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  1. Buckwilder

    Please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0

    Yup. I preferred the calls in DR1. One would think (and it would stand to reason), the calls in the DR2 would be equal too - if not better than its predecessor- sadly that is not the case.
  2. I have the same issue. Is your TV the 65”NU8000? In my case it seems like something to do with Netflix when it is being used on another TV in my house. I am using a Chromecast on the other TV, but I have the option to cast from my phone to either the TV it is on, or my Samsung Smart TV. It’s like when someone in my house signs out of Chromecast, it causes an interruption on my TV as Netflix disconnects from both possible access points. A possible fix might be to log out of your Samsung account on your TV. Barring that I am not sure, but sure as heck is annoying when I am mid stage in DiRT 2.0, and then bam - black screen etc.
  3. Buckwilder

    Dirt Rally 2: analog handbrake request

    There is a thread about this in the DiRT section of the forums. Analog handbrake support is coming in patch 1.9 (confirmed by CM) - which if I am not mistaken; is set to roll out first week of October.
  4. Buckwilder

    analog handbrake

    October 1st, I think.
  5. Buckwilder

    Please review the co driver on dirt rally 2.0

    In my experience Poland has the most call errors. There are a few 6’s that are 4’s, and vice versa. There is one section where he calls 4 right about 200M before the turn occurs. There is also the blatant immediate 6 right over jump in to 1 right and 2 left sequence that happens way to fast and the call spacing does not pace the sequence correctly. Used to get me all the time but now I know it and slow down in time. I feel like the notes could be vastly improved. Never mind changing the verbiage or adding new remarks, but just tighten up the timing, and the accuracy. No matter how well I know the tracks, I still rely on the pace notes heavily and they fool me from time to time because when I am in the ‘flow’ it’s second nature to react based on the call despite muscle memory of the track knows better when the call is wrong. Call it splitting hairs or nit-picking, but in a Rally game the notes should be spot-on.
  6. Buckwilder

    Tarmac Physics and FFB

    Agreed - I have no issues with gravel or dirt, they seem just right to me personally. In most cases they are slippery enough, and I can easily rotate the car with throttle, brake, handbrake - or a combination of all three.
  7. Buckwilder

    Will there be more Seasons than 4?

    Don’t believe that info has been released. I think a lot of folks are wanting Hill Climb...which I think will find its way in. Personally, I would prefer more Rally locations...Mexico, Turkey, to name a few. Here’s to hoping!
  8. Buckwilder

    Upcoming dash cam?

    Agreed - unless they release dash cam with FOV adjustability. As I eluded to above, dash cam while great - is inherently limiting (potentially), as it calls in to question the ability to retain use of the camera shake slider. Some locations (achem - Argentina), are nothing short of unplayable without the ability to tame the jarring camera motion to some degree... Full X and Y axis adjustability of the seat would be the optimal solution, as it would allow you to get as close (or far), and as high (or low), as you want. All in-car views are not created equal, many of them suffer from horrible A pillar /roll cage location, so more axis adjustability - the better.
  9. Agreed. In a word - stupid. I suffer from the same issue...70% performance on a part I can’t replace...until what, I break it mid stage? Maybe it would not have broken if I could have replaced it to begin with! I have $6.5M to burn, let me change my parts FFS!
  10. You are right about center being more sensitive, but wrong insofar as saying the car is initially less sensitive. In fact, with negative linearity the car will react more quickly as soon as you turn the wheel left or right past the twelve o’clock position. I have mine at -3. Anything more negative and the car gets too twitchy will small inputs. When you adjust saturation on the other hand, all you are doing in essence is lowering DOR. Meaning that proportionately speaking less DOR will result in the wheels turning more. Direct copy off the CM Input Guide: STEERING LINEARITY Zero linearity makes steering directly proportional to your input, which can feel more consistent. High linearity can make your steering feel less sensitive for small inputs, but can feel inconsistent. Conversely, negative linearity (wheel input only) can make your steering feel more sensitive for small inputs. All settings give maximum steering angle at full input. STEERING SATURATION Sets the percentage of input that is required to achieve full input. A low percentage reduces the amount of input to reach 100% lock for your steering wheel.
  11. Buckwilder

    Tarmac Physics and FFB

    My issue is not so much with the grip or lack thereof - in fact in that respect it seems ok I feel. My concern was more cantered around the feeling transmitted back through the wheel, to indicate grip, or loss of grip. When the car is not sliding the self aligning torque and ‘bite’ feel understated. I have a very difficult time judging that ‘critical mass’ point - meaning when the car is going to break loose there is nothing through the wheel that suggests the car is at its limit.
  12. 🤷‍♂️ Good question, one would hope!
  13. Buckwilder

    Discrepancy with race net ........

    There is a thread devoted to this topic: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/34815-dirt-rally-20-racenet-connectivity-issues/ And yes, it sucks. 😕
  14. Buckwilder

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - RaceNet Connectivity Issues

    True story. I don’t work in IT, but rather in Sales for tech-based company, and in our line of work hours of operation for IT or NT are 24/7. System resets, network and connectivity issues are an omnipresent issue in this day and age - especially with the increasing amount of DRM and IOT (smart devices and perpetual connectivity). Pretty crappy that we can’t play on the weekend because no one is available. Worst of all, most of these DRM issues can be addressed remotely. It’s not like someone has to power down the mainframe, or hit the big red ‘RESET’ button, lol CM - if you want to have an always on line game - and control single player activities via remote server like Race Net - then implement it with the understanding that additional costs will be incurred to support and trouble shoot outside of normal business hours.
  15. Buckwilder

    Tarmac Physics and FFB

    While by no means unplayable, this game (like its predecessor), is lacking in this domain. Perhaps this post belongs in the FFB thread (?) - but I feel the FFB in other locations is livable and quite good all things considered. However, the tarmac stages leave me ‘wanting’. Improvement in this capacity would absolutely make this game feel ‘whole’... I hope we see a future patch address this, it would be amazing if CM could recreate the same kind of true-to-life feeling on paved surfaces as they have captured so well on gravel/dirt.