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  1. Because there is wheel support, but not FFB support 😂
  2. Lengthy list of supported peripherals, which is great. Now...if we could only get FFB that didn’t feel half-baked, we’d be all set.
  3. Correct - and this thread was to update people on the status of known issues and game bugs and assure folks they are being worked on.
  4. 1 week in - and you have played every track, and every variant so much that you are now bored and so more tracks are a pressing need? Come on man. Let the game stretch its virtual legs a little - there are other legitimately pressing needs that need to be addressed firstly. Once the core experience has been adjusted/improved - then we can clamour about content and DLC (which is inevitably forthcoming anyways).
  5. Add seat adjustability in cockpit view, please! FOV setting is great, now if we could just get a little closer to the dash...
  6. V8R3L3NTL3SS1 said: obviously you have the North Americans pegged way wrong. Or you're playing in the wrong room because the worst offenders are the French and then the Germans and then the Brazilians and then the Spaniards. Now if you all want to beat me up because of that go right ahead cuz I could care less I'm just telling the truth. I am not attempting to start a war of geographies on this...all I am saying is 90% of the individuals I am paired up with are Canadian or US players...i.e. - North American. It is my only frame of reference...and in my experience they are driven (no pun
  7. If there is another game type aside from racing that is more contested in terms of player etiquette I would be surprised. Every driving game I have ever indulged in since I started playing MP (PGR 2), has been a royal mess in this regard. Living in Canada I am mainly forced to play with opponents from N.A, which IMHO are the worst offenders. If I am lucky enough to find a room of U.K based opponents I find the racing is always faster, and cleaner. Due to the nature of racing in and of itself, and being that to set fast times requires sound driving practice and proper technique, it be
  8. Photonik said: Offline feels a bit weird, right. But more like they have simply better cars, but aren't able to drive them as good as you might. That would explain, why slipstream feels non existant there. Agreed...I have yet to try the online portion of the game, my commentary was based strictly on the career mode. Until I have tried the online I will not know for certain but I will take your word at it.
  9. I may be a little off-base on this one given my overall amount race-time to this point, but it feels like drafting behind other cars in a straight line has relatively little if any noticeable impact. I understand there are a number of factors that determine the noticeability of this phenomenon...but I rountinely hit the apex of a corner at max speed as does the AI car ahead of me...and leading in to a stretch of straight track the fact that I am in their slipstream appears to have minimal if any impact. I have been racing Touring cars mainly, and so given they are more-or-less 'evenly' tu
  10. Mirrors at the expense of frame-rate would not be worth it in my opinion...the game runs nice n' smooth...no need to risk compromising that now is there!?
  11. Damn...I do deserve to stand in the corner on this one...sorry gents...only picked up the game a few days ago, and I overlooked the obvious. Happy to report I have pulled my head out of my butt and I am enjoying racing now lololololol If mirrors are confirmed for the next patch than I will consider that a major win...I would have been o.k with just the look back button (clearly, after my silly rant above...lol).  :) 
  12. All good...don't really mind the blurred out thing...the dials and instrumentation are all eye candy. Would it be nice if they were perfectly rendered? Sure...but, it is not by any means a deal breaker for me persoanlly. That said.... The lack of functional mirrors could be overlooked IF there was a 'look-back' button - of which unless I am mistaken - there is not. This is a killer IMHO, I have NO IDEA where cars are...if I am about to side-swipe someone, or put myself at risk on a tight turn/hairpin etc. White arrows simply don't cut it. Its one thing to cut someone off in SP...b
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