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  1. Buckwilder

    Upcoming PS5, texture update possible?

    Would agree here. The marriage of CM & Slightly Mad, means the entire physics modelling system will be improved. Hello hopefully better Tarmac Physics!! 🙏
  2. Sadly, only three players last night on XB1. Begs the question - is there really that little amount of people playing, or is this a matchmaking issue/limitation? How can there only be 3-4 players on Xbox globally? Either that is the case, or there is match making or session (connection-based), restrictions. Either way - hoping the user base increases...need...more...people.
  3. Buckwilder

    Thrustmaster FFB fixed ?

    Tried Grid last night, and wow! The FFB has been vastly improved on my TX (playing on XB1). i see they added in sliders for FFB as well, tire slip, wheel friction etc. What a huge difference! Now back on board - just hope we can get some more people in the lobby’s/sessions.
  4. Buckwilder

    Thrustmaster FFB fixed ?

    Are you on PC?
  5. Buckwilder

    Thrustmaster FFB fixed ?

    Nice buy on the TS-XW. Want to get it also, but have no need for the rim or the pedals...wish they sold the base as a stand-alone. Bothers me as the PS4 has the T-GT stand-alone base, which is the same I believe as the TS-XW base.
  6. Buckwilder

    Thrustmaster FFB fixed ?

    This guide points to PC users...what about console players? The game has been out since October, and all the while TX users have been noting poor FFB. Has this been, or will it be - addressed?
  7. Buckwilder

    Force Feedback & handling fix

    Good question 💁
  8. Buckwilder

    Force Feedback & handling fix

    Understood, thanks Chris. Apologies for my pointed remarks - it’s just frustrating for me on the wheel because I think it is otherwise a great game. However, the FFB on my Thrustmaster TX is in such a state that it warrants the game unenjoyable for me at the moment, sadly.
  9. Buckwilder

    Force Feedback & handling fix

    Good to hear it’s working out for you - but for those using the Thrustmaster TX, it’s not very good. Admittedly we need to allow some time, and I will be waiting patiently. I guess I just didn’t understand Chris’ remark about wanting feedback (no pun intended), on an issue when comments have been discussed at length regarding a specific wheel about the general lack of feel and overall poor FFB. I shelled out $130 CAD for the Ultimate Edition, and the experience on the wheel thus far, has been very un-Ultimate.
  10. Buckwilder

    Force Feedback & handling fix

    Hi Chris, I am confused by this remark. People have been commenting about the FFB since the game released, all kinds of commentary has been given in regards to its feel (or lack thereof). Weak rumble over bumps (muted suspension feel), zero feeling of tire slip, lack of adjustable parameters to tailor FFB setting globally (damper, slip, vibration, mechanical trail, pneumatic trail and so on). Why months after release are we pretending as though this issue is new and CM is compiling feedback? There are messages about the issues in both the general discussion forum, and technical assistance sections alike. Personally I have asked a few times, as have many others...this is not new-news. I had to shelve the game on account of the FFB, as have many others. I would have thought a fix was in the works by now. Sad to see we’ve only just begun the process of taking feedback to the handling team to remedy the issues.
  11. Buckwilder


    Would like to know as well. Seems CM has gone radio silent on this topic! I am no longer playing sadly, FFB is just to unbearable.
  12. Buckwilder

    Hidden handling effects

    Autospin kerbs, lol Avoid them at all costs, or let off the throttle. Ridiculous they are.
  13. Buckwilder

    GRID Wheel Support

    Because there is wheel support, but not FFB support 😂
  14. Goes like this; Grip, no grip, unrecoverable (blink). And whatever you do - don’t touch the rumble strips, those are shark infested waters while on-throttle. Humour aside, no it’s not you. There is a fundamental lack of handling balance - add in a wheel, and the bare bones, uninspiring and totally devoid of any tire slip FFB makes the matter even worse. There is ZERO indication of traction loss, or gain. Very frustrating to say the least. Not playing anymore sadly until they fix it. IF they fix it.
  15. Buckwilder

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    +1 I’m just really not digging the FFB. Too bad, game has promise but this is a deal-breaker for me, sadly.