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  1. @Zombie‌  So you don't think 2014 is a copy and paste? If anything its a copy, paste, and delete seeing as they're taking away classics. Personally, all this talk about resources, licensing, and budgets is nonsense in my humble opinion. Milestone have done more with MotoGP in 2 years than Codies have acheived in 5, and all that with much less money, resources, and on a fairly niche genre of racing. Either Milestone have managed to part the Red Sea or Codemasters are on pretty poor form, I tend to sway toward the latter.
  2. Yeah thats Massa, for some reason I thought the helmet was white and blue which led me to beleive it was Bottas' car, on closer inspection it is clearly yellow. My bad
  3. Codies are taking us all for mugs. They know the F1 faithful will buy the game regardless of how bad it looks because its an exclusively licensed product. Thats why they bend over backwards for casual gamers implementin useless flaccid modes like shorter careers etc When a modern F1 game still doesn't feature half the things Geoff Crammond thought of going back to the 90's you know there's a problem... ...and I aint referring to "licensing issues", "console limitations", or "FOM" either. 
  4. Don't hate the player(s), hate the game
  5. Why didn't they use the "RACING" livery used by the Williams team in Bahrain? Codies have further censored the censored livery, where does it end? Ferrari's current censored Marlboro livery seems fine to put into the loungerooms of young kids, why havent Codies censored that further by putting a dare I say barcode there in its place? Philip Morris must be laughing straight to the bank.. How about the Lotus livery which is clearly a homage to JPS even if Genii arent directly receiving sponsorship money from Imperial Tobacco (at least not that we know of), you dont see Codies putting a plain
  6. Once they've milked enough from the public on F1 2014 sales.
  7. And that wasn't what @Hatta told us most recently about why they don't use the FOM HUD anyway... Exactly.  Hatta said "we've approached FOM about this. Its not possible right now", Steve Hood said what I originally commented, and a couple years ago some Codemasters official who went by the name T4NRG or something like that said the hardware was too old and couldnt process it. How many times do the fanboys need to be lied to before they pull their heads out of the sand?
  8. Those camera angles are beyond a joke.
  9. The frequency of the camera angles changing almost put me into a seizure. NORMAL TV REPLAYS GUYS. If an F1 broadcast was directed by Codemasters no one would have any clue what was happening in the race
  10. Its funny Codemasters say they won use the FOM HUD because "its an interactive game, not built from the spectator POV. We require different elements"..  That argument becomes completely void when the FOM one provides more information in an easy to read, aesthetically pleasing, and much more informative manner.
  11. OoOoOo the man with the controversial and provocative red stripe has spoken
  12. If I remember rightly, I think F1 2010 was like that, the manual pit limiter at least anyway!. Yes it was and why they would want to reduce the amount of gameplay in a game is beyond me. Because theres more sales opportunity in the casual market from people that dont necessarily follow or know anything about F1. Same reason Bernie's determined to pull the sport from its homeland and migrate it to countries with no motorsport heritage. Money and greed rule this world
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