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  1. No chance, they couldn't even be bothered to remove the extra sets when they removed 2 practice sessions from the game... Here's what you could have used if we hadn't taken away your practice sessions. Amateur.
  2. Good stuff! What is your input device and assist levels?
  3. Front brake balance needs to go forward as in real life. Rears lock with 50/50.
  4. SCfreak, are you using cockpit view and no racing line? If not you should perhaps try that on expert. The are other ways to increase or decrease the difficulty not just the AI speed.
  5. You will love it then as long as you are happy not to use online yet. I have same setup as you apart from elite pedals not clubsport but the handling this year is spot on in my view. 
  6. Can you put full lock on with a pad at 100mph? Nope, with a wheel you can. That is an extreme example but the steering assist limits the amount of steering angle you can apply based on your speed. It's not a 1:1 input ratio but a wheel is. Yes, this can make you more precise and responsive with a wheel but with a pad you can't ever apply more steering angle than there is grip available. That ultimately makes it easier to be quick.
  7. I personally love the new handling, perhaps the AI needs a tweak instead? I've just started a new career on expert after years of competing at legend. I feel expert is a much more realistic pace given that the drivers are rarely flat out this year. For me on legend I'm having to go flat out just to keep the cars in sight let alone overtake anything. Definitely having to swallow my pride and drop down to expert to get enjoyment out of career mode at the moment. Really am loving the handling with a wheel this year. So hard but exactly as I imagined it should be.
  8. Hammy, no, what you're experiencing is what all the wheel users are experiencing and that is the correct experience. 2014 is by far the trickiest in terms of getting the power down and that's a true reflection of the real F1 cars with the reg changes this season. What pad users are experiencing, as well as the OP due to starting his game on keyboard (PC), is being able to apply the throttle as though there is traction control on even with the TC assist disabled. Pad users are commenting on how easy this years game is even with the TC assist off but you are clearly not finding this the case al
  9. It's the pad users complaining too. They are saying it's too easy. There are facts and they are pads have steering assist (max steering angle limited by speed) and now they have TC on even when it's selected as off. I could cope with steering assist for pads but not traction assist, it has to be a bug.
  10. That says it all really. You shouldn't be able to play F1 with a keyboard on anything other than TC full.
  11. Hello all, reference the reports that pad users have traction assist even without TC on can we all list what input device we use and if there is more or less rear grip than last years game. Hopefully this will identify a trend and get looked at. The pad users are missing out because the handling is the most tricky yet by far. me, wheel, much less rear grip and very happy with handling.
  12. Our racing is so clean that I had to come on here to BUMP
  13. It's good to see us getting back up and running after the sync issues devastated our leagues as well as most others. Come and join our no-assists community at www.f1wwr.webs.com
  14. We have 13 signed up for this weeks race in China, 3 seats left for the most challenging format going. www.f1wwr.webs.com
  15. mgmikeyt

    100% Race

    Hi Jamie, If you don't have any luck setting something up then we already have a 100% league which takes place on grand prix Sundays at 20:30 GMT. Round 4 is China this Sunday. If you're interested get yourself signed up at www.f1wwr.webs.com - It's called The Overdose League. Regards, Mike - FC
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