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  1. ● Innovative esports series, to feature competitions across multiple leading titles from Codemasters, looks set to kick off in 2022 ● Lando Norris’ Quadrant is the first team confirmed for this unique esports tournament ● ‘Original and engaging format’ to ‘break the mould’ in burgeoning gaming sphere In an industry first, Veloce Esports has announced a partnership today with Codemasters to launch a revolutionary, multi-title, global esports racing league – the VERSUS ULTRA Series. Veloce is well-versed in original and innovative projects in the burgeoning esports sphere, sparked by the s
  2. It’s not a bad time to be fan of motor racing and video games, right? For us racing fanatics, Le Mans is alive with the sound of race cars, and motorsport championships across the world are in full swing, including the return of F1® this weekend at Spa-Francorchamps. For all gamers, it’s the beautiful season of big events, major reveals, ‘World Premieres’ and ‘one more thing…’. Bliss. As you can imagine, then, the Codemasters team is pretty hyped around this time of the year – particularly as we’re working on plenty of stuff to throw into that cauldron of excitement. Our latest Racing Line, y
  3. Codemasters is thrilled to join forces with EA this week, adding eight of our acclaimed racing titles into EA Play! The gaming subscription service’s already-heaving list of top games is now bolstered by titles from four different racing franchises, available to play now across Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam. Let’s take a closer look at what you can get behind the wheel of on EA Play: http://blog.codemasters.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/PJ_F120_PerformanceUpdate_Hamilton_2-1024x576.png Get a taste of what it’s like to compete in the pinnacle of motorsport with F1® 2020, available now i
  4. Hey, you made it! Glad you could join us for another Codies Racing Line – our fortnightly round-up of content and info about your favourite Codemasters games, and updates from within our community and culture. After a surprise guest author last week, we’ve regained control of the ship, and S.S Send It is at full speed for another voyage. Latest news from three different Codies franchises are coming your way today, ranging from patch notes and Playgrounds guides, to reminders and real-life rallying. Enough of the waffling on – let’s get into it… F1 2021 http://blog.codemasters.com/w
  5. So, here’s the thing. We did have another pithy intro lined up for your latest fortnightly round-up of Codemasters news, reveals and info. Honestly, it was a belter! However, late last week, we had an anonymous letter come through, offering (well, actually, demanding) to take on the Racing Line intro, this time around. Whilst the letter included no name, we think we can figure out who this came from… ‘Considering nobody knows how to nail a racing line better than myself, it makes sense for me to lead the way for this this latest Codies Racing Line, right? So, sit back, put your reading glasse
  6. F1® 2021 is here! The countdown to game launch is over, and you can now get your hands on the game. Pick up your helmet, put on your driving gloves and celebrate with our launch trailer, viewable here. http://blog.codemasters.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/PJ_F121_GBR_Brits-1024x576.png Every story has a beginning Braking Point is F1® 2021’s brand-new story mode. Start with one of five teams and rise from the ranks of F2 to the heights of F1®. Introduce yourself to the leading lights of this thrilling story here, and if you want to watch the first hour, check out our creator playlis
  7. Don’t worry. Don’t panic. It’s not your fault. We understand that it’s incredibly easy right now to keep track of everything that’s going on in the world of Codemasters right now, with so much being revealed and rolled out. That’s why, of course, you’ve come to the Codies Racing Line, to make sure you haven’t missed something from the past fortnight. Once you’ve read through your article, you can chat away with your pals about it all, as if you never missed a thing. It’s all good – your secret’s safe with us. Our latest round-up of Codemasters news and information features a truly mass
  8. We’ve hurriedly cleared some space on the desk, pushing a stack of fresh news and announcements aside, to put together another huge Racing Line update together. Some toy cars also fell off the desk and we spilled a drink, but it’s fine. This is important. Why is this regular catch-up on all the latest Codemasters news and details so big? Well, we have a host of new F1® 2021 details, and news on amazing community-created additions to DIRT 5. Oh, and one of our team went and won an actual Junior European Rally Championship race, so we’ll probably talk about that! Anyway, our starter for 10 thi
  9. A certain Electronic Entertainment Expo taking place this past weekend has certainly made it feel like 2021’s gaming summer is well and truly underway. Whilst keeping a cursory eye on the big shows, trailers, and reveals, the team here at Codemasters have been working diligently to make sure this summer (and beyond) has its fix of racing games excellence. The Racing Line, of course, is here to keep you abreast of what we’re up to. This time around, we’re putting a big focus on the small matter of F1® 2021’s upcoming launch! We also have DIRT 5 and Codemasters DiRT Rally Team news to update
  10. Special delivery! The Codies Racing Line is here every fortnight for a first-class service of news and information on Codemasters titles – and the virtual mailbox is full to the brim once again. No spam mail or flyers for dodgy-looking local take-outs here – only the good stuff. Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the headlines, kicking off with a heap of F1® game goodies… F1® http://blog.codemasters.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/PJ_F121_AUS_HAM-1024x576.png From esports, to new content, to the first F1® 2021 previews, it’s been a huge week for the F1® series! Let’s ta
  11. A a new trailer. A cover art reveal A huge game update. A preview of our real-world rally team beginning another round of action. A money-can’t-buy giveaway. Fantastic stories from our community on the power of games for Mental Health Awareness week. To take inspiration from those legendary scribes, Smash Mouth, the news keeps coming, and they don’t stop coming. The Codies Racing Line is your fortnightly update on all the big news and info around Codemasters games – and evidently, it’s needed this week more than ever. Let’s kick off with a look at the iconic additions just revealed for F1®
  12. Welcome to another Codies Racing Line, and the first of May 2021! To be honest with you, this week’s edition of the Racing Line is a pretty normal affair – and of course, normality in these parts means an absolute lorry-load of news, reveals and details to bring you on Codemasters titles. New updates, content reveals, and much more (including a real-life motorsport victory) await… F1® Hello all, and welcome to this week’s Racing Line! F1® 2021 In case you missed it (in which case, we’re not sure what rock you’ve been living under, but hello ;) ), we announced F1® 2021 a few w
  13. It’s been another busy time here at Codemasters HQ but thankfully the Racing Line is back with another timely entry, wrapping up all the goings on over the last two weeks. Without further ado, let’s get into the biggest story of the lot… F1® 2021 How far will you go before you reach your ‘Braking Point’? The next generation of F1® gaming is on its way, as last week we announced F1® 2021 to the world, racing onto your PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, or PC via Steam on July 16. You can check out the trailer here: So, what’s to be expected in F1® 2021? Things you know and love from F1
  14. The clocks have gone forward, flowers are beginning to bloom, and we’ve seen blazing sunshine and snow in the space of a week… it must be spring! Whatever April and the new season throws at us, you can rest easy with one simple constant: more major news, reveals and general fun stuff firing out of the front door of Codemasters HQ. Our fantastic team have kept their foot to the floor as we enter month four of 2021, and the end result is another Racing Line bursting with info for you. What’s on the agenda this time round, then? Just the small matter of new content drops, big esports action, an
  15. Apologies, dear reader. Usually by the time we write this pithy introduction to the Racing Line, we’ve received detailed notes from the Codemasters team on all the big news, reveals and info we’ll be bringing you below. So far, though, nothing has come through. Perhaps there’s just no news to bring you for once. Wait, hold the phone – there’s a new email in the inbox! Let’s have a look. …Really?! …Woah, seriously? …How big? Right, there’s no time to lose. Turns out we have a lot to get through, beginning with news on our amplified off-road racer turning itself up to 11… DIRT 5 Well, wh
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