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  1. Buckwilder

    Force Feedback & handling fix

    Good to hear it’s working out for you - but for those using the Thrustmaster TX, it’s not very good. Admittedly we need to allow some time, and I will be waiting patiently. I guess I just didn’t understand Chris’ remark about wanting feedback (no pun intended), on an issue when comments have been discussed at length regarding a specific wheel about the general lack of feel and overall poor FFB. I shelled out $130 CAD for the Ultimate Edition, and the experience on the wheel thus far, has been very un-Ultimate.
  2. Buckwilder

    Force Feedback & handling fix

    Hi Chris, I am confused by this remark. People have been commenting about the FFB since the game released, all kinds of commentary has been given in regards to its feel (or lack thereof). Weak rumble over bumps (muted suspension feel), zero feeling of tire slip, lack of adjustable parameters to tailor FFB setting globally (damper, slip, vibration, mechanical trail, pneumatic trail and so on). Why months after release are we pretending as though this issue is new and CM is compiling feedback? There are messages about the issues in both the general discussion forum, and technical assistance sections alike. Personally I have asked a few times, as have many others...this is not new-news. I had to shelve the game on account of the FFB, as have many others. I would have thought a fix was in the works by now. Sad to see we’ve only just begun the process of taking feedback to the handling team to remedy the issues.
  3. Buckwilder


    Would like to know as well. Seems CM has gone radio silent on this topic! I am no longer playing sadly, FFB is just to unbearable.
  4. Buckwilder

    Hidden handling effects

    Autospin kerbs, lol Avoid them at all costs, or let off the throttle. Ridiculous they are.
  5. Buckwilder

    GRID Wheel Support

    Because there is wheel support, but not FFB support 😂
  6. Goes like this; Grip, no grip, unrecoverable (blink). And whatever you do - don’t touch the rumble strips, those are shark infested waters while on-throttle. Humour aside, no it’s not you. There is a fundamental lack of handling balance - add in a wheel, and the bare bones, uninspiring and totally devoid of any tire slip FFB makes the matter even worse. There is ZERO indication of traction loss, or gain. Very frustrating to say the least. Not playing anymore sadly until they fix it. IF they fix it.
  7. Buckwilder

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    +1 I’m just really not digging the FFB. Too bad, game has promise but this is a deal-breaker for me, sadly.
  8. Buckwilder

    Welcome to the new GRID

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - released with new version dash cam (poorly received), and driver cam that is fully adjustable. No FOV on Consoles. People complained - bring back old dash cam from DiRT Rally 1.0 - 6 months later, done. Still no FOV option for those who prefer driver cam. Grid - released with new dash cam - likely in light of the fact that most preferred said cam as a result of feedback from DiRT Rally 2.0. This game has FOV adjustability for consoles and driver cam, but curiously seating position is non-adjustable. 🤨 Why not release both games with FOV, new dash cam, old dash cam, and driver cam that is adjustable? Mind boggling is the driver cam Grid! Sure you can narrow FOV but it is still way too far back. Playing with dash cam deletes all the wonderful eye candy and removes the immersion (often feels as though you are sitting too high, like the wheel is just beneath the headliner. The original dash cam in DiRT Rally 2.0 is/was more of a necessary evil because of how much time you spend sideways, so seeing the road more completely helps. Road racing - I’ll take driver cam all day every day, but we need to be able to adjust both axis so people can orientate the view to their particular set up. Really hope they add in an update, and soon.
  9. Buckwilder


    @ChrisGrovesMCM Any headway/feedback from the handling team on this - and/or FFB fix’s on the whole (for all supported peripherals)?
  10. Buckwilder


    WRC8 is not a game by Codemasters. Even if it was - why are you posting in the Grid Technical Assistance page?!?
  11. Buckwilder

    Starting order in MP

    Race # 1 - Random positions on the starting grid (no pun intended)...all good, no issue with that. However, if I win the first race - why now am I starting at the end of the grid in the second event? Your finishing position after race # 1 should have at least some(?) influence on the starting position in the next race, and so on... Seems like the more I win an event, the more I get shoved to the end of the line in subsequent races. Makes no sense.
  12. Buckwilder

    GRID Wheel Support

    Lengthy list of supported peripherals, which is great. Now...if we could only get FFB that didn’t feel half-baked, we’d be all set.
  13. Yeah I bought the Ultimate Edition - digitally. Get ready for this - $130 CAD. 🥴
  14. Buckwilder

    Rumble strips

    Yeah well that’s the thing - when the spin begins, applying opposite lock tends to whip the car around at light speed in the other direction, especially on the higher powered cars. In a game that takes handling liberties like Grid, I feel like this sensitivity needs to be dialed back, if only by a small amount.
  15. Buckwilder

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Force Feedback

    Ice - no feeling, fine. Nor should there be...its ice. Gravel, dirt and snow - all good IMO. The real issue here is tarmac...which is why so many people do not like Monte. Combine dead wheel on ice with almost dead wheel on tarmac - and driving on Monte with all the transitions between the two surface types becomes very cumbersome. Having spent the last few weeks playing Grid - and experiencing the same numb feeling there; leads me to believe that the issue with ‘proper’ FFB and hard surfaces extends beyond CM’s perception what FFB is like in a Rally Car. Not sure if it is the game engine, or the base code for FFB, or how CM wraps hardware-related program metadata in to their platforms, but something always seems to get lost in translation when it comes to tarmac. Coincidence - not. On the topic of enhanced FFB for DR2.0 - I’m of the opinion to leave well enough alone on un-paved surfaces, but definitely address the tarmac issue. Hopefully the next generation of games will bring forth a new engine, that re-thinks how FFB code is modelled. Lalyrn has a good point insofar as FFB options, and how they should be made available to offer different users a range of options and/or presets to suit their particular tastes. Those who want ‘canned’ effects - here ya go. Those who have higher end hardware and direct drive set ups where forces are replicated in a more 1:1 fashion - can defeat/disable said ‘artificial’ forces. In a day and age where virtually every consumer electronic device/interface known to man is user-adjustable to preference, it should behoove game devs to act in kind. People like choices, and gamers are becoming increasingly discerning about their tastes as sim-tech evolves.