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  1. Hey everyone, Thank you for joining us for another Racing Line! As always, we hope everyone is happy and healthy, and has a spare moment to check out our fortnightly round-up of big news, reveals and more fun stuff on Codemasters titles. Whilst F1® 2020 may now be available worldwide, the fun is only just beginning for Codies in 2020, with more to come for this year’s F1 title and multiple game launches on the horizon, including the arrival of Codemasters racing games on next-gen platforms. There’s plenty to get into, including some new reveals dropping just earlier today, so let’s race straight into it. We’ll try to keep four wheels on the wagon… F1® 2020 Hey everyone, hope you’re all having a good week. The British Grand Prix was a cliff-hanger, wasn’t it? Jenny’s taking a well-earned break today so I’m here to round up what’s been happening in the world of F1® 2020. Version 1.06 Update: The Mercedes-AMG F1 W11 is certainly a looker, but does it come in black? Yes, yes it does. The 1.06 update released last week and its headline feature is the new “Black Mercedes” livery, matching what Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas have been sporting on the grid this season. On top of this, you have the usual round of tweaks and improvements to the game, based on the reports and feedback you all give on the forums. More updates are coming soon, so to stay up to date (and read up on what changed in 1.06), stick the Patch Notes page in your Bookmarks. Hotlap Series: Great Britain As I write this we’re in between two big races at the Silverstone Circuit in Great Britain, and as we’ve done for the opening races of the season there’s a fresh Hotlap over on our YouTube channel. This on-board run features the sleek blue and white Williams of George Russell and gives you a fine look at some of the fastest corners on the entire calendar, along with that swanky new building opposite the Silverstone Wing. Ever since F1® 2020 was announced back in April, we’ve been showing off the game in action through these Hotlap videos, giving you a close look at each team’s car, the new circuits and more. We’ve got one more lined up to release real soon – any guesses as to what car we’ll be driving? “Get Good” at F1 2020 with our guides! On top of the Hotlaps and fancy trailers that get you all excited about F1® 2020 we’ve also been rather busy post-launch, helping you all get the most out of your racing experience. F1® 2020 is the most accessible Formula 1 title to date and has many tools and features to help new players, as well as any veterans that need a refresher, and you can catch them all on this YouTube playlist. Here’s a quick round-up of our official guides so far, with more coming in the near future: • F1 2020 Beginner’s Guide • F1 2020 AI Difficulty Guide • F1 2020 Track Guide: Austria • F1 2020 Track Guide: Hungary • F1 2020 Track Guide: Great Britain Pitcoin Update If you are an Xbox One player who didn’t receive their Pitcoins after purchasing F1® 2020, we have some good news. By heading to your Xbox messages on your Xbox dashboard or mobile app, you should have a message from Xbox Live with a pair of codes to redeem those missing Pitcoins. We sincerely apologise for the delay and any inconvenience this has caused. Anyone who believes they still have a Pitcoin issue can contact custservice@codemasters.com, where we’ll be able to help. That’s it from me today – have a great weekend and good luck on-track in your next race PJ DIRT 5 Sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin… Another month down, another month closer to taking on all paths less beaten with DIRT 5, launching from early-October on PC and current-gen consoles, followed later this year by Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Pretty exciting – and it’s been exciting for us to see everyone’s reaction as we roll out more and more previews of what you can expect. Gameplay is understandably what everyone wants to see, so we’ve been bringing you some work-in-progress footage of different cars, locations and events for DIRT 5. Last week, we went all American, heading to the Arizona buttes to show a Stampede track in action, starring the Jimco Unlimited Truck. We followed that up with something very different earlier today – some Ice Breaker action, with the Aston Martin Vantage GT4 sliding around a frozen Norwegian lake, through a blizzard, under the Northern Lights! No, really – check it out:  With today’s gameplay we also brought you a couple more DIRT 5 screenshots, retaining the chilly theme with the ice-cold Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2: We were pleased to reveal earlier this week that DIRT 5 has been nominated for UK Game of the Show at this year’s upcoming gamescom event! The winner will be revealed as part of a show later this month, which you can sign up to watch here. Look out for more details from both gamescom and Ukie and use #UKGOTS to show your support for DIRT 5. With August now underway, we have plenty more to show you, including the secret reveal we’ve been alluding to since May. Expect more on that later in the month – and before then, keep your eyes (and ears…) peeled for more DIRT 5 reveals. – Chris PROJECT CARS 3 Hello fellow racers! Another Racing Line blog is upon us, and boy, do I have some good stuff to share with you this week. We’re now on the final sprint to the checkered flag, so let’s get started with the most exciting news … Discover “What Drives You” in the latest Project CARS 3 trailer that launched earlier this week, showcasing some of the incredible features and driving experiences awaiting you later this month:  Alongside the new trailer, you can now pre-order Your Ultimate Driver Journey. Project CARS 3 is available in both Standard and Deluxe Editions; which is right for you? Click on the pre-order link and take a look for yourself. Meanwhile, we’ve also been busy showcasing some new cars and tracks, and this week it was the turn of the new Porsche 935, a tribute car to the original Porsche “Moby ****” 935 from the 70s. This is the first time the new Porsche 935 makes its way to a console game, and what a beast this is. True to that all-winning silhouette and formula, but with a 3.8L twin-turbo boxer-6 allied to 2019 tech, this is an absolute winner and a sublime driving experience in Project CARS 3. But wait, there’s more! This week, media have had a chance to play Project CARS 3, and the previews are starting to roll in. Here are some of the top reactions to what they played below: “The best news is just how well it handles now with a pad. Traditional control has been completely revamped and the result is a racer that feels like games used to feel some 15 years ago.” — Gamesradar “When it comes to simulating the violence of being inside a racing car, Project CARS 3 delivers like no other.” — Eurogamer “All signs point to it being a very capable racer, and certainly the most accessible serious sim I’ve seen in years.” — PC Gamer Finally, if you’re looking for a place to hang out, discuss all things Project CARS, and stay up to date on the latest news about our games, then our recently revamped Discord server is just the thing for you! Come join the community and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and our website. – Fernando F1® MOBILE RACING What an unforgettable finish to last weekend’s British Grand Prix! Unsurprisingly, after that dramatic finale at Silverstone, the world of F1® Mobile Racing has been a hive of activity, with fans getting in on the action any time, any place. Whilst we can’t guarantee you randomly decomposing tyres… we can guarantee constant drama and fun, as you take on players across the globe for on-track supremacy, on iOS or Android. As well our PvP Duel events and GP Events with global leaderboards, there’s plenty of features to get lost in with F1® Mobile Racing, including the recently revamped R&D system. Compete in races to unlock better parts to equip on your car across different performance categories. Find the perfect car balance for your style of racing, recycle unwanted parts, and tune your F1 machine to perfection before hitting the track! – Chris ANY OTHER BUSINESS? Think you know your Showdowns from your shakedowns? Your Group Bs from your kit cars? Our friends at Outcyders are running a quiz on the history of the DIRT and Colin McRae franchise, with prizes to be won! Head here to take on the quiz, which tests your knowledge and speed, and place on the leaderboard for a chance to win some swag – and to beat the scores of some of the Codemasters team… Fast Family: are you ready? From Slightly Mad Studios, Fast & Furious Crossroads launches later this week, August 7, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4! Join the crew and play your part in the epic Fast & Furious saga with incredible gadgets, stunning cars, familiar faces, jaw-dropping stunts and a new threat to defeat. Let’s go – ménage! View the full article
  2. CodiesBlogBot

    DIRT 5 Rear View – July 2020

    The time draws nearer, team – we’re moving ever closer to the launch of DIRT 5 from October, and it’s once again been a month jam packed with news, gameplay and all-round goodness. Here’s a round-up of all the key details we dropped for DIRT 5 that you need to know about… DONUT MEDIA At the beginning of July, our friends over at Donut Media revealed more about their involvement in DIRT 5, including the roles of James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes in Career mode! Donut’s dynamic duo bring their presenting and podcasting talent to our Career, where they help guide you through the main story with episodes of their DIRT Podcast by Donut Media, introductions to different event types, and plenty more. CAR CLASSES REVEAL For new reveals and content, we kicked off the month with full details on every car class coming to DIRT 5 – from classic rally machines, to trophy trucks, to a rock bouncer, we’ve gone big on fun and variety. Got a class you’re most looking forward to? P.S – full car roster list is coming closer to launch! FEATURES TRAILER Later in July, we showed you what it’s all about… The features trailer for DIRT 5 gave you a closer look at brand new locations, event types and modes, including the return of Gymkhana! In the accompanying blog post, you can read up on our 10 brand new locations, hosting over 70 routes to race on. What kind of races will you see in those locations? The blog post has all the deets on each single-player event type in DIRT 5. Circuit, point to point, ice racing, the roughest terrain, huge jumps and elevation changes – we’ve got you covered. BOX ART DIRT 5 box art. Revealed. Need we say more? MORE GAME INSIGHT We’ve also been busy chatting to various friends and partners, to give you even more DIRT 5 details on environments, locations, features and more. Head to Xbox Wire, PlayStation.blog and Red Bull Gaming to get insight from the team. PATH FINDER GAMEPLAY We know that gameplay is what you want to see, so we’re putting together some early looks at a range of locations, cars and events for #DIRT5 – kicking off with the incredible Path Finder events! Conquer the roughest of terrain and huge elevation changes, in a monstrous rock bouncer… STAMPEDE GAMEPLAY Finally, before we head into August, more new DIRT 5 gameplay brings you a thrilling Stampede circuit, weaving between the Arizona buttes. The Jimco Unlimited Truck is on hand to tackle the track – and a lightning storm to boot…  WHAT’S NEXT? We’ve been promising something special for you in August, and trust us – you won’t want to miss this. Towards the end of August, we’ll be showing something brand new for the DIRT franchise – something that combines creativity and community for a unique experience… Before that, we’ll be sure to bring you more news, more insight, and more fuel for the ‘ol hype train as we hurtle towards DIRT 5’s launch, beginning October 9 for PC and current-gen consoles, with a FREE upgrade to the optimised Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions, later this year. And don’t forget – if you’re a player of a previous DIRT game, grab yourself a 10% discount on the Amplified Edition on any platform! Race over to dirtgame.com/dirt5 to get your key to the action. View the full article
  3. Hey everyone, As always, we hope everyone is staying healthy, happy and safe. We once again want to thank our entire community for your continued support, feedback and excitement, which keeps driving us forward. Pun absolutely intended! This year of gaming is truly starting to take shape, with those glitzy press conferences, big reveals and the usual late-year launches starting to line up. It’s already been another exciting year in the world of Codemasters – and it’s only going to get bigger. But, before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take stock after another packed fortnight of news for Codies titles. Full game launches, big trailer drops, and bucket-loads of new game details are on the agenda this time round, kicking off with our latest critically-acclaimed release… F1® 2020 Hello! Last time around, we were preparing for the release of F1® 2020, and an awful lot has happened in between then and now! If you’ve missed any of it, don’t worry, we’ll get you up to speed in no time. Launch Firstly, (and perhaps most importantly), we released F1® 2020 to the world! We’ve loved seeing your reaction and reading about the wonderful teams you’ve been winning world championships with. F1® 2020 also topped the charts in several countries, and is the highest-scoring Xbox game of 2020, according to Metacritic! Accolades We’ve been blown away by not just your response, but the critics’ responses, too. Want to see what they said? Take a look at our accolades trailer:  Patches We’ve also been busy listening to your feedback – both on what you’re loving and what’s not quite working for you. With that in mind, patch 1.05 went live across all platforms earlier this week. We always want to hear how you’re finding things, so feel free to pop in to our Forums and give us your thoughts. You’ve also been asking us when the brand new black Mercedes AMG Petronas livery will be coming to F1® 2020 – we can tell you that it’s on its way, and you’ll be able to get your driving gloves on it soon! Guides New to F1® games? Picked up F1® 2020 and want some tips to reach the front of the grid? Maybe you’re not quite sure what the best racing style is for you, or how to take the racing line (wahey!). Whether you want to know how to get to grips with a track layout, race in the rain or much more, we’re here to help. Our ever-expanding F1® 2020 tutorials and guides playlist will help you get the very best out of your racing experience. You can find the playlist below, and let us know what else you’d like to see us cover!  See you next time! – Jenny DIRT 5 Alright, let’s kick things up another gear… It’s always exciting for us here when we get to show you all some more of what we’re cooking up for DIRT 5, so this past week was *pretty* fun, with the reveal of DIRT 5’s official features trailer. New cars, new locations, new details, dozens of GIF-worthy shots. Get it watched:  So much more content dropped alongside the trailer, including the official box art for DIRT 5, featuring a stunning Aston Martin Vantage GT4 with a custom livery. The Amplified Edition art is equally eye-catching – see for yourself: Wanna grab yours? Pre-orders for stores and retailers across all platforms are live at dirtgame.com/dirt5, with Amplified Edition pre-orders including a 10% discount for players of previous DIRT titles. The icing on the cake? We’ve confirmed a FREE upgrade system for both next-gen platforms; that means if you buy DIRT 5 on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, you’ll get the optimised versions on Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, free of charge. Not bad, right? A fresh Codies Blog post confirmed all details on DIRT 5’s 10 brand new locations, and all event types available in single-player modes. What about multiplayer? September is our focus for online action, when we’ll tell all on some exciting ways to race against the world. Alongside our blog, we took over Red Bull Gaming and PlayStation.blog for some special features on the new content, including a breakdown of the stunning new environments with Art Director Amrish Wadekar. You still want more?! Well, luckily for you, we happened to drop some new gameplay today. Feast your eyes on a first look at DIRT 5’s Path Finder events with the monstrous rock bouncer, in this work-in-progress footage:  Busy fortnight? Yeah. Any plans to slow down? Not a chance. More DIRT 5 news and features coming your way in the next couple of weeks. – Chris DIRT RALLY 2.0 Hello everyone, here’s your Rally update with the latest goings-on: World RX Esports Series – Showdown in South Africa After two Invitationals and three competitive events, the World RX Esports Series held its final event on July 13th, using DiRT Rally 2.0’s virtual Killarney International Raceway. This was the scene of an epic showdown in real-life last year between Timmy Hansen and Andreas Bakkerud, and Timmy was in the championship fight once again in the virtual version. Joining him on the grid were his brother Kevin, the rapid Tom Blomqvist, returning Shane van Gisbergen and many more real-world drivers and guests. FailRace was here too, trying his best not to do a signature barrel roll over the kerbs. I won’t spoil the results here, but will say that it was a tense and intriguing end to what has been a very enjoyable esports series. Highlights are here, the full broadcast is here and if you just want to know who wins, we’ve got you covered here. DiRT Rally 2.0 Version 1.15 Bet you thought we were done updating the game, didn’t you? We’re planning a small update in mid to late August, with a few minor fixes. There may be a few surprises in there too, who knows (well, I do, but you’ll have to wait to find out!). That’s all for now, I’ll see you all again soon. Good luck out there on the road. -PJ PROJECT CARS 3 Hello fellow racers! Things are heating up here at Slightly Mad Studios as we continue to work on content to show you all what the Project CARS 3 has to offer. This is my favourite part, because I get to reveal all that juicy info you’ve been asking for… but before we get there, take a moment to enjoy the first in a series of hot lap videos showing some of the new content that’s coming to Project CARS 3. Fans of the IndyCar series will not want to miss out on this one as it features the all-new, twin-turbo V6, 700bhp Dallara 2019-spec single-seater crushing the WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca. Earlier this week, we also continued our series of Developer Blogs, this time focusing on Project CARS 3’s vehicle upgrades system. The physics and handling teams walk you through the breadth and customisation of vehicle upgrades, allowing you to design your dream machine. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next videos as we start shining a spotlight on some of the new cars and content coming August 28. Find them all on our official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as our website. – Fernando F1® MOBILE RACING Deep breaths, everyone. Come on now – we can get through this together. Yes, we’re approaching the first weekend without F1 action since the revised season got underway. It’s tough to accept, but we have to! Never fear, though, as F1® Mobile Racing ensures you can be part of the action, any time, any place. Download for free on iOS and Android to join the millions of online racers battling in live PvP events, multi-round championships and creating their dream F1 car through detailed visual and mechanical customisation. Live right now in F1® Mobile Racing is our own 2020 Season GP Event, which mimics the majority of revised real-season calendar for a challenging championship, with big rewards on the line. Compete in that, or race into 1v1 Duel events, taking on all comers to rise up the leagues and establish yourself as the fastest driver in the world. Plenty to keep you occupied until the real action returns! – Chris ANY OTHER BUSINESS? It’s been a busy ‘ol fortnight for Racing Ahead creators after getting their hands on F1® 2020 two weeks ago. Since launch, they’ve made a whopping 650 videos and counting on F1® 2020 – that’s almost 50 videos a day! You can see a selection of those videos in a Playlist we put together over on YouTube. You may have seen some of your favourite streamers playing F1® 2020 over on Twitch recently too – F1® 2020 was even the #1 trending game on Twitch last week. New and returning players have been streaming My Team and inviting the chat to join in the fun with open lobbies as well, with the likes of Castro_1021 and Zerkaa getting in on the action. Also, Bateson87, Nepenthez, Pieface23, ChesnoidGaming, and BlackPanthaa have each been practicing ahead of a massive head-to-head, winner takes all, live race at 3pm BST, July 25th. Make sure you tune in to each of their streams to get their unique view on the race. Who’s your pick to take home the W? The entire Codemasters team is always keen to pass on advice and expertise to anyone looking to break into the gaming industry. Earlier this week, members of our Cheshire studio, currently working on DIRT 5, were guests in the Games Jobs Live show, specifically focusing on opportunities in the North West of the UK. Development Director Robert Karp and others were on hand to give insight on the process of creating our games – check out the show here. View the full article
  4. Brand new, stunning global locations. An incredible variety of off-road machines. More ways to play than ever before. This is DIRT 5. Get ready to Let Loose. We’re incredibly excited to reveal the official features trailer for DIRT 5, taking you on a breathless tour of our amplified racing world. Brand new locations, modes and event types are all featured – keep reading this blog for full details on all of them. More big news coming with our latest trailer is the confirmation of a FREE upgrade option for PlayStation 4 players of DIRT 5, if and when you make the switch to PlayStation 5. As with the Smart Delivery system for Xbox Series X, if you have DIRT 5 on PlayStation 4, either in digital or physical form, you get the game on PlayStation 5, free of charge! All live pre-orders and more are at dirtgame.com/dirt5. STUNNING NEW LOCATIONS The trailer kicks off with a new look at a handful of DIRT 5’s locations. All brand new, built from the ground up and featuring multiple events, these environments are spectacular in not just how they look, but also how they play. Here’s a full breakdown of all 10 of DIRT 5’s locations: Nepal High-altitude driving, treacherous ice racing, and some seriously fun twisty routes – Nepal is a truly unique location for off-road racing that we’re bringing to the DIRT series for the very first time. We’ve carved out some unforgettable events in this idyllic setting for a fresh racing experience. Arizona Ready to take on the harsh desert and awe-inspiring canyons of Arizona? One of our two American locations features a wide variety of events covering dirt and sand, including a purpose-built oval track for Sprint races. Roosevelt Island Our second American location delivers an iconic area of New York like you’ve never experienced it before. Whether you’re racing on ice over the frozen East River, or blazing a trail through an urban jungle, Roosevelt Island hosts a slate of unforgettable events, all set between iconic landmarks. Norway The wintry tundra conditions of a Scandinavian paradise await you in DIRT 5’s Norway events. Race under the Northern Lights in Ultra Cross routes through a coastal town, turn steep snow routes into unique races and more in this region, rich in racing heritage. China Add some noise and action to this beautiful environment, weaving through paddy fields and under the shadow of the amazing Guilin mountains. Get air over ornate bridges and get to grips with muddy surfaces in these events that mix beauty and power. Morocco The rocky, dusty routes of Morocco await you in these incredible events, which will require some supreme driving skill and heavy machinery to succeed in. Wind through villages and vibrant oases, carving your own path through miles of natural beauty. Greece Mountain passes, rocky trails, steep tracks. The calling cards of off-road racing in Greece are certainly here in DIRT 5, but amplified to a new level. Take in incredible vistas as you find your flow and race up and down some seriously spicy routes and circuits – perfect for rally and rallycross cars. Italy Ever wondered what it would be like to tear around a huge marble mine in all manner of off-road cars? Welcome to Italy, combining picturesque settings with unique, jagged terrain for unforgettable races. Look out for some of our most extreme events here, where success is less about speed and more about survival. South Africa Come with us to the incredible Cape Town for a wide range of settings, conditions and event types in this incredible location. From racing at the base of Table Mountain, to twisty urban routes, to powering through familiar landmarks, prepare for South Africa to take your breath away in DIRT 5. Brazil All taking place under the gaze of Christ the Redeemer, buckle up for Brazil’s classic mixture of beauty, hustle and bustle. Barrel through Favelas in Rio de Janeiro, find a path through lush vegetation, and race over mud, sand, tarmac and more in a huge variety of scenarios. Every location comes equipped with dynamic extreme weather, which has the power to transform the look and feel of every race at any point. Brace yourself for blizzards, lightning strikes, sandstorms, thunderstorms and more to roll in as you’re racing, totally changing your experience. DIVERSE CAR CLASSES DIRT 5’s features trailer shows off an array of off-road cars that you’ll take the wheel of – from iconic rally and modern rallycross machines, to an awe-inspiring rock bouncer, to a frankly bonkers 900bhp sprint car! Earlier this month we gave full details on every car class in DIRT 5 – head here for our extreme showroom tour. OFF-ROAD RACING VARIETY That covers where you’ll be going and what you’ll be driving, but what kind of amplified racing is waiting for you in DIRT 5? Here’s a full breakdown of each event type available in offline play: Ultra Cross — Mixing multiple terrains, unpredictable circuit design and challenging bends, Ultra Cross is your classic rallycross-style event, turned up to 11. Expect close pack racing, crossovers and incredible environments for these action-packed, circuit-based races. Rally Raid —These point-to-point events are classic DIRT – thrilling routes through natural landscapes, where bravery and precision are key, as you’re behind the wheel of machines built for extreme off-road racing. High-speed sections, jumps, route splits and more keep you on your toes from start to finish in every Rally Raid event. Landrush — Circuit-based events that are not for the faint of heart! Rough terrain, jolting jumps and technical sections are the order of the day for Landrush, taking place on either dirt or snow. Expect extreme weather and changing track conditions to mix things up big time in these pack racing events. Ice Breaker – Minimal grip, maximum fun. Ice Breaker challenges you to master short circuits that take place entirely on ice, with flowing turns and idyllic environments. Throttle control, precise drifting and momentum are key to mastering this brand-new experience for the DIRT series. Better get your skates on! Stampede — Hard, unforgiving natural landscapes, built for rough-and-ready machines with suspension and shock absorbers galore, Stampede circuits are tough, to say the least. Unmarked routes with major undulation over mud, sand and plenty more, buckle up for some serious pack racing fun with Stampede Path Finder —You’ve never seen this kind of event before in a DIRT game. Path Finder lays down the gauntlet with some seriously hardcore off-road terrain, steep jumps and rock-strewn paths. Here, it’s not just about speed – it’s about strategy and survival. Use your rock bouncer to overcome these incredible single-car events against the clock. Sprint — Here’s our event type built specifically for DIRT 5’s bonkers sprint car – 900bhp, huge wings, different sizes for all four wheels. Learn to tame this beast on our oval and circular tracks, with constant drift control required as you tear up the track in these unique multi-car races. Gymkhana — It’s back! Jump, drift and donut your way to success in these high-octane stunt arenas, purpose-built for your automotive antics. Get sideways and airborne, and string together your moves to trigger multipliers and hit the target score within the time limit. Need we say more? Time Trial — Feeling extra competitive? Time Trial lets you take any circuit or point-to-point event and make it just you against the track – oh, and everyone else who’s ever raced the same scenario. Lay down your best times in the single-car mode, and rise up that scenario’s global leaderboard. We haven’t even talked about other features in the trailer, such as the livery editor and photo mode, which we’ll dive into more before launch. Then there’s the split-screen action, with local play for up to four players in offline modes, including Career! Make sure you’re caught up on all the details of DIRT 5’s star-studded, story-driven Career with our deep dive. Finally, we have the official DIRT 5 box art to reveal, for both the Standard Edition and Amplified Edition, featuring the Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT4, modified for off-road antics and featuring a gorgeous unique livery… Whilst we’ve jam-packed the DIRT 5 features trailer with content and details, don’t think for a second that we haven’t got more to reveal between now and October. Stand by for more news in September on multiplayer, showing off online game types and the return of fan-favourite modes. Before that, there’s August, where we’re getting ready to reveal something huge, and completely fresh for the franchise. You’ve never seen this before from DIRT, and we can’t wait to show you. DIRT 5 launches on October 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Steam, followed shortly by racing onto next-gen with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Pre-orders on Xbox, Steam and selected retailers are live, with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 pre-orders coming very soon. Check out our website to stay up to date on all news and pre-orders. Join the official DIRT 5 Discord to exclusive first looks at news and content, and chat with fellow fans and the Codemasters team. Follow DIRT on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for all the big news between now and October. View the full article
  5. Hey everyone, Once again we hope everyone is happy and healthy, and making use of gaming to stay sociable and entertained. It’s good to be back with yet another bumper blog on all things Codemasters from the past fortnight! This time around with the Racing Line, we’re shaking things up a little. As well as your usual updates on live and upcoming Codemasters titles, we’ll be bringing you a nostalgia hit from the world of DIRT, and be getting an update from our friends over at Slightly Mad Studios. Of course, though, we have the matter of a brand new game launch this week to kick us off… F1® 2020 Welcome to the Racing Line – and this is an especially exciting one. Not only are we in the middle of back-to-back race weekends; it’s also F1® 2020 release week! Reviews of F1® 2020 rolled out from this past Monday – and they have certainly been glowing. We’ve been so proud of how the game has been received by media and Racing Ahead content creators. You can read the best of them right here, and watch all the gameplay highlights in our handy playlist: If you have the F1® 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition, you’ve already been playing for a few days, and it’s been fantastic to see your early reaction and feedback. If you have pre-ordered the Seventy Edition, you’ll be able to start playing tonight from midnight in your area on PS4 and Xbox, and midnight BST on Steam. Still looking for more information about F1® 2020? Last week, we released the full features trailer for F1® 2020, which you can check out below: There are so many details to take in from the content we’ve shown you, so here’s a quick snapshot of some of the new features: Deeper F2 Integration Choose from a full season, half season, or three-race F2 experience, before getting started on your 10-season driver career. We’re also adding the 2020 F2 season as a free update later in the year. Shorter Season Options F1® 2020 is all about giving you more ways to play, including shorter season options. Choose between the original and full 22 race season (including Hanoi Circuit and Circuit Zandvoort), or shorter 10 or 16 options. Rear-View Mirror Not only have we given you more options to play F1® 2020, we’ve also been listening to your feedback from previous games. This year, we’re introducing a rear-view mirror to help you race wheel-to-wheel against your opponents. Customisable OSD Want to move your circuit map somewhere else? Change where your rear-view mirror sits? Move everything to wherever you’d like on screen! Simplified ERS Based on feedback from F1 drivers, we’ve simplified the ERS to make it more realistic. All you need to do to activate it is press a button! Want to learn more? We’ve got everything you need to know right here. We’ve also given our official game website a brand new look – let us know what you think. To all of you who’ve been playing F1® 2020, or are about to get started, we hope you enjoy playing! What have you called your team in the new MyTeam mode? We want to know – send your names and screenshots over to us at @Formula1game. – Jenny DIRT 5 We’ve promised you that DIRT 5’s focus for July will be all about revealing new game features and details, to further fill out the smorgasbord of off-road action awaiting you come October. Consider this, our full reveal of car classes, your opening course… An incredible variety of driving experiences await you in DIRT 5 – from the most modern all-terrain race cars available today, to classic rally heroes, to converted GT and SUV road champions, to insane rock bouncer and sprint cars. It’s all in DIRT 5, and we can’t wait to see which class takes your fancy the most. The car classes reveal also mentions more previously-unannounced cars for the game, including the Porsche 959 Prodrive Rally Raid, Aston Martin DBX, and Peugeot 208 WRX. Enough to whet your appetite? Pre-orders for DIRT 5 continue to go live across all six (count ‘em) of the platforms we’re launching on. Xbox and Steam pre-orders are available on their stores, both including a 10% discount on the Amplified Edition for players of previous DIRT games! Oh, and by the way, make sure to catch the latest episode of Donut Media’s Up To Speed, in which they tell you everything you need to know about Ariel – the UK factory known for incredible lightweight cars including the Nomad, which features in DIRT 5. Donut’s James Pumphrey reveals more details on his and Nolan Sykes’ in-game involvement – expect plenty of car chat and pot-stirring from the Donut duo. Digested all that? Good. Grab a refill, kick back, and prepare for plenty more as we blast through July… …Now I’m hungry. – Chris PROJECT CARS 3 Hello fellow racers! I’m Fernando Moutinho, the Social Media and Community Manager for Project CARS 3. I am incredibly thrilled to be part of such a fantastic team, working on our most exciting title yet. Since the announcement trailer of Project CARS 3 last June, quite a lot has happened. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the reaction from our community and have been taking notes of the valuable feedback fans have been sending our way. We know our fans are just as passionate about the franchise as we are, and it’s my job to make sure the fans are getting a good and open look at our new game. You can learn more about what’s coming your way in our first two Dev Blogs, which we published on our website (Dev Blog 1 and Dev Blog 2), and keep an eye out for more coming in the next few weeks. We’re also currently preparing an FAQ that will address many of those burning questions you’ve been sending our way. There’s a lot of cool stuff happening behind the scenes, and as a racing game fan myself, I really can’t wait to get the green light to get it all out to you. We’re only around 6 weeks from launch, so get ready for a lot more details about Project CARS 3 coming your way on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and our website. – Fernando DIRT RALLY 2.0 Before we kick off with today’s best rally game, let’s look back: Colin McRae Rally 2.0 – 20 Years On Earlier this week, we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the legendary Colin McRae Rally 2.0. For many (myself included) this was where the fascination with the sport began, and was a direct influence on some of the DiRT Rally developers wanting to make games for a living. If you fancy some bangin’ 90s beats, check out the opening movie here, and we have quotes from various Codies people here on their memories of playing the game. Special shout-out to our Senior Graphic Designer, David Alcock, who has worked on every single DIRT and Colin McRae game, and is still at Codies today on DIRT 5! A while back I found an original Colin McRae Rally 2.0 manual while raiding the “Codies Swag Cave” (yup, we have one of those for when we need to ship out promotional gear). Still looks good in 2020, check out the pic above. David worked on that, and is still proud of the bespoke metallic ink that was used. And now… back to the present: World RX Esports Series – Final Round – The FIA World Rallycross Championship’s gearing up for real-world action once more, but before then we’ve got an esports champion to crown. This Sunday (July 12), top rallycross drivers and special guests from other disciplines will go head-to-head on DiRT Rally 2.0’s virtual Killarney International Raceway circuit in South Africa. 2019 real-world champion Timmy Hansen leads the standings with 79 points, with Aston Martin GT driver Tom Blomqvist (his dad rallied the Group B quattro, y’know) in second with 67. Timmy’s brother Kevin is in 3rd with 61. Among the new drivers competing this week are GT driver (and professional sim racer) David Perel, Bentley driver Jordan Pepper and Jaguar driver Simon Evans. Mika Salo also returns, bringing some F1 flavour to the grid once more. Missed any of the previous rounds? We’ve got everything on the DIRT Esports section of our YouTube channel – go take a look. Other Esports Activity – Here’s a quick roundup of what else is happening in virtual DiRT Rally 2.0 competitions at the moment: • The British Rally Championship Esports Invitational has ended, and you can watch all 4 rallies here on YouTube. • Alongside this, the eBRC has also completed. Check the final results here. • Citroën’s “Play with C3 R5” series is still active. You can compete and find all the info here for this hardcore rally series. Last week’s Car of the Week was the Renault Clio S1600 and this week’s is the Fiat 131 Abarth Rally. As for next week? Who knows (well, I know, but you’ll have to tune in to find out). That’ll do it for now – good luck out there on the road. – PJ F1® MOBILE RACING Already have F1 withdrawal symptoms as we await another trip around the Spielberg mountains? Don’t worry – F1® Mobile Racing is here, free to play on handheld devices, whenever and wherever you need a fix of official F1 action. Plus, it’s complete with all the 2020 drivers, teams, race helmets and circuits! Follow that new-season update, we’ve also just rolled out a new patch with further gameplay improvements, based on community feedback – so there’s never been a better time to jump in, download and play for free on Android or iOS Live right now, we have the 2020 Championship GP Event – our unique global event that mimics the revised 2020 World Championship Calendar in a multi-round test of skill and endurance. Be the best at Austria, Hungary, Britain, Spain, Belgium and Italy for big prizes. Fancy something even more frantic? From now until July 31, our Street Circuit GP Event is also open to all players, featuring the new Vietnam track alongside Monaco, Singapore and Azerbaijan. Good luck! – Chris ANY OTHER BUSINESS? You’ve heard of the Racing Line, but have you heard of Racing Ahead? Racing Ahead is our content creator partnership program. We team up with a handful of YouTubers and streamers to give you a sneak peek into what’s coming up in the future with Codemasters games. Our Racing Aheaders – as we fondly call them – have been all over F1 2020 ahead of the launch this week, with many getting their first look at the new My Team mode. Tiametmarkduk took plenty of time in setting up his team before getting a good result in his first race of the season, whereas Aarav took a different approach tasking his subscribers to pick his engine supplier, team name, and even team colours. Earlier in the month, some Racing Aheaders were lucky enough to get their hands on a very early build of DIRT 5, despite it not being out until October! ShinyOdd’s hilarious video went over the history of the DIRT franchise right up to DIRT 5 and Jeff Favignano’s reaction at seeing DIRT 5’s dynamic weather transition to thundersnow for the first time is not to be missed. Keep an eye on our socials where we’ll continue to share some of the latest and greatest Racing Ahead videos and streams around with the hashtag #RacingAhead. You too could be a part of the Racing Ahead crew – head to creators.codemasters.com and we may be in touch. View the full article
  6. Up until now we’ve given you a glimpse at the incredible cars you’ll have the keys to in DIRT 5, promising a vehicle selection that’s all about variety and action, including some machines you’ve never seen the likes of in a DIRT title. Today, it’s time to dive a little deeper into all that goodness! Closer to launch we’ll have a full list of every car in DIRT 5, but let’s not wait until then to show you every car class you’ll find in our amplified off-road racer. You ready? Let’s take a walk through an extreme off-road showroom… Cross Raid Built specifically to overcome tough terrain, our Cross Raid class combines speed, strength and durability for some truly awesome trucks, including the Volkswagen Race Touareg 3 and the Laffite G-Tec X-Road, making its video game debut! Rock Bouncer Huge wheels, mad suspension, a big rollcage, and that’s about it. Oh, and you’re in the middle of it all. DIRT 5’s rock bouncer is purpose-built to conquer the most intimidating terrain. Use its traction, acceleration and flat-out stubbornness to beat all obstacles in our most extreme events. Formula Off Road This class houses our monstrous WS Auto Racing Mudclaw – a true off-road beast with huge ridged tyres and incredible power. Ideal for DIRT 5’s Stampede events, the Formula Off Road class is where you go for something capable of traversing just about anything – and fast. Rally Cross A staple of DIRT games, the cars in our rally cross class are designed for all-terrain speed and getting sideways as soon as possible. Perfect for our tighter circuits and twisty corners, the likes of the Peugeot 208 WRX and Citroen C3 R5 can turn on a dime and go from 0-60 almost as quickly. Classic Rally Roll back the years with iconic machines that popularised the concept of going fast and flat-out on any possible terrain. From the Fiat 131 Abarth Rally, to the Porsche 924 GTS Rallye, these off-road heroes will remind you that age is but a number with some serious power and performance. 80s Rally A golden age of off-road racing, no DIRT game would be complete with some of the most successful off-road cars of the 1980s. We’re combining series favourites such as the Ford RS200, with incredible newcomers like the Porsche 959 Prodrive Rally Raid, for a class that just gets better over time. 90s Rally Relive a time when off-road truly went mainstream, and recreate rivalries with the Subaru Impreza S4 and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI. We’re also giving some love to the more pint-sized extreme machines of the 1990s – keep an eye out for those! Rally GT Even the most refined GT cars built for tarmac can’t help but get DIRTy. The Rally GT class brings you these desirable cars kitted out with off-road specs, including the Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT-4, and Porsche 911 R-GT. Sprint The DIRT 5 class dedicated to our truly incredible sprint car, sporting wheels of all different sizes, huge wings and 900bhp – perfect to rip up dirt oval tracks and get sideways. A unique class for a unique racing experience. Pre Runners Think of the best road-going SUVs and all-purpose vehicles. Now think of them draped on off-road kit and suped up for extreme racing. That’s the Pre-Runners class, featuring incredible race-ready versions of the Aston Martin DBX and Cadillac Escalade 2020. Unlimited Trucks. Big trucks. Trucks built for the most demanding off-road events in the world. Trucks that’ll give you the confidence to floor it and power over all the rugged terrain DIRT 5 has to offer. Jump in the Jimco Unlimited Truck, Brenthel Industries Unlimited Truck and more and show the most challenging events who’s really in charge. Super Lites Low on excess weight, high on action, these rockets have power-to-weight ratios that’ll make your eyes water. Have fun taming the Ariel Nomad Tactical, Exomotive Exocet Off-Road, and more. These compact cars are built for all-terrain speed and an all-out assault on the senses. The car classes for DIRT 5 are a huge part of DIRT 5’s focus on fun, variety and extreme action. Stuart Boyd, Producer on DIRT 5, explains more: “Variety is a massive part of our vision for DIRT 5, and we’ve made sure that this is represented in the game’s car classes and car roster. One moment, you’re tackling the most challenging terrain in a huge rock bouncer; the next, you’re blasting through a multi-surface circuit race with rallycross cars heavy on speed and grip; and then you’re carving a path through jungle-like routes with lively buggies and unlimited trucks. “Of course, alongside those new vehicles and classes, we had to bring in some iconic off-road cars that no DIRT game would be complete without. The style, vibe and features of DIRT 5 mean that you can take those legendary cars and race them in a totally new experience. You may’ve been behind the wheel of some of these beasts before – but not in a game like DIRT 5. “Combine that car classes with our 10 brand new locations, huge slate of event types, and dynamic extreme weather which completely transforms the handling and gameplay feel. The amount of different experiences to drive in just goes off the scale – we can’t wait for you take it all for a spin!” We’ll be revealing more cars and more screenshots of these car classes in action as we race towards DIRT 5’s launch, beginning on October 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, followed shortly by Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Stay up to speed on DIRT 5 by joining our official Discord server, and head to dirtgame.com/dirt5 for pre-order links and more details. View the full article
  7. CodiesBlogBot

    DIRT 5 Rear View – June 2020

    Missed any of the big DIRT 5 news from June? Our latest Rear View rounds up a jam-packed month of huge news, fresh content and first ever gameplay. Buckle up… DIRT PODCAST BY DONUT MEDIA We kicked off our Career-focused June by unveiling the DIRT Podcast by Donut Media – DIRT 5’s in-game audio show hosted by James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes! In Career, the podcast drives the story forward and sets the scene for all the narrative’s big moments. Make sure to tune in, race fans… DISHING THE DIRT The official Dishing the DIRT website also went live at the start of June – our hub for all DIRT fans keen to see how the future looks for our iconic franchise. Watch 10+ minutes of development team insight, news on our two dedicated studios, and interactive elements showing the journey of DIRT. CAREER DEEP DIVE 130 events. Troy Baker plays your mentor; Nolan North plays the antagonist. 20 real-world sponsors to race for. Choice-driven progression. Special events and big objectives. Four-player split-screen integrated. That just scratches the surfaces of DIRT 5’s Career mode – the most ambitious ever of the series. TL;DR – it’s kind of a big deal. Get all the details here. DIRT 5 ON NEXT-GEN DIRT 5 is Codemasters’ first foray onto next-gen consoles – so to give more insight into how we’re making full use of the new technology, Technical Director David Springate sat down with the Xbox team to talk 120fps, CPU, GPU, SSD and plenty more… CAREER VIDEO A Racing Story, Amplified. In this special video, get the thoughts of Troy Baker, Nolan North, dialogue producer Olly Johnson, and the Donut Media boys on how DIRT 5’s unique and ambitious Career mode story came together in our recording session out in Los Angeles. We’re over the moon to not just be working with such a stellar group of talent, but to also be bringing you a creative and daring approach to storytelling, rarely seen in the genre. Get a taste of what we’re cooking up with the video below: FIRST GAMEPLAY Despite being well over three months from launch, we couldn’t wait to get some DIRT 5 gameplay out in the wild. In June, a host of media and content creators posted their first thoughts on DIRT 5 following a work-in-progress demo session – and the feedback was glowing! Check out the best of the footage here. Whilst all gameplay at this very early stage is purely a starting point for what we have to come, we’ve been blown away by the positive feedback so far, and can’t wait to fine-tune this baby all the way to October. WHAT’S NEXT? Can’t stop, won’t stop! After a packed June, we’re racing into July, where our focus turns to revealing more features and content for DIRT 5. Expect news on car classes, event types, locations and much more – and that begins this week! It all builds to DIRT 5’s launch, beginning on October 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, followed shortly by our next-gen launch on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Head to dirtgame.com/dirt5/preorder for all the latest pre-order links and news. Tell’ em I sent you.* *Don’t do that – they wouldn’t get it. View the full article
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    DIRT 5 Rear View – June 2020

    Missed any of the big DIRT 5 news from June? Our latest Rear View rounds up a jam-packed month of huge news, fresh content and first ever gameplay. Buckle up… DIRT PODCAST BY DONUT MEDIA We kicked off our Career-focused June by unveiling the DIRT Podcast by Donut Media – DIRT 5’s in-game audio show hosted by James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes! In Career, the podcast drives the story forward and sets the scene for all the narrative’s big moments. Make sure to tune in, race fans… DISHING THE DIRT The official Dishing the DIRT website also went live at the start of June – our hub for all DIRT fans keen to see how the future looks for our iconic franchise. Watch 10+ minutes of development team insight, news on our two dedicated studios, and interactive elements showing the journey of DIRT. CAREER DEEP DIVE 130 events. Troy Baker plays your mentor; Nolan North plays the antagonist. 20 real-world sponsors to race for. Choice-driven progression. Special events and big objectives. Four-player split-screen integrated. That just scratches the surfaces of DIRT 5’s Career mode – the most ambitious ever of the series. TL;DR – it’s kind of a big deal. Get all the details here. DIRT 5 ON NEXT-GEN DIRT 5 is Codemasters’ first foray onto next-gen consoles – so to give more insight into how we’re making full use of the new technology, Technical Director David Springate sat down with the Xbox team to talk 120fps, CPU, GPU, SSD and plenty more… CAREER VIDEO A Racing Story, Amplified. In this special video, get the thoughts of Troy Baker, Nolan North, dialogue producer Olly Johnson, and the Donut Media boys on how DIRT 5’s unique and ambitious Career mode story came together in our recording session out in Los Angeles. We’re over the moon to not just be working with such a stellar group of talent, but to also be bringing you a creative and daring approach to storytelling, rarely seen in the genre. Get a taste of what we’re cooking up with the video below: FIRST GAMEPLAY Despite being well over three months from launch, we couldn’t wait to get some DIRT 5 gameplay out in the wild. In June, a host of media and content creators posted their first thoughts on DIRT 5 following a work-in-progress demo session – and the feedback was glowing! Check out the best of the footage here. Whilst all gameplay at this very early stage is purely a starting point for what we have to come, we’ve been blown away by the positive feedback so far, and can’t wait to fine-tune this baby all the way to October. WHAT’S NEXT? Can’t stop, won’t stop! After a packed June, we’re racing into July, where our focus turns to revealing more features and content for DIRT 5. Expect news on car classes, event types, locations and much more – and that begins this week! It all builds to DIRT 5’s launch, beginning on October 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, followed shortly by our next-gen launch on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Head to dirtgame.com/dirt5/preorder for all the latest pre-order links and news. Tell’ em I sent you.* *Don’t do that – they wouldn’t get it. View the full article
  9. Hey everyone, As always, we want to begin the Racing Line by wishing you all well, and hope you’re staying happy and healthy. The fans and paddling pools are well and truly out across the homes of the Codies team, as we remotely battle the UK heatwave! It’s undoubtedly one of the busiest times of the year for the entire Codemasters team, as we hurtle towards the launch of two different major titles, prepare for a new generation of gaming, and keep optimising our existing games with community-driven updates. Plenty to get through, then – and this time around, we’re kicking things off with a special message for all players of one of our 2019 releases. GRID Since GRID’s announcement in May last year, we’ve been overwhelmed with the positivity around the series’ return. GRID launched in October to critical acclaim and since then players have enjoyed three new circuits and a half dozen cars to add to their garages all for free, with more cars and Career events made available through GRID Ultimate Edition. Released on Google Stadia at launch, GRID was the first track-based racing title on the cloud-gaming platform. This offered a whole new generation of players the opportunity to enjoy GRID – and its exclusive 40-player Endurance mode – from almost anything with a screen. GRID’s community has been at the heart of all the tweaks and changes made since launch and despite Season 3 being the final season of GRID, every bit of feedback – whether that’s from the Codemasters Forums or across the web – will be passed on for future entries in the series. Whilst this will be GRID’s last inclusion in the Racing Line for a while, it certainly won’t be the last you hear from us. We’ll be keeping the conversation going on our socials, so make sure you’re following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for all the latest news on the GRID series. DIRT 5 New trailer, new audio content, first ever gameplay. Yeah, you could say it’s been a busy fortnight for DIRT 5. We recently revealed how DIRT 5’s Career mode features a racing story that’s truly amplified. Check out our special video, featuring voice acting stars Troy Baker and Nolan North, as they go into detail on the characters they play in the game, and how the unique and fresh approach to storytelling came to life in our recording session in Los Angeles: Alongside the video we also announced the launch date of October 9 for current-gen consoles and PC, followed shortly by Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5! Head here for all the latest links and news on DIRT 5 pre-orders. The brilliant James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes from Donut Media also appear in the video, who host the in-game podcast that drives the story of Career mode forward. We’ve previewed this feature by dropping a couple of podcast episodes on an official SoundCloud page – the latest featuring a guest appearance by W Series champion Jamie Chadwick! The super-fast Jamie is one of our in-game guests that appear through the Career, and in this episodes she gives her thoughts on AJ and Bruno Durand – the characters Troy Baker and Nolan North portray, respectively. You thought that was all we had for you from the last fortnight?! Come on now… We know how keen everyone’s been to see gameplay of DIRT 5, even at this early stage. With that in mind, the first ever hands-on session for DIRT 5 recently took place with media and content creators from our Racing Ahead program. The previews are live – and the first impressions are glowing! Check out our YouTube playlist of the best of the gameplay, and read the thoughts of IGN, Eurogamer, GamesRadar and more on how DIRT 5 is already getting people hyped for October 9. – Chris F1 Hey all! I seem to say this every time but it’s been SO BUSY since the last Racing Line. With the launch of F1® 2020 coming up very soon (I can’t believe it’s nearly July already!), we’ve shared a ton of information on what you can expect when the game launches on July 10th. Let’s start with the latest news: hot off the press from this afternoon is F1® 2020’s TV advert which you can find below. We’ve been practically buzzing with excitement waiting to share this with you! Now that you’ve seen that, let’s go over everything else you might have missed. My Team – F1® 2020’s My Team mode gives you the opportunity to write your own racing legacy by joining the F1® line-up as the 11th team. Last week, we released a trailer that gives an in-depth look on what to expect from this all-new mode. Here it is:  In My Team, you’ll experience F1® 2020 through the eyes of a driver-manager, offering you a unique insight into the world of F1 – how incredible does that sound? If you want to learn more, we released a bunch more My Team info in a blog post last week – get the lowdown on everything you need to know here. What are you going to call your F1® team? Drop us a line on our social channels and let us know. F1® 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition – In the F1® 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition, you’ll be able to drive as the legendary Michael Schumacher in four of his most iconic cars – 1991: Jordan 191, 1994: Benetton B194, 1995: Benetton B195 and 2000: Ferrari F1-2000. You’ll also receive exclusive content such as themed car liveries and driver customisation items, including a unique podium celebration. We covered what you can get in full here and you can also check out our celebration of the GOAT on YouTube here. Split-Screen – There’s nothing better than showing your friends (rivals!) who’s best out on track, and what better way to do this than with F1® 2020’s two-player split-screen mode. We released a video showing split-screen off around the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve which you can check out here. All 2020 cars We know you’ve been aching to see what all ten of the 2020 F1® cars will look like in-game. Well ache no more, as we’ve got a couple shots of them right here to feast your eyes on. I think you’ll agree, they are stunning. Have you got a favourite? Want to see them all? Just head here! PlayStation Store Pre-Orders Now Live Finally, we’re thrilled to say that PlayStation players are now able to pre-order both versions of the game on the PlayStation Store. We can’t thank you enough for your patience in waiting for these to be ready. You can pick up either version by heading to our pre-order page: https://bit.ly/F12020PreOrder If you already own F1 2019, you can get yourself a 10% discount on the Deluxe Schumacher Edition. Just head in-game to redeem it! F1® 2020’s release is almost upon us. In fact, by the next Racing Line those who’ve bought the Deluxe Schumacher Edition of F1® 2020 will be playing it… this is exciting stuff, and I can’t wait until then! – Jenny DIRT RALLY 2.0 Hello everyone – time for your regular Rally update: World RX Esports Series – The world’s best rallycross drivers were at it again this past weekend, taking on Norway’s Hell circuit in the second round of the World RX Esports Series. Just like at Yas Marina, over 20 races were packed into a two-hour show, providing many entertaining battles as World RX drivers, sim racers and special guests duked it out on one of the best circuits for racing. Shane van Gisbergen was the favourite heading into this after his dominant performance at Yas Marina, but would he win again? Here are the highlights, here are all of the races, and if you’re okay with spoilers, here is the full race report. The next round is at Sweden this Sunday, before we end the series in South Africa in July. The Solberg World Cup – After three months of rallying action, 17,000 entrants descended on Wales for the final rally of the Solberg World Cup. Coming out on top was a driver well-known for past esports success: Robin Jonsson from Sweden. On top of his podium finishes in the DiRT 4 and DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series, he now has the opportunity to drive a rally car for real, and learn from Oliver Solberg himself. To read quotes from Oliver and Robin on the event, head over here where we’ve shared them, and drop your experiences in the replies. As for me, I gave it a fair go and ended up just outside the Top 500 overall. I’m not “esports good” so to get a Top 3% performance feels great, and I’ve heard similar stories from many players after their six rallies, who challenged themselves to do well. The Solbergs were delighted with the response to this competition and have hinted that they may do another in the future. If that becomes a reality, we’ll let you know! That’ll do it for now, see you all on Sunday for some top-class rallycross action! – PJ F1® MOBILE RACING With the real-world F1 action set to return next weekend, there’s no better way to get ready for the new season than jumping into F1® Mobile Racing! With the 2020 Season Update now live, check out the official teams, cars, circuits and driver helmets of the new season, before the racing gets underway in Austria. As well as our usual thrilling PvP races, live multiplayer action and single-player racing, keep an eye out for special events. Now live is our 2020 Regulation Cars Event – a four-race series where you can represent your favourite team in their new machine and win huge rewards. The event is open until July 5, meaning you can take part all the way up to Austrian Grand Prix gets underway! – Chris ANY OTHER BUSINESS? We know it, you know it – gaming has the power to bring people together in any situation. As part of Loneliness Awareness Week, we’re working with Ukie to encourage everyone to find time to #PlayAndTalk during these unprecedented times. This past weekend saw the #PlayAndTalk event take place to tackle separation during lockdown. Head here to find out more. The amazing people over at SpecialEffect made us aware of the story of Aaron – a double-leg amputee who is still enjoying the joys of sim racing, thanks to a specially adapted steering wheel. After plenty of practice, Aaron has upgraded his setup with a racing rig, and is participating in sim racing leagues! Read more about the awesome Aaron here. We mentioned the first ever DIRT 5 hands-on session earlier on – and since the event we’ve had a huge number of content creators reach out to see how they can get involved. Racing Ahead, Codemasters’ program dedicated to finding and collaborating with talented creators, is what you’ll want to be involved in to be a part of future exclusive events. Find out more here. View the full article
  10. A racing story, amplified. The latest DIRT 5 video is now live, featuring interviews with voice-over cast Troy Baker, Nolan North and Donut Media, as well as Dialogue Producer Olly Johnson, revealing how the game’s unique and engaging narrative was pieced together.  With our latest video comes the launch date of October 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. More pre-orders are also now live for DIRT 5; head to dirtgame.com/dirt5 and pick the platform of your choice for all the latest links and details. Following October 9, DIRT 5 will also be launching on Xbox Series X and PlayStations, using the power of next-gen consoles to create an off-road racing game that’s truly groundbreaking – in more ways than one. Check out Xbox’s recent interview with Technical Director David Springate, for more information on the technical breakthroughs coming in DIRT 5’s next-gen launch. We’re massively excited to confirm October 9 as the beginning of DIRT 5’s launch, alongside some new in-game screenshots and a special video, featuring some of the stars of DIRT 5’s amplified world of racing. With Career mode being our focus throughout June, we wanted to deliver you some insight on how the series’ most ambitious story ever is weaved into DIRT 5’s Career, through the voice acting work of industry stars Troy Baker and Nolan North, along with James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes from the off-the-wall car culture channel Donut Media. Baker takes on the role of Alex ‘AJ’ Janicek, an icon of the DIRT World Series and fan favourite who becomes the player’s mentor. North, meanwhile, portrays Bruno Durand, the cold and calculated racer who’s hell-bent on dominating another racing series, by any means necessary. All the while, the Donut team host an in-game podcast that drives the story forward, with breaking news, major interviews and big-time pot-stirring on their audio show. We caught up with all four of the crew, as well as our Dialogue Producer Olly Johnson, to get all details on the DIRT 5 recording sessions and how their work brings the Career mode to life. From the extensive background material created for the main characters, to the unique approach to recording and storytelling, to the instant chemistry of everyone involved, this video sheds light on how the dynamic and entertaining narrative of DIRT 5 that you’ll experience was put together. This star-studded story sits in the franchise’s biggest Career mode to date, with 130 events, five chapters, nine event types, real-world sponsors, optional objectives, choice-driven progression and so much more. But don’t worry – we’ve got a full deep dive on Career that breaks it all down for you. We’ve got plenty more features to reveal for DIRT 5 on our journey to launch, beginning from October 9 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, followed shortly by Xbox Series X and PS5, then Google Stadia in early 2021. Chat with with team and fellow fans by joining the game’s official Discord channel. View the full article
  11. Hey everyone, As always, we hope you are all staying well and healthy, and hope our games are continuing to bring you entertainment and escapism during this time. For anyone playing Codies games right now, always feel free to drop us a message on our social channels, the Forums or official Discord channels. Show us what you’re up to and chat with the Codemasters team on all things DIRT, GRID and F1. Each of our live titles have been busy the last fortnight with big news drops, important updates and major events – and they were joined by the reveal of a new Slightly Mad Studios game! So, plenty to get through as always… DIRT 5 Well… we did tell you that DIRT 5’s focus for June would be on Career mode! Less than halfway through June and we’ve dropped a huge amount of details on how our amplified off-road racer’s main single-player mode will be laid out. We kicked off June with the reveal of the DIRT Podcast by Donut Media – DIRT 5’s in-game audio show, hosted by Donut’s James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes. This podcast drives the Career mode’s story forward with news drops, big interviews and pot-stirring galore. We’re taking some episodes of the show and posting them on an official SoundCloud page, to give you a taster of what to expect. Look out for a new episode tomorrow, with a special guest… Following that, we dropped the knowledge, with a full deep dive into Career mode’s story, progression, events and more. Check out the blog post for full details, but here are your headlines: Over 130 events across nine event types; a star-studded story with Troy Baker’s character (Alex ‘AJ’ Janicek) mentoring you and Nolan North’s character (Bruno Durand) going against you; choice-driven progression with multiple paths to the top; race for 20 real-world sponsors including Fatlace, Michelin and Monster Energy, each with unique liveries; team up with four-player split-screen integration… and breathe. Phew! DIRT 5’s Career is the most ambitious ever seen from the series. That’s what we’re getting at. On top of that, Technical Director David Springate joined Xbox’s Major Nelson to chat all things DIRT 5 on Xbox Series X, breaking down all the ways the game harnesses next-gen console power. Check out the video below, or the Xbox Wire post:  We’ve still got more to reveal this month, but for now, make sure to bookmark dirtgame.com/dirt5 for all news on pre-orders and more. Pre-orders on Steam are live, as well as selected retailers for Xbox One and PS4. We’ll keep you posted as more pre-orders are available, including for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Now… I need a lie down. – Chris GRID GRID has had some tweaks under the hood since our last update. Namely, fixing an irritating bug that stuck you in last place after completing hot lap qualifying. Make sure you update your game (and change your oil regularly) to ensure GRID is working at peak performance. Right now, Nintendo Switch players in select territories can get a discount on GRID Autosport. You’ll have to be quick though, the offer ends very soon! Head to the Nintendo eShop before the 14th of June to get the Nintendo Switch’s most authentic racing experience for 30% off. Don’t forget to head to our socials every Friday afternoon where we’ll be sharing the #FreeplayFriday challenge. Last week was in Paris with the Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth – think you can beat it? F1 Welcome to a brand new Racing Line – and as usual there’s an awful LOT to talk about this time around! Without any further ado, let’s get going, shall we? Michael Schumacher. Without question, the most successful F1® driver of all time, arguably the G.O.A.T. Last week, we released a trailer, narrated by F1®’s very own digital reporter Will Buxton, (or Heiko Wasser if you’re German-speaking) that looked at the four iconic cars that feature in the Deluxe Schumacher Edition of F1® 2020 – and forgive us if we get a bit misty-eyed.  And if you missed the news we released a few weeks ago, Will Buxton is going to be a part of F1® 2020… we’ll be showing you more on that soon! Ahead of last weekend’s Virtual Grand Prix, we released a hot lap around the streets of Baku in F1® 2020, and you can check this out here. Talking about Virtual Grand Prix – did you watch it this last weekend? If you didn’t, now is the perfect time to catch up. You missed an epic race from Jarno Opmeer in the F1® Esports Pro Exhibition race, as he made his debut for the Alfa Romeo Racing F1® Esports team! That action carried on to the Virtual Grand Prix too, as George Russell took an impressive third win in a row. Catch up with the F1® Esports Exhibition race highlights here, and the Virtual Grand Prix highlights here. The last Virtual Grand Prix on F1® 2019 will be taking place this weekend on the virtual Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. There’s one epic lineup for this race, so make sure you tune in live on F1®’s YouTube, Twitch and Facebook from 5 BST for the F1® Esports Pro Exhibition, and 6pm BST for the Virtual Grand Prix on Sunday June 14th! See you there, then? – Jenny DIRT RALLY 2.0 Hello everyone – here’s what’s going on in the world of Rally. World RX Esports Series – Yas Marina – After two successful World RX Esports Invitationals, a series of four events is now underway, taking us up to the end of July with more big-name rallycross action. Our recent event was held at the Yas Marina Circuit, with 20 pro drivers and 10 sim racers taking part in separate categories. Charles Leclerc was the star attraction, the Ferrari F1 driver getting a traditional rallycross welcome, with bumps and scrapes everywhere. He even rolled his car at one point, before getting the hang of things and winning his 4th Qualifying Heat. Sadly for Charles it wasn’t enough to take him into the Semi-Finals, but for those that did make it some hectic races awaited. If you haven’t seen the action yet, we’ve got a full playlist over on YouTube, and if you’re not worried about spoilers the race report is here. The next round is at Hell (Norway) on June 21. The Solberg World Cup – Final Round – Over 16,000 players have been rallying for the past few months and it all comes down to this, the Solberg World Cup’s final Event is upon us and we’re off to Wales. Many players, myself included, have been enjoying the Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 these past few months, so it only seems fitting that Volkswagen are lending their support behind the final round. They’re bringing some pretty sweet prizes, including the actual Manufacturers’ trophy from the 2014 Wales Rally, and a real-life steering wheel from their Polo GTI R5, converted for sim racing. The grand prize is still all to play for however, as the top drivers are very close in the standings. We’ll find out after this Sunday which of them will get to drive a real rally car with Oliver Solberg. If you fancy your chances or just want to play in the game’s largest Club, The Solberg World Cup ends on Sunday. Car of the Week – Last week’s featured car was the Porsche 911 SC RS, a beautiful machine from the 1980s with an iconic body. You can check it out here. I had a lot of fun throwing this car around Te Awanga Sprint Forward in New Zealand (the Stage you see in the video), the corners flow nicely and once you put the power down the car really sings. I put in more seat time after the video was recorded as I enjoyed the car so much; if you fancy taking on my best time I did a 3:28. That’s good enough for 39th in the world right now, but is certainly beatable if you put the hours in. This week’s car is the most dominant rallycross machine of all time, the Volkswagen Polo R Supercar. It won 11 of the 12 races in 2018’s FIA World Rallycross Championship, and Johan Kristoffersson is bringing it back as a private entry in 2020. It’ll be interesting to see how he fares against the Hansens and their menacing Peugeots. That’ll do it from me, see you out on the road. – PJ F1® MOBILE RACING A quick update on our free-to-play official F1 title, as we continue create new experiences and optimise the game following the roll-out of our huge update! The 2020 Season Update, adding the new team line-ups, driver helmets, cars and circuits. In plenty of time for the revised return of real-world F1, we’ve loved seeing new and existing fans get acquainted with the game, including diving into new GP Events and mastering our new handling and gameplay. As you dive into the 2020 update, we’ve laid down a little challenge for you all. With Circuit Zandvoort now added, we recorded a hot lap around the Dutch track of 1:10.04. Think you can beat that? Zandvoort is included in the special 70th Anniversary GP Event, which runs until June 20! – Chris ANY OTHER BUSINESS? – Ready to go on Your Ultimate Driver Journey? Project CARS 3, from the team at Slightly Mad Studios, has been revealed and launches this summer! Own and personalise a huge variety of road and race cars, customise your own racer, and hone your craft from rookie to world-beater across a stunning array of road and race circuits. Keep an eye out for news, gameplay and features on Project CARS 3 in the coming weeks. – Over the last week we’ve been putting the spotlight on some of the incredible team at Codemasters, who’ve helped the company effectively transition to remote working and continue creating new experiences for our players. Check out the Codies social feeds for quotes from multiple teams and studios, who’ve all pulled together to adapt to the new working routine. To everyone who has played their part: thank you! View the full article
  12. During DIRT 5’s reveal in May, we gave you a taste of what to expect in Career mode and promised a star-studded story within a huge mode with player-driven progression. Now, it’s time to tell all. Let’s take a drive through the Career mode of DIRT 5, stopping to check out a few new in-game screenshots along the way… OWN THE SPOTLIGHT In an off-road racing world full of superstars, DIRT 5’s Career tasks with you standing out above the rest, and making sure nobody ever forgets your name. The player is dropped into a world-renowned off-road racing series that delivers constant extreme action, continent to continent, in all manner of amplified events. As you begin to get your feet wet and make a buzz in the racing scene, you catch the eye of Alex Janiček – better known as AJ, voiced by the legendary Troy Baker. An undisputed superstar and fan favourite in the world of DIRT, AJ quickly takes you under his wing, showing you what it takes to rise to the top of the sport he has dominated for years. You’re not the only new racer making a splash, though. Enter Bruno Durand – the ultra-competitive, cold, calculated veteran, voiced by none other than Nolan North. A champion in other off-road disciplines, Bruno’s talent and star power mean a clash with AJ is inevitable, but the fallout from an epic race between these two icons lays the foundation for you to create your own legacy in the sport. The entire story, your journey, and much more are covered in depth by the DIRT Podcast by Donut Media, hosted by James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes from the Donut crew. Their energy and excitement match the vibe of DIRT’s racing world, and between events they react to all the key moments of your story, with special guests including AJ and Bruno, W Series champion Jamie Chadwick, and gaming and car culture personality SLAPTrain. All of this comes together for a deep, narrative-driven mode that sees you rise from obscurity to infamy in an amplified racing world. Well, only if you’ve got what it takes… CHOOSE YOUR PATH So that’s the story – but how will you experience it? The Career is split into five chapters to cover the key moments in the narrative. Each chapter offers multiple paths for the player to take, meaning you can choose which events you want to participate in through the chapter. If you want, you can still race in everything there is to offer, which is over 130 events across nine different race types, featuring every location in DIRT 5. Complete races to open new events in the chapter; the higher you place, the more Stamps you will earn. A certain amount of Stamps are needed to unlock the Main Event of each chapter, so the better you perform, the quicker you can progress. Main Events are the conclusion of each chapter and a tougher test for the player. Finish third or above to move onto the next chapter. But that’s not all. Complete certain objectives throughout Career events to unlock secret Throwdowns, where you go one-on-one with a fierce challenger in epic events. REPRESENT THE WORLD’S BIGGEST BRANDS To travel the world, race incredible vehicles and be part of this vibe, you’ll need sponsors. As a highly-touted rookie, the world is watching – and there are some major names that would like to speak with you… 20 real-world brands are available to sponsor you in Career mode, including the likes of Monster Energy, Sparco, Michelin, Fatlace and, yours truly, Codemasters. Each sponsor will have unique rewards when you sign with them, including an exclusive livery of that brand, stickers to use in the livery editor, and a currency signing bonus. Each sponsor will have objectives, both long and short-term, that they want you to hit in your Career. Do that and you’ll increase your Reputation Rank, which leads to an ultimate reward once you hit the top rank. Players can switch to a new sponsor whenever they want in Career, though the earlier you leave a sponsor, the less rewards you may receive, especially if you don’t meet your sponsor’s minimum race contract. So, will you stay loyal to one brand, or see what multiple sponsors have to offer along your journey in Career? The choice is yours. SHARE THE JOURNEY Wanna take some of your friends along for the ride? DIRT 5’s split-screen mode for up to four players is included in Career mode! For any of the Career events that feature multiple cars on track, each additional player takes the spot of an AI driver. They’re not just there to cheer you on, either; the highest finishing position of any player is the one that’s counted in Career, meaning you could earn more Stamps, more sponsor bonuses and more currency by teaming up. Whilst those rewards earned only count for the host player, each additional player will receive XP and currency rewards for their own accounts, which they’ll have whenever they next play DIRT 5 as the host player. Finally, the split-screen integration is a drop-in deal – so your pals can jump in or out of your Career journey whenever you want, without it halting your progression. Nice. So: a deep narrative, starring the world’s greatest voice acting talents and real-world car culture names; over 130 events and nine race types, with choice-driven progression and extra-special events; a detailed sponsorship feature with real brands and unique rewards to earn; and split-screen to share the fun with up to three friends. That just about wraps up DIRT 5’s Career – the biggest, boldest Career the franchise has ever seen. Got what it takes to ensure nobody ever forgets your name? DIRT 5 launches from October for Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam, and for Google Stadia in early 2021. Follow @dirtgame on Twitter and Instagram for news and general DIRT debauchery, use #DIRT5 to give us your thoughts, and talk to the team in the official DIRT 5 Discord server. View the full article
  13. CodiesBlogBot

    DIRT 5 Rear View – May 2020

    All the way to DIRT 5’s launch from October, there will be a lot of detail that we’ll be bringing you. So, at the end of each month, we’ll bring you a round-up of all the big news and features on Codemasters’ first next-gen game, and the latest chapter in a legendary off-road racing franchise. Welcome to the first DIRT 5 Rear View, as we recap May and cover everything you need to know. Sitting comfortably? LET LOOSE First announced during Microsoft’s Inside Xbox show on May 7, DIRT 5 launches from October for PC, both next-gen and current-gen consoles for Xbox and PlayStation, as well as Google Stadia in early 2021. DIRT 5’s announce trailer is below, showcasing the first clutch of DIRT 5’s car roster on three of the game’s brand new environments (New York, China, Norway), soundtracked by ‘Time To Dance’ (Sebastian Remix) by The Shoes.  We’ve already revealed some major features for DIRT 5, including four-player split-screen, a star-studded story-based Career mode, photo mode and the deepest livery editor ever seen in the DIRT franchise. There’s much more to be revealed though – each month we’ll be focusing on a key feature of DIRT 5, so mark your calendars, people. Oh, and if you want to make sure you’re first to hear about all the big news, chat with fellow fans, and talk with the DIRT 5 team, head to the game’s official Discord channel, which has been lively all month long. PRE-ORDER DETAILS We’ll be keeping you posted at all times on pre-orders for DIRT 5. Right now, pre-orders are live on Steam, including a 10% discount on the Amplified Edition for players of previous DIRT games! Elsewhere, DIRT 5 is available for pre-order on Xbox One and PS4 from selected retailers. With the game launching across six different platforms from October, we’ll keep you posted on all news. Dirtgame.com/dirt5/preorder is your one-stop shop for all pre-orders as they go live. DONUT MEDIA MO POWAH BABEH! It’s been awesome to see the excitement from fans around Donut Media’s involvement in DIRT 5. Many of you spotted the Ford Mustang in the announce trailer, complete with a unique Donut Media livery, sporting plenty of references from their channel such as ‘Buff Horses’ and 502 – the area code that Donut’s James Pumphrey grew up in. Make sure to check out Donut Media’s channel, and keep an eye out for more details on the deeper role they play in DIRT 5. ONLY THE BEST We are delighted to have Troy Baker and Nolan North on board for DIRT 5 – two icons in the world of voice acting and gaming, who are lending their talents to a Codemasters title for the very first time. In June we will be revealing much more about how Troy and Nolan fit into DIRT 5. Speaking with them recently, we know they’re excited for everyone to see not just the parts they play, but the unique style and approach that went into delivering their performances. Much more on that to come throughout June. And no, we haven’t brought them in to just make engine noises. EXTRA, EXTRA! Looking for more DIRT 5 goodness? Stop the presses – we got out the ink and quill this month and delivered some more details on DIRT 5 with a few friends. Head to Xbox Wire, PlayStation.blog and Red Bull Gaming for some highly-suggested reading that breaks down the announce trailer, gives some development team insight, and offers a glimpse at what’s to come between now and October. On top of that, Development Director Robert Karp also sat down with the Inside Xbox team this month to give some more DIRT 5 details. Already confirmed for DIRT 5 on Xbox Series X is a 120fps setting, as well as Smart Delivery: if you purchase DIRT 5 on Xbox One, you’ll receive the game on Xbox Series X, for free, if and when you switch up to the new console. DISHING THE DIRT This past week we kicked off the first stage of our ‘Dishing the DIRT’ project, with well over 10 minutes of insight from the DIRT development team on the present and future of the franchise. With DIRT 5 and DiRT Rally 2.0 developed by separate studios, the teams go into detail on how this approach ensures different, dedicated experiences for all fans of off-road racing. Whether you love the authenticity and challenge of the Rally series, or you’re a long-time fan of the bright, bold, amplified approach of the numbered DIRT games, we’re creating games that quench that thirst of yours! Head to our Dishing the DIRT playlist to find out more. WHAT’S NEXT? That wraps up our first month on the journey to DIRT 5’s launch, so pack your bags and buckle up for June, where Career mode will be our focus! We’ll be talking star-studded storylines featuring Troy Baker and Nolan North, how the Donut Media team and other big automotive names are involved, progression paths, amount of events, and other big features in Career that have been big community requests. Get ready – you won’t want to miss any of this. View the full article
  14. Hey everyone, As always, we want to kick off by sending our best wishes to everyone during these times, and we hope everyone is staying healthy and happy. Our thanks and support go out once again to the entire Codemasters community, with so many of you turning to gaming and sharing your experiences with us. From screengrabs to video clips, stories to YouTube series, we love to see how you are enjoying our games! Whilst you play, we’re continuing to design and create – and there’s plenty of news to catch up on over the last two weeks. Here’s your fortnightly dose of announcements, insight and content from Codemasters. As usual, it’s a hefty running order… F1 Hey there! It’s time for another Racing Line, and have we been busy since then! Last week, we released a hot lap of Monaco in F1® 2020, ahead of the Virtual Grand Prix this weekend. We jumped on- board Pierre Gasly’s AlphaTauri for a lap of the Circuit de Monaco in F1® 2020 – checking out some of F1® best known landmarks along the way! If you missed it, you can watch it right here:  …and this leads us very nicely on to this weekend’s Virtual Grand Prix! F1® drivers, including Valtteri Bottas, Alex Albon and Antonio Giovanazzi, Despacito singer Luis Fonso and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang joined the grid for this weekend’s Virtual Grand Prix around the Circuit de Monaco in F1® 2019. It was Haas’s Pietro Fittipaldi who took pole position in a very wet qualifying in the principality, and after a chaotic start (“no heroics into Sainte Devote, please!”), it was George Russell who took a very commanding win. Elsewhere, in the F1® Esports Exhibition race, it was a tense few laps as (spoiler!) Racing Point’s Lucas Blakely took his debut esports win! You can catch the Virtual Grand Prix in full here. Before we go, we also released some very pretty (if we say so ourselves) F1® 2020 screenshots. You can find all of them in our Facebook gallery right here, though we’ve picked some of our favourites below! See you next time! – Jenny DIRT 5 Let’s take stock then, shall we? We’ve *just* about calmed down from the reveal of DIRT 5 at the beginning of May. If you think you’ve missed anything, our announcement blog post covers all the info we’ve revealed so far. We’re already set to keep you posted on pre-order details as they go live; if you’re looking to play on PC and you’ve previously played a DiRT game on Steam, there’s a 10% discount waiting for you if you pre-order the Amplified Edition. Sweet! That’s just the tip of the iceberg, too – we’ve laid out our monthly feature focuses between now and DIRT 5’s launch from October. With June just around the corner, we’ll be diving deep into the game’s star-studded Career mode, breaking down all aspects of the story, progression, features, and the roles played by Troy Baker, Nolan North and others. You won’t want to miss this. In the meantime, make sure to check out our new ‘Dishing the DIRT’ video series, which went live this week with well over 10 minutes of development team insight into the present and future of DIRT franchise, how DIRT 5 and the Rally series differ, and how our two dedicated studios are pushing the limits with dedicated off-road experiences. Get it watched!  If you want to be first to all the big DIRT 5 news, interact with fellow fans, and chat with me and other members of the team, the official DIRT 5 Discord is where you want to be. – Chris GRID We’ve been really enjoying what content creators have been uploading over the last couple weeks. Racing Ahead creators BlackPanthaa and GTR Technical have both gone down two very different routes for videos on GRID. BlackPanthaa wanted to revisit GRID for the first time since launch, as he wrestled with the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport around Suzuka Circuit, San Francisco, and others. Head to his YouTube to check out the full video. GTR Technical on the other hand found out that on GRID for PC, you can pretty much get any USB device working with the game in one way or another. Naturally, his first thought was to get a flight stick working. Take a look at his video to see how he got on. There’s some information over on our Forums to show how you can configure devices of all shapes and sizes to work with GRID. If anyone can complete a couple laps using a DDR mat, we’d love to see it. Next week should see the release of a scheduled patch across all platforms, fixing some issues including the hot lap qualifying bug. Keep an eye on the official GRID Forums for all the details. DIRT RALLY 2.0 Hi everyone, here’s your usual Rally update: World RX Esports Invitational Series – After the success of the first two Invitationals, World RX have set up four more to take part over the coming months. This weekend we’re off to Yas Marina, June sees us visit Norway and Sweden, and in July we’re off to South Africa. Following all that real-world racing should hopefully kick off again! Head to the World RX pages for driver announcements and livestreams this Sunday, they always deliver great action. The Solberg World Cup – We’re in the home stretch with Oliver Solberg’s big DiRT Rally 2.0 Club Championship, as over 16,000 competitors tackle Finland and Wales. Last time out it was the tree-lined roads of New England, USA, which are as deadly as they are beautiful. I’ve been doing well in the World Cup so far, but here was where I had my first big failing, a DNF on the first Stage. It was a shock to say the least, but looking back at my run I realised I was driving too impatiently after the puncture, and it snowballed from there. I wasn’t alone however, rally legend Petter Solberg also crashed out, and from what the top players have been telling me, this was the toughest rally so far as everyone’s pushing for that top spot. Here’s what Oliver had to say about it all, read the report here: “Those are some of my favourite roads. They flow so nicely and you can really have a lot of fun in them. It was nice to be leading for a while, but I knew some of the other guys would come past – they are so fast! I’ve got to be honest, I was a little bit disappointed not to make the top 10 on this one. In the practice things went really well and I actually own some of the records for some of these stages, but I had some small issues in the rally. Now I have to focus more to Finland. If we thought the New England Rally was fast then the next round’s going to get even quicker. Car of the Week – A new video series kicked off last week, where we look at some of the standout cars from DiRT Rally 2.0. Every week we’ll put a car in the spotlight, share some interesting facts, and show the machine in action. It’s been fun to put these together, and to get behind the wheel of some cars I don’t typically use on a regular basis. The Audi Sport quattro S1 E2 is an absolute monster, and the Porsche 911 RGT Rally Spec has an addictive noise. Before I sign off, here’s a fun challenge if you’re brave enough. Head to Paskuuri, Finland, in the Audi Sport quattro S1 E2, and try to go from the start to the “Yellow House Jump” without ever lifting off the throttle. There’s about 17 jumps between those two points, in what is the single scariest stretch of road in the entire game. How scary is it? After my run I’m still having flashbacks! That’ll do it for me today, catch you all again soon,– PJ F1® MOBILE RACING Ready to play? The much-anticipated 2020 Season Update for F1® Mobile Racing is now live on iOS and Android! The new update adds the official cars, drivers and race helmets, along with the addition of Circuit Zandvoort! Hanoi Circuit is also on the way, as part of a separate free update very soon. New GP Events and a revamped handling system, based on community feedback, is also included in the new update. That takes F1® Mobile Racing into its third real-season, with the free-to-play handheld title stronger than ever, filled with fresh events, new challenges, updated gameplay and handling systems, and so much more. It’s been an awesome journey with over 18 million global downloads, and the pace just keeps getting quicker! Make sure to read up on everything included in the 2020 Season Update, available now, by checking out our blog post. – Chris ANY OTHER BUSINESS? – We’ve just revealed the first gameplay footage from the upcoming Fast & Furious Crossroads, as well as an updated release date of August 7th, 2020. Head to the Codies News site for a link to the trailer and more information about the star-studded game, developed by Slightly Mad Studios. – Thank you to everyone who spoke with us and shared their stories during Mental Health Awareness Week. Through Codemasters channels we asked our community to spread positive vibes through their experiences with our games. Make sure to check out our posts around this for both some amazing stories, and some important links and advice for anyone wanting to discuss their mental health with official organisations confidentially. Again: thank you. View the full article
  15. How time flies, eh? We are now moving towards the third real-world F1 season to be featured in F1® Mobile Racing! It’s been a brilliant journey, and one where we’ve always worked hard to stay in line with real world F1. That continues with Update 12, as F1® Mobile Racing out now on iOS and Android – introduces the next chapter of the world’s most famous motorsport, releasing May 26th! First up: the 2020 cars! As we saw with the 2019 season update last year, all official F1 cars in the current game will be replaced by their 2020 counterparts – so each teams 2020 regulation contender will take the place of its 2019 official car. Already own any of the official 2019 season cars? You’ll receive the regulation 2020 version of any team car you own, as a free replacement, as soon as Update 12 is released! No purchase or action is required for those who already own official team cars, and your new regulation cars will be waiting for you in your Garage. Don’t own an official car? Want to get behind the wheel of one this season? Head to the in-game store or the Garage once Update 12 drops, where regulation cars will be available for purchase using Credits! A big thank you to everyone who participated in Update 11’s Pre-Season Test GP Event, where players got a taste of the updated handling and R&D models for the game. All changes made to car physics are designed to add yet more realism to the feel of F1® Mobile Racing, and further reward the fastest and most consistent drivers in the game. During the test, we took on player feedback both from our social channels and a survey sent to the Pre-Season Test participants, to help us refine the physics ahead of its full deployment in this update. The new car physics will apply in all modes across the game, so get ready to master the new system and make full use of the updated R&D options to race your way to the top . Next, let’s talk about future events in F1® Mobile Racing! The level of interest, participation and drama that we saw in the 2019 Season Championship was truly stunning, and we loved seeing all players battle it out on global leaderboards all season long for huge rewards. 2020 is gearing up to be all that, and then some. This is all set to arrive in a later update alongside the start of the real world 2020 FIA Formula One World Championship. Until then, we have some great events lined up. We have F1’s 70th anniversary celebrations, in the form of the 70th Anniversary Championship. This one-time-only GP Event takes players to five of the most iconic circuits and nations of the sport’s history, including Silverstone, Monaco and the newly-added Zandvoort! We’ve combined them for a special championship which reflects the first ever F1® championship that occurred in 1950, with new and unique rewards available to all! Alongside these unique championships, we have changed the way you can access all future events and championships. From now on, GP Events will be available from the date that they are unlocked, until the final day of the championship they are within. Every event will cost a one-time fee to enter; you then have unlimited access until the championship is closed. That means unlimited retries! Additionally, you will no longer have to wait to claim your hard-earned rewards. With the updated milestone rewards system, once you score enough points to unlock a reward, you receive it straight away. Once the championship ends, the final rewards are handed out. So, keep your eye on the learderboards and use those unlimited retries to get the best rewards possible! Update 12 takes F1® Mobile Racing into a new generation, with huge gameplay changes and major new events. It’s time to stake your claim as the fastest once again, coming May 26th! View the full article