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  1. duncancunningha

    Camera Angle Feedback

    I agree!
  2. duncancunningha

    Boycott?yeah right!!

    The worst I'll do it wait for online reviews once the game hits the stores but I know I'll just pre-order it anyway as I always do.  I like the games and I don't expect them to be perfect.  These days people say such nasty things about the products they love.
  3. duncancunningha

    F1 2013 Codemasters League PC: My POV of the Race

    Good race win Riotbox!
  4. duncancunningha

    Anyone still playing 2011? I can't stand the new handling models.

    I'll be onlilne on Friday nights.. 5pm US Mountain Time onwards.
  5. duncancunningha

    Camera Angle Feedback

    I like the T-Cam view on the Open Wheel cars.  When I go to other forumlas I struggle and end up choosing the hood cam to get as close to the T-Cam as possible.
  6. duncancunningha

    Needed members for our club Anonymous

    How do you join a club, is it through the Racenet website or through the Grid-Autosport game menus?
  7. duncancunningha

    www.F1GRL.com - PS3 50% Friday 6pm US/PDT, 9pm US/EDT 2am-BST

    All assists are allowed too though many do not use them.
  8. duncancunningha

    Telemetry output

    lordp said: Did you ever make progress with this?  I'd love to get more out of a PS3 as I record league races and having more data is always useful.
  9. Come and join us each week http://www.f1grl.com Here is the latest Teaser of our 2nd race of the Season. http://youtu.be/pUN9-aWRxA0?list=UUJJP6-4SZxQ3QAFSyD4F7nQ
  10. duncancunningha

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    i agree 100% with the list for gap between drivers also what tyres they are on and if they have a penalty oh yes, agreed Tyres and penalty would be useful too.  I don't think it information that is not already in the system and could be shared during the race.
  11. duncancunningha

    Anyone still playing 2011? I can't stand the new handling models.

    PS3 yes.... add me on there, both 'dunkzy' and 'DuncanCunningham' send me an invite next time I'm on.  I'll try and play.
  12. duncancunningha

    Codies Weekly Update 11-07-14

    Be nice... you love the game, so don't bite the hand that lets you play.
  13. duncancunningha

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    I'd like to be able to see, or have the option too see, all race positions on the screen with GAP to you or the leaders.  Seems an easy one to display. The Career mode to have interviews again that you can shape the progress of getting offers from other teams or upsetting your own by saying how bad it is.  Have the team manager say nasty things about your performance that you can comment on. Online dedicated servers... we'll pay for them too, I'm sure.  Make it so we can have control over the leagues online, allow us to edit he results and give penalties etc... give us a place we all want to be. Get people really playing this online.. we love the games!!