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    simple ideas for future F1 games development

    Im fair sure you'd have the option of switching all that off just as you do now?

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    I just wish theyd improve the physics, GP2 from 1995 had more realistic physics than the Codies games. And we need more stats for our career, I want to be able to see season results from everyone so I can analyse where it all went wrong or where I picked up points on my rivals... again GP2 had this 20yrs ago. In fact, GP2 had a lot of things that Codemasters have overlooked and is an overall more realistic simulation graphics aside. Speaking of graphics, how about an official FOM display throughout the game? All the Sony/Psygnosis games had it. And the ability to view any camera angle from any car at virtually any time, which was also possible 20 years ago in GP2, along with a proper TV camera angle and not the stupid panning angles Codies employ

    simple ideas for future F1 games development

    That's not true, Codies said on a Team VVV interview a few years ago (I think it was for 2012) that they weren't/aren't aiming to reproduce the FOM display, but rather to implement their own HUD style. See that to me is disgraceful, the game should be emulated on the console as we see it on the TV in terms of presentation. I dont buy Codies bullshit about licensing, every Playstation F1 game before Codemasters used the HUD.. doubt Bernie has suddenly changed his stance if anything FOM would prefer Codies use the graphics as it increases F1 brand recognition instead of Codemasters increasing their brand recognition by taking their own artistic and distinctly bland Codemasters style

    simple ideas for future F1 games development

    Its been said that FOM dont want people confusing the game with real life. Can you post a quote from Codemasters confirming this? Every year people come out blaming FOM or the licence however are unable to back it up with conclusive evidence from the developer. Personally i beleive Codemaster want to implement their own artistic style over the franchise much like Apple so with their products, as to make it distinctly "Codemasters"... Im calling out Codemasters on this for answers. Why dont you use the FOM graphics and present the game like an authentic FOM broadcast? 

    Which is the best F1 game so far?

    Spent my childhood playing Geoff Crammond's GP2, and still feel it is superior to any F1 console game ever made.. In terms of best F1 game overall?? Cant go past Geoff Crammond's GP4, with mods galore to cover any season to your hearts content and realistic physics and AI, who needs fancy graphics?  Never played rFactor but would imagine it is the only thing that could touch Geoff Crammond

    simple ideas for future F1 games development

    Official FOM presentation would be nice, it is an F1 game after all they could at least make it look like an F1 broadcast. Also, Geoff Crammonds GP2/3/4etc had an option to see seasons results, which is good as in the thick of a championship battle you can review where you dropped points to your competitors etc... It was just your standard X(GP)/Y(Driver/result) axis with the option to highlight only points paying finishes as well. Shouldnt be too hard to incorporate what do you think Codies?

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    All Id like to see are FOM graphics and FOM broadcast style presentation. I cant understand why Codies havent already done this to make the game look and feel as authentic as possible