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  1. Because there is wheel support, but not FFB support 😂
  2. DiRT Rally 2.0 - released with new version dash cam (poorly received), and driver cam that is fully adjustable. No FOV on Consoles. People complained - bring back old dash cam from DiRT Rally 1.0 - 6 months later, done. Still no FOV option for those who prefer driver cam. Grid - released with new dash cam - likely in light of the fact that most preferred said cam as a result of feedback from DiRT Rally 2.0. This game has FOV adjustability for consoles and driver cam, but curiously seating position is non-adjustable. 🤨 Why not release both games with FOV, new dash cam, old dash
  3. Lengthy list of supported peripherals, which is great. Now...if we could only get FFB that didn’t feel half-baked, we’d be all set.
  4. Correct - and this thread was to update people on the status of known issues and game bugs and assure folks they are being worked on.
  5. 1 week in - and you have played every track, and every variant so much that you are now bored and so more tracks are a pressing need? Come on man. Let the game stretch its virtual legs a little - there are other legitimately pressing needs that need to be addressed firstly. Once the core experience has been adjusted/improved - then we can clamour about content and DLC (which is inevitably forthcoming anyways).
  6. Add seat adjustability in cockpit view, please! FOV setting is great, now if we could just get a little closer to the dash...
  7. Yeah would be cool. That said, it would remove some of the creative liberties that CM enjoys and hold them hostage to WRC licensing etc. Maybe we leave well enough alone? 🤔
  8. Well...I had preordered a few weeks back and then cancelled. Thank goodness. The frame rate at 30 was enough to turn me off - the rest of the noted inadequacies just cemented my decision... Enough is enough with Kylotonn then - WRC ought to give the licence to CM, and let them knock it out of the park on next Gen consoles with the release of DR3.0
  9. Supposing every other aspect of the game measured up, the co-driver alone is reason for pause. What on earth were they thinking? What amazing things CM could do with the WRC licence...
  10. Well then we should have the option to disable dynamic weather in the menu for a scripted weather type. Forza Horizon got it right...they have 2 modes, one with ultra graphical fidelity in 4K HDR but is 30fps, and then one that is is still 4K but without some of the window dressing but runs at 60fps. I’ll trade a little eye candy any day for better frame rate.
  11. @dani211212 Agreed - but the console frame rate of 30fps is totally a bust for me - too bad I was looking forward to the game. Variety is always welcome, and good competition is healthy...but I digress...
  12. XB1 version frame rate - is it 30 or 60? I heard they were pushing for 60 on XB1 X and PS4 Pro...did it happen? Any Racing game at 30fps can kiss my arse!! Too bad if it is 30fps as I might have otherwise considered the purchase.
  13. Agreed. Whoever was driving - wasn’t doing well. Inverse apex’s, no power out of corners, no effective use of handbrake to keep the car’s attitude pointing in the direction of travel etc. All I am saying is that the verdict on the game’s handling attributes or lack thereof need to be assessed once the game is released. Sure we can take away or surmise reality but it’s all in vain as watching a video (while somewhat telltale) - only offers up part of the truth.
  14. This statement is hard to qualify. A lot of folks making remarks about grip, but no one here has tried the game. Let’s ensure we separate fact from opinion. I am not saying you are wrong...just that we don’t know. The handling, surface modelling and car behaviour could be spot on for all we know.
  15. The more I see of this game the more impressed I become. Had the pleasure of watching a night stage, and it was truly impressive. Good throw from the lights, the way the beams lit up the environment and moved along the tree line in concert with the motion of the vehicle, looked insanely real and immersive. I have never played the WRC series, so I have no baggage going in. Unlike others who seem to believe it will not live up the hype - I on the other hand think it will be a home run. The environments, the graphics, the stages, the official cars, the fact they have stressed repeatedly that they
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