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    What.. Luke !!! no more updates, video, screenshot

    HennoGarvie said: You mean your next F1 2013 hot lap with F1 2014 sounds will be out soon. Can you just focus a decent PC version of the game, 'next gen' consoles are awful compared to PC, just do a decent PC title then develop a console title from that. If you have a PC what are you doing playing Codemasters F1? Get GP4, download mods and the jobs done..
  2. ^ If I had a PC Id never touch another Codemasters game again

    F1 2014 Game Q&A Thread

    Thats why you should NEVER take any information the engineer provides you seriously. He also neglects to inform you that your tyres will be shot after 10 laps while the AI's will go 3 race distances

    One thing why am I really scared about F1 2015

    As others have said Codemasters never got this right anyway, and probably have no intention to for the future. Take 2013 for example, Mercedes were quick in quali but had horrible rear tyre wear, Ferrari started the season strong then completely faded away once the tyres changed mid season, Red Bull dominated after the tyres changed mid season, and Lotus didnt quite have the raw pace to fight for a Championship but had a great front end and was very kind to its tyres... None of these features were evident in Codemasters rendition of the season. More often than not Chilton finishes ahead of the Caterhams, the same guy who in real life usually gets lapped by his team mate.

    Codies Big Challenge for 'F1 2015' (Career Mode)

    FOM are the commercial rights holders for GP2 and GP3, I cant see how that would cause any problems. "licencing issues" seem to be thrown around as a very convenient excuse for almost every question that gets asked on this forum. I can't see why FOM would be against promoting their own product.

    Unlimited flashback. yes or no?

    ^ I feel Codemasters should make unlimited flashbacks optional. The more options for people the better as everyones different. For some reason they seem to have the mentality that people arent capable of making their own decisions with how they want to play the game

    Message for Steve

    Dont get me wrong, im not disagreeing with the fact that they have removed features that were once in the game.. personally I think its coorporate suicide to charge the same amount of money for a product many perceive to be of equal or lesser quality than its predecessors.  Some may say "vote with your wallet", however that argument becomes void when Codemasters is the only option for a current officially licensed F1 experience. If I was sailing the ship at Codemasters, I would make it my personal responsibility to honour the 64 year history of the sport, and if I failed to deliver on that promise I would put my hand up and resign from my position, taking full accountability. I dont get that sense of passion from Codemasters, all I see is dollar signs. OK fair enough they have a business to run, however you have to give a little to take a little. This sport has taken lives away from loved ones, it has to be treated with a certain degree of respect and dignity. This is just my opinion of course, ive been proven wrong before and probably will be many times again

    Message for Steve

    ^ Wynterdust has a point here. Leagues are good and all, however for people with full time jobs and other commitments it can be very hard to maintain a schedule to participate. You also have to factor in the international nature of online gaming, for people outside of Europe it can be very hard due to varying timezones and whatnot. If Codemasters had refined offline physics and AI over the years not so many people would turn to leagues to get their adrenaline rush, more would opt for the convenience of single player. Unfortunately Codemasters has identified their consumer base to be more interested in quickplay options and has actively catered to that target audience. This has resulted in the people wanting a more fulfilling experience turning to online leagues because Codemasters has failed (or chosen to ignore) that particular sector of the market.  I personally beleive there is no reason why Codemasters cant cater to both markets, they are certainly capable of doing it. The current state of play doesnt represent (in my view) 4 years of honest development and refinement on Codemasters behalf, making it increasingly difficult for some of their consumer base to justify paying full price for a new game each year

    What Players want for F1 2014

    THEY ADD IMMERSION!!! Try reading a book. Try to develop your capability to let your fantasy drive. Then come back and see a computer game not only as a mechanical 'do this and get this' type thing but more of a piece of art, that should also entertain 'in between the lines' so to speak. I require intelligent entertainment, that has style. I hope this answers your question!? As long as there is a switch for you to turn it all off we are all happy-agree? :wink:  +1 Thats why I loved Geoff Crammonds games so much, they had this ability to completely draw you in and get lost within the virtual world. Sifting through results, data, telemetry, lap charts, statistics, and making tweaks to the game were all part of the experience...  Even picking up the GP2 booklet was like holding an immortal peice of F1 history. The game could be as simple or complex as you wanted it to be, and no one cared that each game was practically 2 seasons out of date upon release either.. they were a snapshot of history
  10. Well let's hope they have included all of these but from what codemasters have said so far i'm not too confident. We'll be rotting in our graves before Codefarcesters put this stuff in. Theyve made no attenpt at realism in the past so I cant see how thats going to change for the future.  They know hardcore fans will be tempted into it regardless so all they have to do is appeal to the kid/casual/new to the sport market and its a guaranteed cash cow for Codefarcesters Hardcore fans are not the focus audience, I have no issue with that, nor do I recall them stating it was a true sim, ongoing argument since 2010.  If arcade audience spends more money, how can you blame CM? Because Its not hard to cater to both. Thats why god invented AI difficulty levels and driver assists. How hard would it be to include "arcade mode" and make the rest of the game a full blown sim? No thats too much effort and they'd rather take your money the easy way

    What Players want for F1 2014

    ^^^ do you work for Codemasters Winterdust? You seem to go out on a limb for them at any given opportunity

    All sessions included?

    ^ since when do Codies care about real life F1 or authenticity? Doubt it would've cost them anything to include it, could've just done a copy and paste from last year

    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    Codemasters are good on the graphics side but they'll never touch Geoff Crammond's games in any other department. AI, physics, realism, authenticity, mod support its all first class. GP2 is still far advanced to Codies games to this day, unfortunately DOSBOX seems unable to emulate the game at full speed without winding the graphics down completely, meaning in time the legendary game will probably die a slow death. Luckily mods are still being made for GP4, hopefully the community can keep that game alive.. could be the last proper F1 game we ever have

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Bahrain Hotlap

    Because the Codemasters angles are more likely to impress young kids, where as the more mature and cultured F1 fans would prefer a standard TV style replay... unfortunately for us Codies target market is the former
  15. Its hypocritical to blame FOM in the first place. Lets say in career I drive for Lotus and replace Grosjean. My generic helmet design automatically replaces that of his with the massive TOTAL sponsorship logo on the top. How can Codemasters get away with that, and erasing Grosjeans name from the Championship standings, yet cant change the tiny name of Grosjean on his car or overalls? Sounds like a massive contradiction to me an makes absolutely no sense IMO. Just my 2¢, Ive been proven wrong before and probably will be again

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Bahrain Hotlap

    ^ odemasters than the actual sport.

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Bahrain Hotlap

    Spot on. I really don't know what they were thinking in the first place, or why they thought it was so grandiose to carry on with it for the next 4 years. I honestly beleive Codemasters have shy'd away from everything broadcast related, to leave their own artistic "stamp" on the games. Its a sneaky and somewhat subliminal cross marketing and branding technique, thats why all Codies games have the same feel and atmosphere. Kind of similar to what Apple do with their products. For the most part, its (theoretically) worked. Plenty of fanboys on these forums seem to care more about C

    [VIDEO] F1 2014 Bahrain Hotlap

    Agreed, the replay camera angles are completely unrealistic. A normal TV feed replay would suffice, would be cool to have a button like GTA for (realistic) cinematic angles and to cut between the track feed and helicopter
  19. I wouldnt bet on it. Steve Hood said that they probably wont have any F1 cars at all in the next gen game because they dont add anything to the game and most people who buy the game only like browsing through the menu screens. Its only the 1% hardcore gamers that actually drive the cars. Dont talk rubbish,they will have f1 cars but they will be more futuristic and youll have to complete a platform game before you get a license and then start your career as a green grocer named tex, and im sure he meant 1% of forum users actually drive the cars and they dont use p1 p2 in car view or championship mode. I dont have the link to the interview,  but im sure I remember him saying only a small % of players actually know what the F in F1 stands for and most think it stands for "Fresh" so thats where the 'green grocer career mode' rumour started.  I read it was a "licencing issue" and we could all face hefty lawsuits from Codemasters and FOM for merely discussing the matter on a public forum... Also the shorter career option was down to Codemasters securing track licences through Hermann Tilke directly therefore they needed a way to implement a Tilke only Championship in Career.. thats why the game selects the tracks for you


    2014 will be the acid test for Codemasters, realistically Mercedes should dominate every race with Red Bull or Williams there to capitalise on their (relatively) high tendancy to encounter reliability problems. If Codies don't get this right they'll have some explaining to do. I had a season in 2012 where Perez won the championship with Kobayashi 3rd, Sauber comfortably Constructers champions. Makes you wonder if they'd watched any footage of the 2012 season other than the Malaysian GP

    Pick a team....any team!!

    In the past car number were defined by World Champion then Constructors Championship placings from the previous season. From this year on every driver has a unique number, 2 completely different things. Steve Hood didn't cite anything like what you just said, he clearly stated it would be ommitted due to his feelings that it wouldn't add to the game. My comments about lack of authenticity are entirely about the racing, the fact that Codemasters aren't likely to produce something realistic on track (due to their strong stance toward appealing to casual markets), simple things like driver numbers, a FOM HUD and/or FOM style user interface, and a more authentic feel and atmosphere goes a long way in improving the immersion from the current cold and sterile avenue Codemasters have taken. These things would be MUCH easier to implement than changing the entire physics engine and for people like myself who care more about the sport of F1 than the Cofemasters disciples on this forum seem to do, these basic changes would be very welcome. But I guess the average 10yr old wouldn't notice those subtle changes therefore Codemasters probably aren't interested.

    Pick a team....any team!!

    No other aspect of Codefarcesters interpretation of Formula 1 is realistic so I dont see how this should be any different. If you want to take the moral high ground and drive as Vettels team mate thats your choice, the point is people should be free to make that choice. and if your names Pastor Maldonado and your paying to the tune of £60m worth of Venezuelan oil money annually, and have friends in high places such as hugo chavez and officials from corrupt south american communist governments im fair sure you could make any demands you want without even having to pull a knife or gun. You're complaining in other threads that the game is too unrealistic. So you want it to be even more unrealistic? Your comment about Maldonado just screams desperation to defend your initial point as well as being very disrespectful towards him. If you're going to be immature then don't expect your points to hold any credibility. But of course, you're right, they don't care what the fans say. It's not like they added the safety car, brake bias, fuel mixes, classic content and now the ability to choose any team for career. when they were being highly requested. Its a game, elements of it are always going to be unrealistic, however this wont affect the gameplay in any way and if you want to replace the "lesser driver" than thats your choice to make. Steve Hood responded to someone on twitter stating that Career numbers wont be included because he didnt feel it had an impact on gameplay. That is typical of the attitude within the company you seem to be defending to the grave... no regard for authenticity what so ever. Just happy to pinch every last cent from their target market while taking all the hardcore fans for a ride in the process

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    DWTDevil said: I think that's a must-have, it'll make the experience closer to reality, and puts the 'official' into the title. It'll actually make it feel official for once... Exactly. But I got confirmation from Codemasters that its not happening. They didnt provide an explanation though so I guess we're still in the dark about this

    Please cm!not another toca to grid?!!!

    oDez0808 said: It costs that much? Thats a bit excessive, here in Australia we get all quali and races free (with ad breaks), although the races are rarely in HD except for when it suits our local broadcaster. We get Sky commentary also.. Bernie should look into selling straight to the consumer like Dorna do with motogp. I think for around £100 per year you get every session live/on demand, heaps of other technical videos, and basically full access to the archives dating back to around 1993.

    Pick a team....any team!!

    vtidixon said: Exactly. But Codemasters dont care about people who have invested in the game or have an active interest in Formula 1. They just want to make the game as kid friendly as possible and water everything down to the lowest common denominator.  They know that most die hard fans will be lured into buying the games regardless of how ¢rap they are