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    What is wrong with f1 2014

    If you’ve never played a CM F1 game before, you will probably find very little wrong with it. I dare say you'd probably even find it pretty good, albeit a bit hard to figure out if you’re not intimately familiar with F1 rules and regulations, given they never ship decent manuals with games any more. For those of us who have played them before, even those of us who never experienced any of the major bugs that affected some people and really aren’t bothered in the slightest by the minor ones, the combination of content and release date just makes the whole package look rather underwhelming. Even if it had been released mid-way through the season I’d have been more interested. But a full-price game with no notable new features and a lot of familiar ones that look rather old-hat now (I pretty much sigh with disappointment every time I see the replays in a CM game nowadays), released when the season is almost over, just isn’t something I can get very excited about. I do play the games thats why i find it weird that everyone is complaining when it actually does look good, Graphically the games are fine, its everything else that needs dramatic improvement, but obviously Codies know that younger gamers only care about graphics

    F1 2014 New Game Menu and Hud Revealed

    In other words its exactly the same with different background pictures on the menus and probably another rendition of Codemasters concerto of generic psuedo classical menu music. Nothing to see here...

    fed up of moaning

    And the games I mentioned use a lot more than that. GT6 for instance 1200 cars (about 600 unique cars anyway) they mostly drive different, 12 Tyre types, different weather and day night cycles, way more tracks... as for install, that's just an additional thing to save load times on xbox anyway. Spot on Rob. If they could fit GTAIV/Lib City/Gay Tony onto 1 blu ray, then theres no way Codies would be even close to pushing the limits on space.  The engineer is completely useless, compare that to FIFA with 2 commentary teams in English, and Commentary in multiple languages... always improving and adding and comes across very fluid and naturally. I cant honestly see how Codemasters are pushing the boundaries, thats just my opinion

    This place is like a morgue!!!

    Sorry but I dont personally buy that. As others have mentioned, people out there in the modding community put much more effort into their mods, which is done in their personal time away from working life. People arent paying them, they do it out of love for Formula 1 and whichever game(s) they create the mods for. Codemasters have the money, resources, experience and know-how. They just choose not to use them because they know with an exclusive licence of the most popular series casuals wont care or notice, and hardcore f1 fans will buy the games regardless since theres no other officially licenced games on the market. It has nothing to do with lack of resources and everything to do with coorporate greed at its ugliest

    @ Hatta re: Monza

    WSBK are now under Dorna's thumb, who have little regard for safety. MotoGP bikes are exceeding 350kmh down the straight at Mugello, centimetres from concrete walls. Makes F1 look ridiculous these days... Did a bit of digging, appears that once again the FIA have ruined things for us: http://en.espnf1.com/italy/motorsport/story/173207.html Charlie appears to be accepting responsibility for it.. Between Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA F1 is quickly turning into a complete joke.  
  6. Spot on mate. Modders out there are doing a better job and its purely out of the love of the sport or the respective game of choice. Codemasters show no passion at all with this licence, theyre happy to take advantage of its exclusivity knowing that F1 fans worldwide have no other option for an officially licenced product.  Disgraceful

    This place is like a morgue!!!

    And yet plenty of people have complained on these very forums that there isn’t enough Live the Life stuff any more… so as always, one person’s “wrong thing” is another’s “must have”. and Codemasters decided to remove live the life and ydt to ensure they p!$$ed off 100% of their customers!  and for those who didnt care for flashy menus and shallow features they removed friday practice as well, jst as a final kick in the guts. By trying to make the game appeal to everyone by perceptually being as politically correct, child friendly, g rated, green, eco friendly, socially responsible as possible, theyve only ensured that no ones happy!

    F1 2014 Game Q&A Thread

    Codemasters have never got the AI pecking order right in the past, and in the interests of younger audiences guys like Chilton and Gutierrez will probably be fighting for wins like last year. If I had my way, it would be a race for 3rd in the world championship (unless you sign for merc), with red bull or Williams there to pick up the scraps
  9. I don't get it, why is he playing F1 2013 when this topic is about new pics from F1 2014? it is 2014 not 2013  that's what it looks like. The main reason probably you can't tell  is that there is no difference between the 2 :p . The only thing that I think gives it away is the LED screen on the wheel looks different than the digital layouts used in the earlier games @sjsharp2010‌ I think mitch was just taking the p!$$ lol (but cant be entirely sure haha)

    This place is like a morgue!!!

    as far as im concerned, they dont work period. Still doesnt stop them shamelessly cashing in each year on an exclusive licence at the expense of Formula 1 fans worldwide

    @ Hatta re: Monza

    a) I hope they dont implement it, as while it would make things "realistic", sadly its just another example of the FIA wrapping everyone in cotton wool and destroying what was once an epic and challenging corner at one of the last true classic circuits in F1. b) Dorna have no contract with Monza, motogp are not going there. The Italian Grand Prix has already been held at Mugello, and the upcoming Gran Premio di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini will be held at the Misano Adriatico Marco Simoncelli World Circuit in around 2 weeks time

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Spa Hot Lap

    @MurraysMic‌  You have just read my mind and transcribed my thoughts in a manner I could only dream to articulate. Thankyou very much
  13. Theyre already pre occupied on @NellyFurtado‌'s thread

    Logo Helmets

    ^ no doubt floods of people will jump on here saying its not possible due to "licencing issues"

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Spa Hot Lap

    Id love Milestone to do F1 games. Theyd be able to make a game that can be accessible to all people without pointless gimmicks or dumbing things down to a ridiculous level. Some of the ideas they put into their first game were brilliant, especially online. The mini online championships, ability to race as your custom rider, voting on tracks and weather conditions... Offline was good too.. the physics options, aids, practical (yet somewhat limited) rider customisation options, Dorna TV package before each Grand Prix, Dorna HUD, rider stats on loading screens. Sure it had a lot of bugs and the graphics were nowhere near peak PS3/X360 standards, but as soon as you hit the track all that went out the window

    Who's Gonna Buy F1 2014

    Definately wont be sucked into buying 2014. Codies last chance for my money will be 2015, if Im still unsatisfied (which is very likely) Ill be buying a PC and going back to GP4/GP3 and possibly GP2 (very hard to run these days).. I dont care for flashy graphics I just want F1 back

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Spa Hot Lap

    last time I checked cars had 4 wheels not 2 I assume you mean bikes and another thing I think Moto GP uses a rather primitive graphics engine anyway which would allow them to add extra stuff Yes the MotoGP graphics engine is primitive as, yet people are still buying the game for PS4 and loving it. Anyone who defends Codemasters saying they cant afford to do this or havent got the resources to do that are kidding themselves. How do Milestones resources compare to Codemasters then? Their 2 motogp games have so many bugs its almost embarrasing, but so few people complain. Thats because you can sense the labour of love that went into it, you can feel the passion. You play the game with the feeling it was made by people who love motogp as much as you do..

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    I believe this has been the case for all the games, but Codemasters take the car design from the first race of the season, so at Australia, that was how the camera mounts were. Changing it takes a lot of work too, which is really unnecessary for this I think. thanks but i really do think they should play close attention to the cars all season and change them when they get changed in real life to make it more realistic. Hopefully we will see this in next gen f1, due to in season updates Probably down to some convoluted mixture of "licencing issues" and "console limitations"

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    Hopefully the replays will feature standard realistic trackside TV style camera angles instead of the shockingly bad ones they have now. At least this time around they wont be able to blame "console limitations" (not that it was a valid excuse before).. Would be good to select between all in game camera angles for replay, so you can watch the battles from your opponants cockpit or t-cam etc. Director mode would be good as well, where you get to play FOM TV director and decide which camera angles make it into the replay at what time

    Bit Dissapointed...

    ^ it is a good point, and it would be awesome if driver traits were in the game. Frankly I think its shameful that its not in the game, take a look at FIFA for example. The player attributes are constantly being updated to reflect their real world performance. How outraged would people be if Cristiano Ronaldo had the same pace and skill level as some unknown player from a 2nd or 3rd division club? There are a hell of a lot more footballers than there are F1 drivers, so theres no excuse really (besides the usual "licencing issues", "FOM wont allow it", and "the last gen consoles cant handle it")

    Codies Big Challenge for 'F1 2015' (Career Mode)

    You honestly think people will buy a GP2/GP3 game? You have constantly preached how Codemasters can only survive financially if they churn out generic arcade-centric F1 games as opposed to going down the simulation route, how the hell do you expect them to make money on a stand alone arcade-centric kid friendly game representing a series no one follows?  No and I didn't say they would either. I simply said it would be more likely to happen than them being added to the F1 series. In other words: It won't happen. Nor have I at any point brought up money as a reason behind any of the choices made. Don't put words into my mouth.  I strongly advise reading posts before making wild comments that make you look silly. Fair point. you're certainly right, it wont happen in any capacity frankly. You have commented multiple times saying Codemasters wont make money and cant afford to release more realistic "sim" type F1 games, you're only lying to yourself if you deny that Wynterdust. I dont care how I look Wynterdust, I dont have the same degree of forum vanity that you seem to, so please stop pointing out how peoples posts are making them look, it serves no purpose


    Its a good idea in principle, but Codemasters are unlikely to go for that level of realism. No doubt people will come on here saying its not possible due to "licencing issues" or "hardware limitations", but the stark reality is Codemasters only care about $$$£££€€€¥¥¥ and the crashers and bashers probably make up the bulk of the consumer market.. My only criticism of it is that Id never be able to justify missing an actual Grand Prix live to play the sessions, but then again Its unlikely the majority of Codemasters consumer base actually watch F1 so it could potentially attract decent numbers

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Spa Hot Lap

    2014 technology. You are aware that The Xbox 360 and PS3 are 10 years out of date hardware aren't you? Sorry you are right. The hardware is ridiculously outdated, no wonder Codies would be pushing the limits if they had sensible TV style replay angles... the psuedo Hollywood chase style they have now is probably as far as they could push things. Has nothing to do with game design, artistic direction, or making the games kid friendly... Its much more convenient to blame the hardware than accept responsibility themselves. Only god knows how Sony managed it on all the PS2 games

    F1 2014-no Anthony Davidson?

    ^ if you dont think finishing 2 points ahead of a rival with a tiny fraction of your budget in an obsolete version of a car you designed and with perceivably inferior drivers is an embarassment then you're simply deluded. If the Honda fatcats in the boardroom were happy they wouldnt have pulled the plug on F1. Look at 2009, you dont produce the dominant car in a season of fundamental regulation changes without bucketloads of cash. Why do you think Brawns performance dropped off so dramatically throughout the season? They had no sponsors or money to develop the car Its like saying Toro Rosso didnt embarass Red Bull in 08, your argument is ridiculous

    F1 2014-no Anthony Davidson?

    Would you like to explain to me how Super Aguri scoring 4 points, and Honda scoring 6 points, is Super Aguri "embarassing" the works Hondas. The budgets of the two teams? Super Aguri with no money and half the season with pay drivers, got within touching distance of a full works Honda team with basically bottomless pockets and top class drivers. Id call that a MAJOR embarassment.  No different to Ferrari selling Marussia a 2 year old chassis and having Bianchi within 2 points of the factory at seasons end. Thats very damaging to a companys reputation. Luca di Montezemolo would behead half the organisation if that happened