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  1. The annoying thing here is we've all been lied to and treated like idiots. We pay good money for your games and DLC, yet you treat us like this? Telling us you're going to check all over the lap times and remove any suspect looking ones? Yeah, like **** you have. I'll move back to Project Cars, where you actually get a reply from the people on the forum who make the game. Codemasters should be ashamed of themselves, with all the money and staff they have available, they still can't listen to the community who enable them to work in their Jobs. They say the game industry is struggling? It's
  2. Amazing. This company is an absolute joke. I've stopped playing Autosport now. This will be the last codemasters purchase I make, It's only a matter or time before others do the same.
  3. What eventually happened with this? I've not played the game since the Challenge to be honest. The whole thing left a real sour feeling to this game.
  4. For an accurate time you need to Log In to the Racenet website.
  5. It takes 15-20 seconds to type. "Sorry to hear about your Concerns. Unfortunately @Loore is on holiday right now and will be back shortly to assist"
  6. You won't get a reply. Nobody gives a damn around here, It speaks Volumes when the 'Community Manager' can't be bothered to respond to his 'Community'  http://imgur.com/PgZ0C91 Here's my example. I asked the 'Community Manager' in a polite considerate manner, to help me with something, and I receive absolutely zero response. Why should we buy Products if the company's representatives don't have the decency to respond?
  7. Amazing! WEEK 2 EVENT – TOURING CARS – TIME TRIAL – BATHURST. CLOSING DATE 02/09/2014 09:00 BST.. Once again, it's a ****ing race, against the A.I.. with your own car. Unbelievable. Time trial SHOULD NOT BE A RACE.
  8. That's a bit unfair. Loore did say he was going to be away on holiday for a couple of weeks IIRC. The community manager has been on all week.
  9. On behalf of the forum I'd like to thank the community representatives for doing such an excellent job of ignoring the forums for the last week. It truely has been an amazing show of appreciation for our purchasing. Secondly I'd like to thank Codemasters and Intel for providing us with the opportunity to compete in the worlds most unfair competion named "The Intel Challenge" Your own Time Trial event round Jarama became a race! Then you decide to allow all of the Level 50 racers to use their own cars. Numerous people have complained about this all week. You've done nothing.  Thanks guys!
  10. The competition is a complete and utter shambles. The main problems with it.. - You can use your own car and set it up accordingly (Highly unfair on new players who have to spend all week getting to level 50) - It's a ****ing race, why's it a ****ing race? (It should be a time trial/time attack, then a clean lap is achievable without having to battle the A.I into the first corner) There is no level playing field in this competition, it's unfair. Plain and Simple. The worst part? I messaged JustBigLee about it a few days back, he hasn't even bothered to reply to me.  
  11. I kept searching and nothing came up. The online system is horrendous, it kept putting me into a new Lobby each time on my own.
  12. Damn it Gooner! I added you to Steam so I could join your lobby but you didn't accept :(
  13. I've posted a similar query over in the Grid General Discussion section. It just gets ignored by anyone at Codemasters. I'm really disappointed with how they're handling this so called Competition, if you can even call it that. It's not a fair playing field, everyone knows that. 
  14. Yep. I sent him a message directly yesterday. He has been posting on the forums since then.
  15. 3.51.444 is the quickest I can do with the Loaner car.  That's with passing the A.I up the inside at the first corner, I can't go any quicker. Unfortunately it looks like nobody from Codemasters can be bothered to reply to my query. 
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