don’t worry, you can catch the highlights here: The third Virtual Grand Prix of the series takes place on 14th February, live on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. It’s the last chance for teams to compete for a share of a $100,000 charity prize pot, so get ready for more drama on Sunday. Make sure you’re watching live from 6pm GMT! F1® Esports Challengers Meanwhile, we’re looking forward to the third event of the Challengers, which gets underway from 7pm GMT, 23rd February, live on Twitch. We know that’s a little while away, so in the meantime, catch up on all the action so far with our handy playlist: Track Guides Finally, if you’re new to the world of F1® games, or in need of a quick refresh, our beginner’s guides are for you. We’ve been releasing track guides regularly so that you can get to grips with every circuit in the F1® calendar. You can find our guide of Mexico’s Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, which we revealed earlier this week, below:  See you next time, – Jenny DIRT RALLY 2.0 Hello everyone, PJ here once again with a quick rally update. DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series Grand Finals Earlier today we solidified our plans for the DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series, and announced Thrustmaster as the series’ official partner. You can watch the world’s best rally and rallycross players duke it out on February 27, and if you missed any of the action from this season, it’s all here. All of our finalists have been sent identical hardware (both PC and wheels) to use during the Grand Finals, so this is truly a level playing field to see who’s the best of them all. That’s it for now – catch you all in a few weeks when we’re ready to crown this year’s champions. -PJ PROJECT CARS 3 Hello fellow racers! How’s February treating you? Hopefully by now you’ve mastered all those corners in Project CARS 3, have a wealthy load of credits and a garage full of exotic machines. Over here at Slightly Mad Studios, it’s business as usual as we work to deliver the next DLC pack – stay tuned for that in the upcoming months. Next Gen Update This is a topic that the community has asked about frequently, so I thought I’d update everyone on where Project CARS 3 stands in relation to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. You’re be able to play Project CARS 3 as a backwards compatible title on PlayStation 5 and the new Xbox consoles. Besides the extra power that these consoles provide natively, however, there are no other enhancements made to the game itself. We will continue to support the game with additional updates and extra content as planned, but none of these updates will include a next generation update or enhancements. Rivals Mode The ever-increasing popularity of Rivals mode in Project CARS 3 continues to offer players an array of challenging new cars and track combinations. Climb to the top of the leaderboards with daily, weekly and monthly challenges that offer you in-game rewards at the end of each month, depending on your ranking. Be sure to keep an eye on our online leaderboards, where we rank the top PC drivers, and list the current week’s Rivals event. Getting Snappy Before I finish this week’s entry, I’d like to leave you with some of my favourite photo mode shots from the community shared using the hashtag #ProjectCARS3 on social media. I simply love collecting these, so please, keep on snapping and sharing! That’s it from me this week. Come hang out with the rest of the community in our Discord server, and be sure to keep an eye out for the latest Project CARS 3 news by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the Project CARS website. – Fernando F1® MOBILE RACING There has been a big focus on community in F1® Mobile Racing this past fortnight, with in-game competitions and activities on our channels all centred around spotlighting the best drivers and creators! Let me show you what I mean… Let’s start in the game, which is of course available to download now for free on iOS and Android. We’ve just wrapped up the Community Challenge GP Event – a five-round series at a quintet of locations chosen by our players. When the dust settled, it was ‘BRASSMONKEY’ who finished top of our leaderboard, so congrats to them! Meanwhile, we’ve been asking for shots of your best custom liveries for your F1 car in the game, and you didn’t disappoint. Thanks for all your submissions – check out some of the best designs here. – Chris ANY OTHER BUSINESS? – Keep an eye out for ongoing or upcoming sales on Codemasters games across multiple platforms, with some sweet deals to be found! Right now on Steam, Xbox and our own website store, you can pick up F1 2020 at 60% off, DIRT 5 for 50% off, or GRID at 75% off, with the Steam and website sale also offering DiRT Rally 2.0 at a 75% discount. We’ll drop some handy links below! F1 2020 on Steam DIRT 5 on Steam GRID on Steam DiRT Rally 2.0 on Steam F1 2020 on Xbox DIRT 5 on Xbox GRID on Xbox F1 2020, DIRT 5 and GRID on Codemasters Store View the full article
  11. Hey everyone, As always, thank you for joining us for the latest fortnightly round-up of all the big news, reveals and info on Codemasters titles. We probably go on about it too much, but we can’t stress enough how much we appreciate all of our players for joining us on the road during this time. In a period of separation and isolation, we hope that your experience playing Codies games has helped you connect with others, or simply just put a smile on your face. That’s what it’s all about! Whilst you do the gaming, we’ll do the other stuff – you know: the coding, the producing, the developing, the hype-train conducting. This time around we have some special feature videos, community highlights, and some major announcements. You ready? Of course you are… DIRT 5 Let’s get straight to it, team – we know you’re as excited as we are about DIRT 5’s next update and new content, and we have plenty in the works to show you as soon as possible. No official info just yet on this; we’re tidying things up and making sure everything is ready to go before spreading the word. Whilst the team have been working away on that next update, we’ve been putting together plenty of content to help, guide and entertain you lovely lot between your Career playthroughs and Playgrounds sessions. Speaking of which, our custom arena creator mode has been alive with your designs and fast times since launch, but we also understand that such a vast mode can be difficult for some players to get stuck into. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a video guide to help those players with Phil Maggs: Development QA Technician on DIRT 5 and a total whizz at designing a Playground. Over 24 minutes of footage is now live for you to check out, with some handy tips for getting started and a few of the best creations so far to take inspiration from: Ice Breaker events are another aspect of DIRT 5 that offers a little extra challenge than others, so if you’re looking for tips on mastering the ice, check out the video guide and article from RacingGamesGG and ConnerSpeed6. Elsewhere, we’ve been continuing to post some Time Trial gameplay in glorious 4K and cockpit cam – something that looks even better if you get the chance to run it with triple monitor support. Just ask Linus Tech Tips. Oh, and before I hand over – gongs! We’re delighted that DIRT 5 has been nominated for Racing Game of the Year in the 24th DICE Awards. Congratulations to the entire team, thank you to the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, and thank you for your incredible support so far! – Chris F1 2020 Hello there! Welcome to this week’s Racing Line. It’s not even the end of January, but we have SO MUCH to update you on! Podium Pass Series Four Series Four of our has started off in style, with a whopping 30 new levels of free and VIP items for you to unlock, as well as plenty more challenges for you to try out. We’ve packed a huge amount of interesting items into this series, and you can check some of them out in the trailer below:  Gloves, helmets, suits, liveries podium emotes and more are waiting for you this season – and you can take a closer look in our blog post. Driver Ratings Update The final chequered flag fell on the 2020 F1® season in Abu Dhabi, and we updated our end-of-season driver ratings to reflect the real-life action. How have they changed? Lando Norris has seen the biggest overall rating increase, with a steady hand guiding his McLaren to two top-five finishes in the last four races. After keeping his nose clean (and nose cone on), Lando’s Awareness rating jumps by five, with his Pace and Overall Rating going up by two. Esteban Ocon and George Russell saw ratings increases as well. The last two races of the season weren’t the best for Charles Leclerc, though, and his turn four tangle with Max Verstappen at the Sakhir Grand Prix earned the Ferrari driver a three-place grid drop, which contributed to his Awareness dropping. Read more about the final ratings here. F1® Esports Challengers New year, new esports action! The second event of the F1® Esports Challengers on each platform has been getting underway this week, and we’ve been treated to some incredible action already. This week, head here to watch the PS4 races, and head here to tune into the Xbox races. Make sure you join us tonight from 7pm GMT at twitch.tv/formula1, where the PC competitors will be taking on Zandvoort and Spielberg in the race for a place in the F1® Esports Pro Exhibition! We’ll leave you with this incredible overtake from Niklas Clasani in Tuesday night’s Challengers event… See you next time! – Jenny DIRT RALLY 2.0 Hello everyone, It’s a quiet week in the land of Rally, so here are a few things from around the world you might fancy taking a look at: While presenting the Monte Carlo Rally coverage last week, the crew at DirtFish took a tour around BGM Sport, who house a large collection of vintage rally cars. Codemasters and BGM Sport go a long way back, with many of these very cars being recorded for use in our games. If you want to learn a little more about the cars you drive every day in-game, give it a watch. Another essential piece of viewing for rally fans is SUBARU’s excellent series ‘Launch Control’, which is now in its eighth season. The documentary series focuses on the factory SUBARU team from Vermont SportsCar, who in addition to many fine rally cars have built the SUBARU rallycross cars you see in DiRT Rally 2.0 and DIRT 5. They’re a few episodes in, but here’s the first. Finally, some gameplay. Here’s a World Record run of Argentina in the Ford Fiesta R5 MKII, driven by one of our World Series finalists. There are certain locations in the game (mainly Scotland) where I feel I am pretty quick, but that doesn’t come close to what Jarod is doing here. Enjoy. See you all soon, – PJ PROJECT CARS 3 Hello racers – welcome to another Racing Line blog. If you’re still recovering from the festive period, you’re not alone – and that may help explain why we’re lighter than usual on news this week – or at least, that’s my excuse since the team are all hard at work on the DLC pack coming soon! But let’s start this week by changing perspective. A Different Perspective Take a look at this special Project CARS 3 trailer that was created by Bandai Namco for our fans in Japan. It’s a different take on what racing games can mean to different people – exploring the journey of driving and reminding us that, sometimes, a relaxing tour in a classic car can be just as exhilarating as pushing modern machinery to its limits on a racetrack. Show Us What You Got! There are so many creative fans in the Project CARS community, and a lot of you have been sharing incredible shots taken using the game’s Photo Mode. Here are some of my personal favourites to inspire you. Every week we share the best shots on our social media pages. Sending your images is as easy as using our #ProjectCARS3 hashtag, or posting them directly on our official Discord page. Come join in the fun! Image by @Frtluan92 Image by @NasserHomsi The awesome HKS Skyline shot above is also taken by our community, from Chris25551. And that’s it from me this week. Come hang out with the rest of the community in our Discord server, and be sure to keep an eye out for the latest Project CARS 3 news by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and our website for regular updates. – Fernando F1® MOBILE RACING With the real-world F1 calendar in the middle of the off-season, the F1® Mobile Racing team are continuing to offer you thrilling live action to keep you going until race one of 2021. Jump in now on iOS and Android and check out the new ‘Asia Tour’ GP Event – Japan, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Bahrain, China and Vietnam make up the marathon six-circuit event, where you’ll compete against scores set by players across the globe. Nail those qualifying laps and reach the finish line first to climb the leaderboard and earn some huge in-game prizes. The Asia Tour follows our Michael Schumacher celebration event, won by ZERO43 with some incredible times and scores. Regular live GP Events will be available all year round in F1® Mobile Racing, alongside our ever-competitive Duel leagues and more special events – plenty to keep you going through the winter break! – Chris ANY OTHER BUSINESS? For those of you who don’t know, Racing Ahead is Codemasters’ content creator program featuring a diverse roster of global content creators. We work alongside some of the best racing creators out there to give them the opportunity to share our latest releases to you, their fans, as soon as they’re available. What we love about Racing Ahead is the variety in the videos these creators make. Over the last few weeks Deoxide shared an incredible DIRT 5 edit that made everyone here burst into laughter but also, ConnerSpeed6 shared his valuable tips on creating the best Playgrounds arenas in a recent tutorial. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks as more Racing Ahead coverage goes live, we’ll be sharing more of our favourites in future Racing Line entries. View the full article
  12. Are we still allowed to say ‘Happy New Year’ in the middle of January? Well, it’s the first Racing Line of the 2K21 and you can’t stop us, so: Happy New Year! We hope your festive period was filled with rest, recuperation and, above all, racing. If you found your first Codemasters game under the tree, or generated it from the funds of the generic gift card your distant relatives send over every year, congrats – welcome to the club. Whether you’re new around here or a Codies veteran, we’ve made sure that your first fortnightly update of all the big Codemasters news and content in 2021 has something for you. Live events, new content drops, community highlights and much more are just a scroll or two away, as we begin another trip around the sun at full speed. Hold on tight, team… DIRT 5 Welcome! Yes, I know: January often isn’t the most delightful month of the year, as we desperately try to rediscover a sleeping pattern and regret all that food we ate. If you, like myself, aren’t quite ready to let go of the festive cheer just yet, head into DIRT 5, where our free slate of Snow Limits content remains available to all players. 2020 was big for DIRT 5, but we’re dead-set on making sure 2021 is the one. To make that a reality, we’re already giving you details on what sort of content you can expect to see added to the game as the year goes on. Check it out: Alongside these additions will be constant tweaks and changes that are driven by the feedback of all DIRT 5 players; not just fixes, but extra features and options that you have asked for, and we’ve set aside time to add. Want to be a part of that process? The best way to get in touch with us is always through the game’s official Discord server. I’m online each weekday to take your questions, check out your requests, and have a general chit-chat with the community. Want some more details? Not a problem – in late-December, I sat down with Development Director Robert Karp to go over DIRT 5’s journey so far, and preview what’s to come. Fortunately, we recorded the whole thing and dropped it on YouTube:  Whilst the team work hard on polishing up the first content drop, we’re continuing to send DIRT 5 goodness your way – Playgrounds of the Week (and Month!), photo mode contests, 4K cockpit cam gameplay, and much more. Keep racing, creating and sharing, and get ready for a fun ol’ year. – Chris F1 2020 Hi, happy new year, and welcome to the first Racing Line of 2021! If you celebrated, we hope you had a great holiday – it’s back to work for us, and we have plenty of things for you! F1® Esports Pro Series Wow, we were treated to a GREAT finale! Spoiler alert from here on in though! Jarno Opmeer was crowned 2020 F1® Esports Pro Series champion, after coming home seventh in the season-closing race in Brazil. The Alfa Romeo Racing OLREN F1® Esports racer held a 16-point advantage over nearest rival Frederik Rasmussen, but after he failed to score, Opmeer’s mid-pack finish was more than enough to seal the deal. Whilst missing out for on the title for the second year in a row, Rasmussen’s success helped Red Bull Racing Esports team retain their teams’ title for another season. The finale was tense, nail-biting, and a lot of fun – and you can watch the last race of the season here: F1® Esports Challengers The 2020 season may have finished, virtual podiums celebrated, and champion crowned, but there’s plenty of esports action to come! Just before Christmas, the F1 Esports Challengers started in earnest. What is the Challengers, I hear you ask! The Challengers is the gateway to the F1 Esports big leagues and the possibility of being signed by one of the official F1® Esports teams! 16 players qualified on each platform by taking part in the ‘F1® Esports’ specific events we held in F1® 2020 in October and November (we’ve written a lot about them in the Racing Line!) Each platform has its own 10-race Challengers championship, racing in equal-performance cars, and the top six will earn a place in the next stage. That means 18 very talented virtual F1® 2020 drivers will be heading forward from the Challengers. Event One got underway through the week of 21st December; find out what happened here, as well as catch up on all the livestreams! Beginner’s Guides New to F1® games? Found F1® 2020 under your Christmas tree and need a bit of help? Or maybe this isn’t your first rodeo and you’d like a quick refresher? We’ve got just the thing for you – our beginner’s guides. We released this guide on the racing line just before the festive break:  You can check out our YouTube playlist of guides right here. We’re adding to this all the time, so we recommend you bookmark it! See you next time! – Jenny DIRT RALLY 2.0 Hi everyone, PJ here with a quick Rally update: DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series – Grand Finals This weekend we were set to host the finale of the DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series, live from Autosport International in the UK. For obvious reasons, that’s not going ahead – however, we have solidified our plans for the Grand Finals to still take place. Instead, join us on February 27 from wherever you are in the world, as we host a virtual final and see the best rally and rallycross players in the world compete for glory. Our team and partners are spending the next few weeks ensuring all of the participants are adequately set up with the right hardware, guaranteeing an even playing field. For more information on the World Series and its competitors, head here. In the meantime, the prize car for the Qualifiers (the Ford Fiesta R5 MKII) has been unlocked and can be driven in-game by all players. Keep an eye out for it in the Garage section of the game as it can be purchased with in-game currency, just like any other car. That’s all for now, good luck out there on the road. -PJ PROJECT CARS 3 Hello racers and welcome to the first Racing Line entry of 2021 from the Slightly Mad team! I hope you had plenty of down-time and stuffed your face with delicious food. As for us, it’s business as usual in the world of Project CARS, with plenty of exciting things coming your way. Future Content Many of you in the community have been asking about the future of Project CARS 3. I can confirm that we’ll continue to support the game with regular updates along with two more DLC packs with brand new cars, customisation items and free tracks. More details on this will be share when the time is appropriate. Catching Up Since the release of Project CARS 3 last August, the team has been busy rolling out content for you to enjoy outside the game. Take a look at the blog section of our website to read about historic racetracks and legendary cars, and learn about various other aspects of the game. We’ve also got something new for you—playlists containing tips on how to master the craft of car control, how to achieve a clean lap in Rivals Mode, and setup advice. Get stuck in! And that’s it from me this week. If you want to ask me anything, look for me on our Discord server, and be sure to keep an eye out for the latest Project CARS 3 news by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and our website for regular updates. F1® MOBILE RACING Pop open that bubbly and let the confetti rain down – we have our first ever F1® Mobile Racing Esports champion! Congratulations to ‘PAGLIA’, Matteo Pagliani, who outlasted over 60,000 other players and 3,500 Grand Finalists to take home the crown. Get this: Participants from over 170 countries took part in the event, with well over 100 million minutes of racing action and 10 million Duels! The competitive action of our free-to-play official F1 game on iOS and Android went up another notch in this special event, so thank you to players old and new for taking part. Of course, the action doesn’t stop in F1® Mobile Racing, and there’s plenty to get stuck into right now if the Esports event left you wanting even more. Now open is the Community Challenge GP Event – a five-round competition using tracks selected by our players. Set your best times on a quintet of iconic circuits, see where you rank against the rest of the world and earn yourself some big in-game rewards. Good luck! ANY OTHER BUSINESS? Thank you to everyone who took part in our Humble Bundle event over the festive period, running from December 22 to January 5. Through purchases of our games, almost £65,000 has been raised for Access Sport – a fantastic charity focused on empowering young people from disadvantaged backgrounds through the power of sport. Again, thank you for playing your part. View the full article
  13. Time to answer one of life’s true burning questions. As we sled into December, I’m sure it’s on your mind as well, to put this query to bed, once and for all. Is this, truly, the most wonderful time of the year? The festive period is great and all, but it’s up against some stiff competition. New Year is normally pretty cool. So are birthdays, all other public holidays, and the entire summer is a strong contender. This year, though, this statement is probably dead on. With the next generation of consoles in our hands, a slew of new games to play through (particularly Codies games, right?) and the cold weather giving us an excuse to stay tucked up indoors, it does seem rather wonderful. We’re sure Andy Williams was all too aware of these points when releasing this banger in 1963. Anyway, a wonderful time like this in the gaming world needs a round-up, specifically on live Codemasters titles, which are dashing through the snow as we speak. Kick back, reach for those mince pies, and find out how our racing games are making this December extra-special… F1® 2020 Hello! Welcome to this week’s Racing Line! The year’s coming to an end, but F1® 2020 news isn’t slowing down – let’s get straight into it… Before we go any further, we’d like to wish Romain Grosjean the best after his crash in the Bahrain Grand Prix. It was great to see him back in the paddock at the Sakhir Grand Prix, and we know that you’ll join us in wishing him a speedy recovery. Talking about the Sakhir Grand Prix, it was a good one, wasn’t it? We made some special screenshots after George Russell stepped in for Lewis Hamilton after he tested positive for coronavirus. We hope Lewis gets well soon, but you can see the screenshots we posted here: F2 2020 You’ve been waiting for it for a while, and now it’s here. Yesterday, we released the F2 2020 cars in a free update to F1® 2020. If you haven’t taken the 2019 F2 cars out in F1® 2020, now’s the perfect time to try out the original F2 2020 calendar. They’re a little bit different from an F1® car, with less downforce and no power steering, so you’ll need to brake a lot earlier and be more cautious into the corners if you’re taking out F2 cars for the first time. You can read more about the F2 2020 update here, and check out the patch notes right here. Feel free to send us your F2 2020 screenshots – we’d love to see you taking them out in F1® 2020! Free Trial Not tried out F1® 2020 yet? If you’re new to F1® games, or if you haven’t managed to check it out, you can now give it a spin with the free trial on Xbox One and PlayStation®4! Find out more about our free trial in our guide below: Beginner’s Guides New to F1® games? Or maybe you’re a veteran who wants a quick refresher on how things work? Our guides are just the thing. Our latest guide is on (funnily enough) the racing line:  You can check out our YouTube playlist right here of guides. We’re adding to it all the time, so make sure you bookmark it to come back to. See you next time! – Jenny DIRT 5 Let’s go up another gear, shall we? Ever since launch we’ve been busy listening to your feedback, reading your reports and seeing how we can make your DIRT 5 experience even more enjoyable. Update 2.00, the first major update for the game, is on the way, turning plenty of that feedback into actions. Whilst the finishing touches are made, we wanted to keep you in the loop on what you can expect to be new and different in DIRT 5 when this arrives. Make sure to check out our recent deep dive on Update 2.00, with news on changes in key areas mentioned by players, a couple of important fixes, and the addition of wheel support. Plenty more info on the latter is in that blog post, and we’ll continue to listen to your feedback on this new addition as it rolls out in the next few days. We’re full speed ahead with plenty of regular community activities in the meantime, particularly Playground of the Week – our weekly chance to crown one of your creations as the very best of the bunch in our brand new mode. In case you’re new around here: Playgrounds is DIRT 5’s custom race map creator, giving you a completely blank slate and huge array of objects to design the event of your dreams, including checkpoint-based races or Gymkhana runs. Create whatever you can imagine, show it off to the world, and see if you get featured! – Chris DIRT RALLY 2.0 Hey everyone, PJ here with a quick catchup on the DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series. DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series – Round 3 Finals Round 3 of the DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series ended last week with another set of broadcasts, hosted by our resident rally driver Jon Armstrong and World Rallycross Championship commentator Andrew Coley. As expected, it was another fine display of performance from our drivers across Xbox, PlayStation and Steam, but not without its drama, especially in the Rallycross events. If you missed any of the action, you can catch it all here. You won’t have to wait long for more top-level play, as our best-performing players from all three rounds are now preparing for the Semi-Finals. They’ll be live on December 19 and you can watch them in all the usual places. That’s all for now, catch you again soon. – PJ PROJECT CARS 3 Hello and welcome to another entry in the Racing Line blog! Take your positions on the grid, as we’re about to go for another round-up of all that’s been happening in the world of Project CARS 3 and the Slightly Mad Studios team. Update #3 First sector of the lap is Update 3 for Project CARS 3. Along with various improvements, and the implementation of Logitech’s new TrueForce racing wheels technology for the PS4 and PC platforms, this update also brings a new circuit into the game. Check out more details here. See December in with Style (Pack) The Style Pack DLC that will release on December 15th will include three brand new and highly-anticipated road cars; the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37, and the Hennessey Venom F5. Also included in the pack is the usual array of new customisation items for both your cars and drivers. From December 15th, all Season Pass holders will be able to download this pack for free, and it’s also available to purchase from your platform’s digital store. But wait, that’s not all! As part of the update and DLC, a new circuit is also included and is free for all Project CARS 3 players: this is the Bahrain International Circuit, the first circuit to be awarded the FIA Institute Centre of Excellence award. It comes with four layouts as well: GP, Inner, Outer, and Paddock. Best One-Spec Racing Series We continue our car feature blog series, this time highlighting two great one-spec racing machines from the 1990s. Find out what makes the Ferrari F355 Challenge and the Lamborghini Diablo GT-R so special in: Best One-Spec Racing Series. Guides Over the last few months, we’ve been releasing a series of video guides for Project CARS 3, giving you helpful tips on how to improve your racecraft and driving skills. The most recent techniques we tackled are trail braking and how to all wheel drive; both essential techniques to shave precious seconds of your lap time. Just in case you missed out any of our previous guides, here’s a handy YouTube playlist for you. That’s it from me this week. Come hang out with the rest of the community in our Discord server, and be sure to keep an eye out for the latest Project CARS 3 news by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and our website for regular updates. – Fernando F1® MOBILE RACING A dramatic fortnight of racing almost brings us to the end of the real-world F1 season – but the action never stops in F1® Mobile Racing! Particularly right now, with the Esports Leagues in full swing, we’re seeing some intense competition in our free-to-play handheld game, out now on iOS and Android. Congratulations to user ‘HIGHSPEEDLOWDRAG’ for topping the leaderboards this month with a whopping 3271 Duels! That takes them one step further along the Esports challenge, with some mega prizes on offer to the overall winner. Finally, thanks for your patience today as we roll out Update 16 for F1® Mobile Racing. The team are aware that some players are currently having trouble accessing the game since the update – if that’s the case for you, head here for troubleshooting and workaround steps, whilst a full solution is worked on. Thank you! – Chris ANY OTHER BUSINESS? – Extra, extra! Okay, it’s not quite a newspaper, but this is still pretty cool. Thank you to Official PlayStation Magazine (OPM) for choosing DIRT 5 to be one of its special edition covers for January 2021! You can nail down your copy already here. – As you may’ve guessed, the Codemasters team will be temporarily dropping down a gear or two for the festive break, but not for long. With that in mind, the Racing Line will return in January, full of food, bubbly, and resolutions that will absolutely be broken by February. See ya! View the full article
  14. What are you thankful for? At this turkey-twizzling time of year, that’s a question we’ve been pondering over at Codemasters Towers. We’re thankful for hairpins and handbrakes. We’re thankful for roaring engines and rickety roll-cages. We’re very thankful for the mean full English breakfast that the canteen team can rustle up at Codies HQ. Most of all, though, we’re thankful to you, our incredible community, for getting behind the wheel of our creations and sharing the experience with others. In return, we bring you this – another Racing Line fuller than your post-Thanksgiving belly with big news and updates. So, stick that pumpkin pie to one side, stop filling up that basket with Black Friday deals, and give this a good read… DIRT 5 You get a launch day! You get a launch day! In the world of DIRT 5 we’ve been almost having more launch days than extra servings from the Thanksgiving table – but, it is now complete. DIRT 5 is out now for PC via Steam, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, including free next-gen upgrade options for current-gen players! Phew. Ticking off those next-gen boxes for launch has also meant more glowing DIRT 5 reviews, including an 8.5/10 from GameInformer and a whopping 9.5/10 from GodisaGeek, waxing lyrical on the game’s visual quality, audio, and haptic feedback integration on PS5. If you haven’t already, c’mon: come see what all the fuss is about. Following a couple of small post-launch patches, we are also gearing up for the first major post-launch DIRT 5 update! Full details are receiving some final tweaks but this is, without a doubt, our biggest update so far, including the addition of wheel support to DIRT 5 on all platforms. There are also a bunch of changes based on your feedback, including to Online matchmaking and to the handling of Sprint cars. Finally, as we may’ve let slip on Twitter, you can expect some fresh content to sail down your chimney too! All will be revealed very soon. We’ll keep you updated on our channels, of course, though Discord is always the best way to stay in the know when it comes to DIRT 5. You can ask yours truly a question, check out the latest news, suggest some new content, and chat with fellow DIRT 5 players. Here’s your ticket. – Chris F1® 2020 Hey – welcome to this week’s edition of the Racing Line – there’s plenty to talk about in the world of F1® 2020 this week! Free Trial If you’re reading this and you haven’t played F1® 2020 yet (where have you been?), we’ve got just the thing for you. This week, we launched a free trial of F1® 2020 on PS4 and Xbox One, which you can check it out here. You’ll be able to create your own F1® team – designing your car, customising your character, choosing your team name, primary sponsor, and Power Unit before picking a Formula 2 team-mate. Once you’re done, you’ll be heading to Albert Park for the first race of the season. That’s not all – we’ve enlisted the help of TommyT999 (and MaximeMXM for those of you in the Netherlands – check this out here) to tell you more about what’s in the trial. F1® Esports 2020 Pro Series We raced on some legendary virtual tracks in last week’s Pro Series event. Seriously. Silverstone, Spa and Monza – what a bunch! And the action was just as legendary, with Silverstone providing Renault Vitality’s Nicolas Longuet with his debut esports win, Dani Bereznay spoiling a Red Bull Racing Esports 1 – 2 at Spa-Francorchamps and David Tonizza back on top with a win on his virtual home turf in Monza. Phew! If that’s got you interested, you can watch the highlights from those three races here. Next time out, it’s the Grand Final, and there’s a lot at stake, including a $750,000 prize pot. You don’t want to miss it, so make sure you’re watching on the 16th and 17th December over on all the usual places, like Twitch and YouTube! F1® Esports 2021 Challengers Watching the F1® Esports pros and wishing you were competing with them? Now’s your chance, but time is running out! The F1® Esports event finishes at the end of this month (that’s in a few days), and this is your last chance to qualify. Interested? Head to the ‘F1 Esports’ tab in F1® 2020 to play it now, or you can find out more about the event here. See you next time! – Jenny DIRT RALLY 2.0 Hey everyone, PJ here with some quick news on DiRT Rally 2.0. DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series – Qualifiers Complete Earlier this week we finished the third month of World Series qualifiers; many thanks to all of you for competing. Once the results are confirmed and players contacted, we progress to the playoff stages, with a series of live broadcasts taking place over the coming months. If you want a taste of that action right now, here are the highlights from our most recent playoff, and I’ll be back in the next Racing Line with details on the next one. If you missed out on the Ford Fiesta R5 MKII, we plan to unlock this for all players once the World Series ends in early 2021. In the meantime, give it a go in Time Trial – it’s rather quick. McRae’s Title: The Story of 1995 Last week we celebrated the 25th anniversary of Colin McRae’s victory in the World Rally Championship, a title which ultimately led to the development of the original Colin McRae Rally. The ’95 season was a topsy-turvy one with retirements, disqualifications, team orders, sudden punctures and many more things at play, and if you’ve not experienced it before it’s well worth looking back on. Catch our video and summary here, or read up on DirtFish’s excellent series of articles, detailing the season as it happened. That’s all from me this week; and if you’ll excuse me I’m off to try and beat this rapid onboard’s Stage time. – PJ PROJECT CARS 3 Racers, start your engines! It’s time for another round-up of all things Project CARS 3. From community highlights to revisiting forgotten racing circuits, plus the latest Rivals Challenge, let’s take the best racing line into this week’s update. Virtual Photography Games photography is a unique aspect of our community, and we were lucky enough to get the inside scoop with one of the community’s most famed virtual photographers, Craig “Torque” Whitaker. He gave us a peek into the creative process of virtual photography and shared some tips for beginners. You can read about his work and some tips and advice in the Driving Seat blog post. If that inspired you to begin snapping some Project CARS 3 photos of your own, please don’t be shy and share them with us on social media. We’ll be highlighting the best shots for our community. Legendary Circuits In Project CARS 3, you can drive many historic racing cars from the world of motorsport. But you can also drive those legends on long-forgotten racetracks, such as the old Monza and Rouen-les-Essarts, depicted in their prime form for your driving pleasure. Catch up on our latest feature to learn more about these legendary race circuits: Lost Legends come to Life in Project CARS 3. Rivals Challenge Have you been keeping up with this month’s Rivals Mode challenges? The latest weekly Rivals Mode event sees you race the mythical McLaren F1 with its beastly-sounding 6.1L V12. Be sure to watch our guide video and find that extra tenth of a second that you need to beat your rival. You can also keep track of all weekly events, and check who is topping the leaderboards, on our dedicated Rivals Challenge page. And that’s it from me this week. Come hang out with the rest of the community in our Discord server, and be sure to keep an eye out for the latest Project CARS 3 news by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and our website for regular updates.” – Fernando F1® MOBILE RACING Over in our free-to-play official handheld F1 title, we’re paying tribute to a true legend of the sport, with the Michael Schumacher Event! With the Event Pass, you automatically receive a special Schumacher livery and each GP Event offers a chance to win a different Schumacher themed livery or helmet, recently added to the game. More info on the Schumacher liveries and helmets are over in our FAQ page. With Esports still rolling on and our live GP Events as hotly contested as ever, it’s a perfect time to jump in and compete on iOS or Android. We’re also getting in on the Black Friday spirit, too – keep an eye on the in-game Shop over Friday and the weekend for some unmissable deals. – Chris ANY OTHER BUSINESS? You know what time it is. Thanksgiving and Black Friday means some seriously tasty deals, and over on Steam, we’re bringing you just that with a slew of critically-acclaimed titles. From F1 2020, GRID, DiRT Rally 2.0, F1 Race Stars (!!) and more, head here to see a host of Codies titles on sale for PC at up to 75% off! View the full article
  15. “It’s the most wonderful time… of the year…” No, we haven’t gone early on the festive vibes, and no, we haven’t found a time machine and travelled a thoroughly unimpressive amount of time. For all of us gamers, now probably feels like Christmas has come early, with new consoles, new games, new reasons to take shelter from the cold and lose yourself in a game or two. The best bit? Codemasters is full speed ahead through this exciting time, with fresh Esports action, major updates, and the small matter of a brand new game launching with next-gen hardware. We told you it was exciting! Let’s get started with a chance to finally redeem that invitation to LET LOOSE… DIRT 5 We made it, people. Our long journey to launch has reached its destination, screaming over the finish line in style. It feels good to say this: DIRT 5 is out now! Available right now on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 (selected territories, out globally by November 19), PS4, Xbox One and PC, we are incredibly proud to be sharing DIRT 5 with you. The celebrations kicked off last week with the official launch trailer (below), and carried on with a special look at the game running on PS5, followed by this week’s Xbox Launch Celebration show, featuring yours truly.  With launch well underway, we’re already putting the spotlight on your in-game creations. We can’t help but share some of the best DIRT 5 photo mode shots on our social channels, but each Monday, we’re taking it one step further. One chosen photo mode shot will be chosen each Monday as the new banner for the DIRT social channels! Follow us and look out for posts each Monday to find out how to enter. On Friday, meanwhile, it’s all about Playgrounds. In the game, the Featured area of Playgrounds is refreshed with a new slate of hand-picked custom arenas, that we think deserve your attention. From those Featured Playgrounds, every Friday we will choose one to be our ‘Playground of the Week’! The brilliant ‘X Games 2020’ by Merginator was our first POTW, and tomorrow we’ll reveal the second. There’s still time to show us your Playground and stake your claim – upload footage of your creation using #POTW! Whilst we’re bringing you all that fun and games, the hard work is well underway behind the scenes on the usual patches and updates to further improve your experience. The DIRT 5 Discord is the best place to be to track all of this – here, you can speak directly with the DIRT 5 team, check out a dedicated channel for patch notes and other game updates, and use our feedback form to give us your thoughts on the game. The journey to this point may’ve been long, but we’re just getting started… – Chris F1® 2020 Hey all, and welcome to this week’s Racing Line. Here’s what’s going on in the world of F1® 2020! F1® Esports Pro Series Event Two of the F1® Esports Pro Series got underway last week with races four (Circuit Zandvoort), five (Circuit Gilles Villeneuve) and six (Red Bull Ring). If you didn’t watch it, you missed some fantastic racing action, including “the greatest example of teamwork ever seen in the F1® Esports Pro Series” (and that’s not us saying that either, that’s direct from F1 Esports commentator Matt Gallagher). We won’t spoil it for you, but you can watch a clip of the action below, and if that whets your appetite, you can watch the whole race here. We’re halfway through this year’s Pro Series, and there’s so much action still to come. Next week sees races seven (Silverstone), eight (Circuit Spa-Francorchamps) and nine (Autodromo Nazionale di Monza), and these are not ones you’ll want to miss! Head to f1esports.com for more information. F1® Esports 2021 Challenger Series You could be racing amongst the F1® Esports Pros next year! It all starts with the F1® Esports qualifying event that’s open right now – you can find it by heading to the ‘F1 Esports’ tab in F1® 2020. Find out more about the event here; the short version is that the eight players with the highest score will qualify for the 2021 Challenger Series. What’s the Challenger Series? Well, that’s your road to the next stage and the possibility of being signed by one of the official F1® Esports teams. You can find out more about the Challenger Series here. Podium Pass Podium Pass Series Two finished earlier this week, and it’s not long now until Series Three starts… we can’t wait to show you what new customisation items we have in store for you. We’ll be showing off what we’ve got lined up for you very soon, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled! See you next time, – Jenny DIRT RALLY 2.0 Hey everyone, PJ here again. DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series – Round 3 Underway We’re into the final set of DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series Qualifiers, with only a few weeks of competition left before we whittle down the tens of thousands of players to a handful. This week it’s R5 cars at Australia and RX2 cars in Sweden, and as always we have demonstration runs up on YouTube. This is also a perfect opportunity to try out the Ford Fiesta R5 MKII, and when you finish the Qualifier you’ll get the car yourself on Tuesday. The top players from these Qualifiers will be invited to a playoff broadcast in early December. We recently capped off the Round 2 broadcast, and you can catch all of that on YouTube too. That’s all for now, good luck out there on the road. – PJ PROJECT CARS 3 It’s been quite a busy week for us at Slightly Mad Studios with the release of the first add-on pack, the “Legends Pack”, along with a fresh update to Project CARS 3. Let’s take a drive and see what’s new, as well as what you can look forward to in the near future. Legends Pack This is the first in a series of downloadable content for Project CARS 3 and features three legends from Japan’s awesome car culture: the Acura NSX, Mazda RX-7 R2, and Toyota Supra MkIV Turbo, plus their respective racing conversions. Feast your eyes on the launch trailer to see them in action! Along with new cars, dozens of customisation options, and achievements for you to unlock, there’s also a new race circuit for you to master, the Yas Marina Circuit, available for free to all Project CARS 3 drivers. A new update is also available for all platforms, bridging support for the DLC pack and various other improvements. To find out what exactly, check out the update notes. Rivals Challenge Undoubtedly one of the most popular features in Project CARS 3 is our Rivals Challenge, that has the whole community challenging one another to post the fastest possible time around a specific circuit with a pre-selected car. To stay up to date on upcoming Rivals Mode challenges, and who has the fastest time, be sure to keep an eye on our dedicated Rivals Mode page. Plus, don’t forget to tune in to our social channels where we run a weekly track guide for that week’s Rivals Challenge. Porsche 911 The Classic everyman sportscar from Porsche comes in many different flavours in Project CARS 3. From historic racing machines to track day weapons and the latest in road car innovation, we’ve got it all covered. With so many to choose from, it’s only natural that you’d want to learn which ones suit you best. Lucky for you, we’ve got just the thing: read our feature blog to find out more. And that’s it from me this week. Come hang out with the rest of the community in our Discord server, and be sure to keep an eye out for the latest Project CARS 3 news by following us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and our website for regular updates. – Fernando F1® MOBILE RACING Congratulations are in order for F1® Mobile Racing player ‘FALCO’ – the latest monthly winner of our F1® Mobile Racing Esports Leagues winner, with an incredible 4009 duels under their belt! That’s another player giving themselves every chance of success in our competitive mode, for which we revealed much more details on over the past fortnight. Check out our article on the Esports event to see how the Playoffs and Grand Final will work, and what’s at stake! Make sure to keep an eye on the in-game store for flash offers, just like the 24-hour sale we recently ran for the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team pack at 50% off, following their title-clinching performance in Imola! – Chris RACING AHEAD It’s been fantastic to see just how much Racing Ahead content creators have been enjoying DIRT 5 since its first of three launches last week. Whilst you might not have time to watch the 180+ videos they’ve created already, we’ve selected a handful of our favourites below. BlackPanthaa dived into almost every mode available and even brought his wife Meadow in for a quick race in split-screen. Camodo got his first taste of ice racing on New York’s East River and TmarTn has been flying through Career mode, with three episodes under his belt already. Plus, he’s taken a look at DIRT 5 running on Xbox Series X – it’s not to be missed! Want more? We’ve tailored a playlist of Racing Ahead coverage over on YouTube. You can find it by clicking here. 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