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  1. DiRT Rally 2.0 - released with new version dash cam (poorly received), and driver cam that is fully adjustable. No FOV on Consoles. People complained - bring back old dash cam from DiRT Rally 1.0 - 6 months later, done. Still no FOV option for those who prefer driver cam. 

    Grid - released with new dash cam - likely in light of the fact that most preferred said cam as a result of feedback from DiRT Rally 2.0. This game has FOV adjustability for consoles and driver cam, but curiously seating position is non-adjustable.


    Why not release both games with FOV, new dash cam, old dash cam, and driver cam that is adjustable? Mind boggling is the driver cam Grid! Sure you can narrow FOV but it is still way too far back. Playing with dash cam deletes all the wonderful eye candy and removes the immersion (often feels as though you are sitting too high, like the wheel is just beneath the headliner. The original dash cam in DiRT Rally 2.0 is/was more of a necessary evil because of how much time you spend sideways, so seeing the road more completely helps. Road racing - I’ll take driver cam all day every day, but we need to be able to adjust both axis so people can orientate the view to their particular set up.

    Really hope they add in an update, and soon.

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  2. 10 hours ago, GhaziMotorsport said:

    Hi All,

    I have also a problem with WRC8. I bought the game online about 3 weeks ago for the PS4. And I still couldn't play the game. I have a Thrustmaster T300 racing wheel and the wheel feels very light. But the biggest problem I have is that my wheel just keep turning to the right when I have a drift to the right. It's like when I drift to the right it's seems like I hit a rock with the wheel. It's really annoying because it's not drivable and I payed a lot of money for it. 
    I'm also tested it on all my racing games and it's only appears on WRC8. How can we fix this problem. Does somebody else have the same issue? 

    After that the game keep on crashing and freezing when the games is loading.

    I hope Codemasters can come with a solution.... 


    WRC8 is not a game by Codemasters. Even if it was - why are you posting in the Grid Technical Assistance page?!?

  3. 1 hour ago, Jay84 said:

    Bring back Demo derby? Also when will we hear plans for more tracks? WE REALLY NEED THEM. 

    1 week in - and you have played every track, and every variant so much that you are now bored and so more tracks are a pressing need?

    Come on man.

    Let the game stretch its virtual legs a little - there are other legitimately pressing needs that need to be addressed firstly. Once the core experience has been adjusted/improved - then we can clamour about content and DLC (which is inevitably forthcoming anyways).

  4. I have the same issue. Is your TV the 65”NU8000? In my case it seems like something to do with Netflix when it is being used on another TV in my house. I am using a Chromecast on the other TV, but I have the option to cast from my phone to either the TV it is on, or my Samsung Smart TV. It’s like when someone in my house signs out of Chromecast, it causes an interruption on my TV as Netflix disconnects from both possible access points.

    A possible fix might be to log out of your Samsung account on your TV. Barring that I am not sure, but sure as heck is annoying when I am mid stage in DiRT 2.0, and then bam - black screen etc.

  5. 2 hours ago, ianism said:

    ha, I said this back in April (on these forums) and people downvoted the poop out of my post. glad to see someone agrees.

    Yeah would be cool. That said, it would remove some of the creative liberties that CM enjoys and hold them hostage to WRC licensing etc. Maybe we leave well enough alone? 🤔

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  6. Well...I had preordered a few weeks back and then cancelled.

    Thank goodness.

    The frame rate at 30 was enough to turn me off - the rest of the noted inadequacies just cemented my decision... 

    Enough is enough with Kylotonn then - WRC ought to give the licence to CM, and let them knock it out of the park on next Gen consoles with the release of DR3.0


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  7. 8 hours ago, EvilCee said:

    It needs an option to auto-fill the slots.

    I asked for this months ago and it was ignored.

    Yup. Did a custom the other day. It’s too lengthy a process.

    Why not a system where you just select the various stages with a check and then confirm once they are all highlighted? What’s worse, is every time you pick a stage and then go back in to the location it starts you at the beginning so you need to scroll a few stages before you get to the next one you want.

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  8. 4 hours ago, battfinkz said:

    Looks awful, sounds awful, co driver sounds like he's about to jump in a spitfire and defend the white cliffs of Dover, physics look like we have teleported back to 1997 and v rally has just landed, epic store on pc, 30fps on all consoles, even X.... staying well clear of that abomination 😂

    Supposing every other aspect of the game measured up, the co-driver alone is reason for pause.

    What on earth were they thinking? 

    What amazing things CM could do with the WRC licence...

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  9. 33 minutes ago, Tranzitive said:

    WRC7 was also 30fps on console. with motion blur on (which is not an excessive effect in WRC7), you don't really even notice the slower frame rate after a while. your eyes adjust to it. there is still a good sense of speed, especially since the cars accelerate like rocket ships.

    honestly, i think the 30fps on console is probably due to the dynamic weather. don't think it's possible to do dynamic weather and 60fps on console. probably the reason the dynamic weather from Dirt 4 is not in DR2.0, especially since DR2.0 has much better-looking stages. the stages in Dirt 4 were pretty bare-bones.

    we just need the next console generation to hurry up already. 

    Well then we should have the option to disable dynamic weather in the menu for a scripted weather type. Forza Horizon got it right...they have 2 modes, one with ultra graphical fidelity in 4K HDR but is 30fps, and then one that is is still 4K but without some of the window dressing but runs at 60fps. I’ll trade a little eye candy any day for better frame rate.

  10. XB1 version frame rate - is it 30 or 60? I heard they were pushing for 60 on XB1 X and PS4 Pro...did it happen?

    Any Racing game at 30fps can kiss my arse!! Too bad if it is 30fps as I might have otherwise considered the purchase.

  11. 4 hours ago, Pfei said:

    The problem is that in that supposed beta video of Argentina you don't know who's driving, how hard he's pushing or if he is using assists. 

    I even doubt the credibility of that video being that it's from an unknown source. It seems to me to be an unintentional leak of an internal dev build. In every way possible it looks 10x worse than the alfa from the live stream two months ago. 

    Agreed. Whoever was driving - wasn’t doing well. Inverse apex’s, no power out of corners, no effective use of handbrake to keep the car’s attitude pointing in the direction of travel etc.

    All I am saying is that the verdict on the game’s handling attributes or lack thereof need to be assessed once the game is released. Sure we can take away or surmise reality but it’s all in vain as watching a video (while somewhat telltale) - only offers up part of the truth.

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  12. On 5/17/2019 at 6:58 PM, Pistro said:

    Tarmac seems pretty realistic, maybe even better than DR2, because there is none of that floating going on. Gravel is horrendous however, way too much grip, especially on that Argentina video. Makes me appreciate gravel in DR 2 much more, even though certain classes, like R5 for example, also have too much grip, but nowhere near the ammount of what WRC8 has.

    This statement is hard to qualify. A lot of folks making remarks about grip, but no one here has tried the game. Let’s ensure we separate fact from opinion. I am not saying you are wrong...just that we don’t know. The handling, surface modelling and car behaviour could be spot on for all we know.

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  13. The more I see of this game the more impressed I become. Had the pleasure of watching a night stage, and it was truly impressive. Good throw from the lights, the way the beams lit up the environment and moved along the tree line in concert with the motion of the vehicle, looked insanely real and immersive. I have never played the WRC series, so I have no baggage going in. Unlike others who seem to believe it will not live up the hype - I on the other hand think it will be a home run. The environments, the graphics, the stages, the official cars, the fact they have stressed repeatedly that they are focusing heavily on the wheel use and modelling FFB to be much better than games of the past...

    Call me excessively optimistic, but I really feel like this will their coming out party, and I am super stoked to welcome in another pure bred rally game. To say DR2.0 has been a bit of a let down is some respects would be understating it...so with high hopes they patch the daylights (and headlights) out of it - I will look forward to having two amazing games in honour of the best and most challenging driving discipline in the world.

    Long live Rally, and I hope WRC8 is a world beater!

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  14. Wow, the graphics and locations look photorealistic. I guess I’m in the minority here - but from an aesthetic standpoint this destroys DR2.0.

    I have every reason to believe the physics and handling, along with the FFB - will follow suit. 

    Definite pick up for me, 100% - can’t wait!!

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  15. obviously you have the North Americans pegged way wrong. Or you're playing in the wrong room because the worst offenders are the French and then the Germans and then the Brazilians and then the Spaniards. Now if you all want to beat me up because of that go right ahead cuz I could care less I'm just telling the truth.

    I am not attempting to start a war of geographies on this...all I am saying is 90% of the individuals I am paired up with are Canadian or US players...i.e. - North American.

    It is my only frame of reference...and in my experience they are driven (no pun intended), by winning at any cost, and not by racing in a clean fashion. In retrospect I should have left that remark out, because it is not really an 'empirically sound' remark and it is somewhat prejudice. That said, I am a proud North American myself so take my commentary with a grain of salt, I meant no harm by it!

    At the end of the day, I just want a relatively clean race, lets trade paint sure...muck it up a bit in the corners, a gentle nudge on the straights...its all good, that is racing!

    Side swiping and blatent T-Bone tactics in the corners are just silly, and make the MP experience a shitty one for all those who are trying to have a little fun.

    I suppose there is no quick cure, and in the end it is like everything else in life - which is to say there is no simple solution!

    For every fix - there is a new problem created. Peeps just love to moan and groan about this,that and the other...human nature to find fault in most things. The gaming community is fickle, and racing games tend to bring out the best in some people, and the worst in others.

    Pedal down, head up - and a few prayers along the way!



  16. If there is another game type aside from racing that is more contested in terms of player etiquette I would be surprised. Every driving game I have ever indulged in since I started playing MP (PGR 2), has been a royal mess in this regard. Living in Canada I am mainly forced to play with opponents from N.A, which IMHO are the worst offenders. If I am lucky enough to find a room of U.K based opponents I find the racing is always faster, and cleaner. Due to the nature of racing in and of itself, and being that to set fast times requires sound driving practice and proper technique, it becomes near-impossible to have an environment where good driving and clean MP practices can coexist. People are too focused on the result, and not the experience. I like to win, in fact I love to win...and very often I win races. That said, I will happily finish middle or back of the pack if the race is a good clean one. Incidental contact is unaviodable...when it happens, and if the net result is a significant positional impact to my opposition I will generally slow down, and let the players I hit pass me as a show of good faith.

    That's just me, unfortunately it is not the majority of the racing public...not saying I am better than they are for it, BUT ITS just a choice I make because at the end of the day: THIS IS ONLY A GAME.

    Nonetheless it is extremely frustrating, and it will always be a part of racing on-line.

    People don't care.

    They don't know the track layout.

    They do not know how to drive PROPERLY and utilize apex techniques and brake points to execute passing etc.

    Often acts of stupidity commenced by one individual just end up being a war between they and somone other, which then in-turn affects everyone else in the room also. 

    The epitomy of silly it is...but such is life with on-line gaming as it applies to racing. Creativity and out-whitting your opponent becomes the name of the game...which at times can be fun but can also be equally as distracting and detracting from what racing should be all about.

    Find clean racers, make friends, set up private lobbies...otherwise roll the dice and race with the mice.

  17. Photonik said:
    Offline feels a bit weird, right. But more like they have simply better cars, but aren't able to drive them as good as you might. That would explain, why slipstream feels non existant there.

    Agreed...I have yet to try the online portion of the game, my commentary was based strictly on the career mode.

    Until I have tried the online I will not know for certain but I will take your word at it.