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  1. Houston... we have a problem... We've never seen a Community Manager like Lee Williams!!!!! TY and GL!! GL!! GL!!!!!
  2. Can we have a different palette style for the greek rally stages? Greece 2013 FIA ERC 2014 Dirt Rally mod
  3. Hi! I think there are some problems with latest builds of Mozilla Firefox. You should try another browser atm... e.g. I.Explorer or Chrome. Regards
  4. @Amphydoodle‌ I think you have perfectly described what really happened. Besides... casual gamers don't wait so long for any patches. They can play one, two or three multiplayer sessions... and they won't play anymore if the game stops running (mp AI bug) A GREAT game wasted by such silly bugs :/
  5. I guess that the "free to play" offer has been a great idea: I know that some people might like that game, but imho having two or three cars drifting at the same corner it's a mess. It's just a Ken Block's skill lol
  6. Hey... there has been a misunderstanding between us. Why are u getting angry? I meant that maybe you are not the guy that kick for possible cheatin. Is it ok now? As u can see, that s### happens so many times. Do u?
  7. I'm really surprised by such statistics. Does anyone know the reason? :\
  8. It was happening too many times... That's why I had to stop that kind of behavior Maybe RWB-Charger was cought in the middle... but he just did it.
  9. "Firstly we do not race with coll off and mic is always allowed so I don't think you have your facts straight there," Maybe you didn't remember your first sessions. However... I was sayin that MY mic was off. "If you were kicked there was a valid reason, that is if it was even in our session" I can understand. Simply don't know which was the good reason. "Anyway come join us again and well see how it goes, I will let you know if anyone comments on you in the race." I've nothing against your club. I was talking about YOU. Nobody said RWB are kickers. I've never had problems with others RWB me
  10. Hi... I think 2 weeks ago. But... it is in your sessions that I heard the funniest words lol Hacker... just a keyboard player... very nice my friend!
  11. Some players are just making this game annoying. Why do they think you are cheatin if SOMETIMES a player is faster than them? Kickers of the month: [BFB] Sco##ion [UFK] HE##ER [RWB] Cha##er
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