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  1. Buckwilder

    Dash Cam

    I am aware of that, but it is not the same dash cam that was in DR1. I am talking about a true dash cam, where you don’t see the car instrumentation, just a bit of the dashboard and the windshield. As previously mentioned it would be even better if we could ha e more seat adjustment so we could push further up on some cars.
  2. Buckwilder

    Dash Cam

    Will we ever see it make a return? Or should we chalk it up to a loss in DR2.0? Or at least the ability to move the seat in closer to the dash, which would actually be preferable over the dash cam as it allows user to retain use of the camera shake reduction feature...
  3. Buckwilder

    540 degrees in Argentina

    With proper throttle modulation and handbrake use, steering extremes are not required.
  4. Buckwilder

    soft lock

    Yes, this - and also when you reach the ‘lock’ with Soft Lock enabled, and the value is set to 100 - the wheel jerks pretty significantly in the opposite direction. So if you are at full lock and this happens it sucks. I stopped using soft Lock, I just set my wheel to 540 degrees and call it a day. Driving the older high powered cars is just too much work at 720 and 900 degrees. Tried it for a while but then I decided to trade off some realism for enjoyments sake 🙂
  5. Buckwilder

    Favourite corner sequence?

    +1 I know exactly what you mean. There are a few areas in Spain that are gratifying- but one stretch of road in particular where it is 3’s and 4’s back and forth in quick succession and it feels so good going in to and out of these corners when you nail the timing and throttle input.
  6. Buckwilder

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    Agreed. Whoever was driving - wasn’t doing well. Inverse apex’s, no power out of corners, no effective use of handbrake to keep the car’s attitude pointing in the direction of travel etc. All I am saying is that the verdict on the game’s handling attributes or lack thereof need to be assessed once the game is released. Sure we can take away or surmise reality but it’s all in vain as watching a video (while somewhat telltale) - only offers up part of the truth.
  7. Buckwilder

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    This statement is hard to qualify. A lot of folks making remarks about grip, but no one here has tried the game. Let’s ensure we separate fact from opinion. I am not saying you are wrong...just that we don’t know. The handling, surface modelling and car behaviour could be spot on for all we know.
  8. Buckwilder

    Blur - Fixed, FFB - Fixed, FOV - Not Fixed

    Shouldn’t be forced to do anything, all cameras should be available to all platforms. The FOV is a major downer for me as well playing on Xbox One.
  9. Buckwilder

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Wheel friction is just the damper setting that affects the friction of physically turning the wheel. Trust me when I say this is best left at zero...so not being able to adjust it does NOT matter. I assume you are playing on a Thrustmaster TX? This wheel has a lot of damping on its own, so you do not need more. Tire friction is the resistance felt from the tire contact patch upon the surface of which it touches. In a real car, when you turn the wheel going slowly, that resistance you feel is two things: SAT, and tire friction. Do this: stand up straight on one leg (on the ball of your foot, ie - the front portion of your foot), and then rotate your body using using the momentum from turning your upper body as quickly as you can. Kinda like spinning on the spot with one foot 😉 Don’t fight to keep your planted foot stuck in place - but let it rotate based on the force from your turning momentum. That resistance you feel on the planted foot, is the same principle for tires when you turn a steering wheel in a car. Friction! There is resistance on the tire based on the friction with the road. It is more pronounced the slower you travel. At high speeds momentum and inertia overcome this phenomenon. Is it important? Yes...but not so much where you will feel a huge difference. That said, it should not be greyed out. I don’t know why Codies has this parameter adjustable for every other wheel aside from the TX on Xbox 😕 They said more updates coming for FFB so let’s hope this gets added in. The T300 has it on PS, and that is the exact same wheel as the TX for all intents and purposes.
  10. Buckwilder

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    One can only hope...has been a long road to hoe, lets hope the soil is fertile, and ripe with juicy FFB goodness.
  11. Buckwilder

    Career mode AI on elite level

    I am in Masters, and it is flat-out bonkers. Short of strapping rocket boosters to the back of my car, I have no idea how I am expected to compete. I can’t for the life of me even figure out where they make up all the time. Best finish so far (and it has only been a few days since I got bumped up to Masters div), is 15th. I consider this to be a crowning achievement given the massive difficulty. That said, I have not upgraded the engine on the car I am using so once that is done I expect better times and better finishing results.
  12. Buckwilder


    Agreed. Color filter adjustment to opacity is all that is needed. I am no programmer but this should be relatively straight forward as the base code remains in-tact, with the only change being the color spectrum in which it is produced.
  13. Buckwilder


    Precipitation is an issue, period. Head lights exacerbate the issue...immensely in fact which is very odd. I often end up turning them off on late afternoon or evening stages and can see MUCH better. They are aware...that is for certain. My belief is that that they they will alter the frequency of events with rain/snow (especially those at night), until (if), they roll out a patch to address the particle effects of snow and rain.
  14. I have noticed this as well. There is an audio issue with the co driver in Sweden, very hard to hear because his voice doesn’t come out of center speaker. My co driver calls are in English so it is not a language-specific issue.
  15. Buckwilder


    Yup for sure! I think we can all agree that many little things combine to make big things. That is, every little game component adds up to make it what it is, or is not. As they say - the devil is in the details! 😉