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  1. Buckwilder


    Would like to know as well. Seems CM has gone radio silent on this topic! I am no longer playing sadly, FFB is just to unbearable.
  2. Buckwilder

    GRID Wheel Support

    Because there is wheel support, but not FFB support 😂
  3. Buckwilder

    Welcome to the new GRID

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - released with new version dash cam (poorly received), and driver cam that is fully adjustable. No FOV on Consoles. People complained - bring back old dash cam from DiRT Rally 1.0 - 6 months later, done. Still no FOV option for those who prefer driver cam. Grid - released with new dash cam - likely in light of the fact that most preferred said cam as a result of feedback from DiRT Rally 2.0. This game has FOV adjustability for consoles and driver cam, but curiously seating position is non-adjustable. 🤨 Why not release both games with FOV, new dash cam, old dash cam, and driver cam that is adjustable? Mind boggling is the driver cam Grid! Sure you can narrow FOV but it is still way too far back. Playing with dash cam deletes all the wonderful eye candy and removes the immersion (often feels as though you are sitting too high, like the wheel is just beneath the headliner. The original dash cam in DiRT Rally 2.0 is/was more of a necessary evil because of how much time you spend sideways, so seeing the road more completely helps. Road racing - I’ll take driver cam all day every day, but we need to be able to adjust both axis so people can orientate the view to their particular set up. Really hope they add in an update, and soon.
  4. Buckwilder


    @ChrisGrovesMCM Any headway/feedback from the handling team on this - and/or FFB fix’s on the whole (for all supported peripherals)?
  5. Buckwilder


    WRC8 is not a game by Codemasters. Even if it was - why are you posting in the Grid Technical Assistance page?!?
  6. Buckwilder

    GRID Wheel Support

    Lengthy list of supported peripherals, which is great. Now...if we could only get FFB that didn’t feel half-baked, we’d be all set.
  7. Buckwilder

    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

    Correct - and this thread was to update people on the status of known issues and game bugs and assure folks they are being worked on.
  8. Buckwilder

    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

    1 week in - and you have played every track, and every variant so much that you are now bored and so more tracks are a pressing need? Come on man. Let the game stretch its virtual legs a little - there are other legitimately pressing needs that need to be addressed firstly. Once the core experience has been adjusted/improved - then we can clamour about content and DLC (which is inevitably forthcoming anyways).
  9. Buckwilder


    Likewise here, Thrustmaster TX. FFB is very light, suspension feeling is almost non-existent. I’m certain this will get a patch ASAP (at least I hope this the case).
  10. Buckwilder

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Add seat adjustability in cockpit view, please! FOV setting is great, now if we could just get a little closer to the dash...
  11. I have the same issue. Is your TV the 65”NU8000? In my case it seems like something to do with Netflix when it is being used on another TV in my house. I am using a Chromecast on the other TV, but I have the option to cast from my phone to either the TV it is on, or my Samsung Smart TV. It’s like when someone in my house signs out of Chromecast, it causes an interruption on my TV as Netflix disconnects from both possible access points. A possible fix might be to log out of your Samsung account on your TV. Barring that I am not sure, but sure as heck is annoying when I am mid stage in DiRT 2.0, and then bam - black screen etc.
  12. Buckwilder

    WRC 9

    Yeah would be cool. That said, it would remove some of the creative liberties that CM enjoys and hold them hostage to WRC licensing etc. Maybe we leave well enough alone? 🤔
  13. Buckwilder

    WRC 9

    Well...I had preordered a few weeks back and then cancelled. Thank goodness. The frame rate at 30 was enough to turn me off - the rest of the noted inadequacies just cemented my decision... Enough is enough with Kylotonn then - WRC ought to give the licence to CM, and let them knock it out of the park on next Gen consoles with the release of DR3.0
  14. Buckwilder

    Creating custom championships

    Yup. Did a custom the other day. It’s too lengthy a process. Why not a system where you just select the various stages with a check and then confirm once they are all highlighted? What’s worse, is every time you pick a stage and then go back in to the location it starts you at the beginning so you need to scroll a few stages before you get to the next one you want.
  15. Buckwilder

    WRC 9

    Supposing every other aspect of the game measured up, the co-driver alone is reason for pause. What on earth were they thinking? What amazing things CM could do with the WRC licence...