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    Photonik said: Offline feels a bit weird, right. But more like they have simply better cars, but aren't able to drive them as good as you might. That would explain, why slipstream feels non existant there. Agreed...I have yet to try the online portion of the game, my commentary was based strictly on the career mode. Until I have tried the online I will not know for certain but I will take your word at it.
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    I may be a little off-base on this one given my overall amount race-time to this point, but it feels like drafting behind other cars in a straight line has relatively little if any noticeable impact. I understand there are a number of factors that determine the noticeability of this phenomenon...but I rountinely hit the apex of a corner at max speed as does the AI car ahead of me...and leading in to a stretch of straight track the fact that I am in their slipstream appears to have minimal if any impact. I have been racing Touring cars mainly, and so given they are more-or-less 'evenly' tuned provides a good baseline for this slip-stream (or lack thereof) theory. I notice in other racing titles the effect is more pronounced. Seems sometimes like the only way to pass cars is in a corner, be it late braking or smashing in to the AI. Clean and precise driving and drafting techniques rarely offer the same efficacy of passing cars as do the 'dirty' techniques! lol Oddly enough I remember this being the case in the original Grid as well. In real life the slipstream effect is very effective at assisting in acceleration and passing prowess - as it obviously greatly reduces engine load and aerodynamic limitations...at the risk of over-exaggerating the effect - I would like to see it a little more pronounced in the game... Just my ¢.02
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    In-Car Camera(s) - LOOKING BACK!?!

    Mirrors at the expense of frame-rate would not be worth it in my opinion...the game runs nice n' smooth...no need to risk compromising that now is there!?
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    In-Car Camera(s) - LOOKING BACK!?!

    Damn...I do deserve to stand in the corner on this one...sorry gents...only picked up the game a few days ago, and I overlooked the obvious. Happy to report I have pulled my head out of my butt and I am enjoying racing now lololololol If mirrors are confirmed for the next patch than I will consider that a major win...I would have been o.k with just the look back button (clearly, after my silly rant above...lol).  :)