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  1. @Zombie‌ 

    So you don't think 2014 is a copy and paste? If anything its a copy, paste, and delete seeing as they're taking away classics.

    Personally, all this talk about resources, licensing, and budgets is nonsense in my humble opinion. Milestone have done more with MotoGP in 2 years than Codies have acheived in 5, and all that with much less money, resources, and on a fairly niche genre of racing. Either Milestone have managed to part the Red Sea or Codemasters are on pretty poor form, I tend to sway toward the latter.

  2. Codies are taking us all for mugs. They know the F1 faithful will buy the game regardless of how bad it looks because its an exclusively licensed product. Thats why they bend over backwards for casual gamers implementin useless flaccid modes like shorter careers etc

    When a modern F1 game still doesn't feature half the things Geoff Crammond thought of going back to the 90's you know there's a problem...

    ...and I aint referring to "licensing issues", "console limitations", or "FOM" either. 

  3. I don't suppose you guys considered that Martini is an alcohol brand and can't be featured in a PEGI 3 game playable by kids...
    Likewise older F1 games in the 90's didn't feature the Marlboro logo on the Ferrari, the B&H livery on the Jordan or the Rothmans on the Williams..

    Of course you did...

    Youre re smart guys!

    I'm a bit less than impressed with 2014 along with 90% of the community, too. But the Williams livery is completely understandable! The red stripe is a trademark of the Martini branding and is instantly recognisable.

    Why didn't they use the "RACING" livery used by the Williams team in Bahrain? Codies have further censored the censored livery, where does it end?

    Ferrari's current censored Marlboro livery seems fine to put into the loungerooms of young kids, why havent Codies censored that further by putting a dare I say barcode there in its place? Philip Morris must be laughing straight to the bank..

    How about the Lotus livery which is clearly a homage to JPS even if Genii arent directly receiving sponsorship money from Imperial Tobacco (at least not that we know of), you dont see Codies putting a plain black Lotus in the game or changing the gold to white or anything.

    All the older games from the tobacco days had the appropriate alternate non-tobacco liveries used by the teams IRL, Martini have been heavily screwed by Codemasters by not having their alternate livery used in the game.

  4. MUZZARIOL said:
    Its funny Codemasters say they won use the FOM HUD because "its an interactive game, not built from the spectator POV. We require different elements".. 
    And that wasn't what @Hatta told us most recently about why they don't use the FOM HUD anyway...

    Hatta said "we've approached FOM about this. Its not possible right now", Steve Hood said what I originally commented, and a couple years ago some Codemasters official who went by the name T4NRG or something like that said the hardware was too old and couldnt process it.

    How many times do the fanboys need to be lied to before they pull their heads out of the sand?

  5. Looks way too high..

    Also, same HUD.. Despite completely new engine/power train where focus is on power harvesting and fuel conservation.

    the graphics on the TV coverage give more information for Joe normal sitting at home watching it. 
    We are expected to be experiencing driving these things in a racing game...
    Its funny Codemasters say they won use the FOM HUD because "its an interactive game, not built from the spectator POV. We require different elements".. 

    That argument becomes completely void when the FOM one provides more information in an easy to read, aesthetically pleasing, and much more informative manner.

  6. mmpaw37 said:
    Vettel just came into the pit-lane too quickly.  He had to slow the car in order to average his pitlane speed and avoid a penalty.  Shame we don't have manual control of this in the game.  The possibility of getting a pitlane speeding penalty would add to the excitement.
    If I remember rightly, I think F1 2010 was like that, the manual pit limiter at least anyway!.
    Yes it was and why they would want to reduce the amount of gameplay in a game is beyond me.
    Because theres more sales opportunity in the casual market from people that dont necessarily follow or know anything about F1. Same reason Bernie's determined to pull the sport from its homeland and migrate it to countries with no motorsport heritage. Money and greed rule this world

  7. I hate the way the Perspective is so far back in the cockpit, makes the cockpit look 3 metres long. It would be much better if the seating position was portrayed lower with the steering wheel much closer to your vision. Looks like your staring through a tunnel here when in reality the drivers are cocooned in like a glove

  8. APR193 said:
    I'm hoping they add tracks periodically through the season, so that the tracks have the latest modifications (e.g. Monza run off) and correct sponsor logos in place. They could also release updated car/helmet skins/models if/when they change through the year.

    Scenarios could also be re-enacted with DLC, e.g. you're Hamilton with a bad start at Monza, try to get back in the lead, etc.

    However what I'm sadly expecting is the base game to launch with maybe the first 1-3 races included and the rest to be a Season Pass DLC. I hope that's not the case, but I can't see Codemasters doing updates/development on the game throughout 2015 but only being paid once...
    I don't get why they'd release a game with only 3 tracks on it? Or do you mean 1-3 scenarios?
    I mean they might include the first 3 races, then the later ones you get via DLC (either paid or free), so they can be up-to-date with real life. Although it's true that there's issues with patches on consoles, so hopefully they won't be that bold. But F1 Race Stars had several tracks as DLC only, and the MotoGP game on PC added Laguna Seca as DLC... so there's dangerous precedents out there already...
    Thats because Dorna took Laguna Seca off the Grand Prix calender for 2014, Milestone just threw it in because its one of if not the most popular track.

    The 2013 MotoGp "World Championship" had 4 GP in Spain, 3 in USA, and 2 in Italy lol. Sometimes I wish Dorna would take over F1 at least then we'd stop losing good GP's to countries with no racing passion or heritage

  9. Can they please sort the physics out, or maybe have a pro/semi pro option you can select.

    the main thing i dislike is the online mode, all of it is hard work, especially trying to run a league it's a nightmare as the host has no control over anything,  trying to restart a race is such a hassle i don't understand why it has to be like this, i remember playing f1 challenge 99  and that was so much better/easier.

    please sort the online mode out
    +1 on the physics and online. Semi pro/pro physics works well on motogp Codies should definately look into it.

    With the online, motogp has a championship option where you select x amount of races (I think 3 is the minimum), and every player has like 6 seconds to vote on track and weather conditions at the start... anyone can join mid championship too which is good to boost up numbers. Codies should look into something like that to give the online races a bit more purpose, it stops people constantly jumping in and out of lobbies because your fighting for championship position

  10. MUZZARIOL Member Unleaded
    pleas take away the ghosting in mulit when you cant take out someone because the game ghosts you. or make an option if people can turn it off or on so if peole wanna play crashing with each other they can do it
    Is that actually you, Pastor?

    are you serious if you really think this you are bit wierd I am just a fan (which is also wierd) butif you see someone with like vettels face you think its vettel. its a stupidness I am not hurtung you man but its a bit stupid
    LOL! I was being sarcastic dude, its stupid that you think I honestly beleived you were Pastor. You expressed your desire to crash into people in online lobbies and your profile pic is Pastor Maldonado, no disrespect to you or him but you had to expect someone to make a smart arse comment about that lol

  11. R4pp3r said:
    MUZZARIOL said:
    The fact that they have the audacity to implement a "CAREER mode" but deprive you of the ability to select your CAREER NUMBER or even have your own name on your overalls tells you everything you need to know about potential customisation options for future Codemasters games. 

    Career numbers has been blamed on:
    1. "licensing issues/FOM"
    2. they dont feel it will "add anything to the game"
    3. "console hardware limitations"
    Ugh for god sake if you have time to notice what car number you're in whilst in game then ur either not playing it properly or youre seriously slow -__- 1. the FOM AND TEAMS sign off on final skins for ALL cars meaning once it's signed thats it no more changing it therefore no personal numbers but as i stated in my first comment if you have time to notice what numbers are on the car then theres seriously something wrong. 2. although i highly doubt this has much to do with personalised numbers the current gen hardware is maxed out, this was stated from memory by Steve himself when 2012 was published theres nothing more they can do which is why i dont get why everyone is expecting so much for 2014 when literally the console can't handle anymore. 
    Ugh for god sake if Codemasters had decent TV replay angles you would be able to see it, an element of your character and/or personality would be reflected on screen and youd feel like more than a generic helmet sitting in another guys car. Also most drivers have the number on top of their helmets for those who play t-cam or like to watch replays from t-cam.

    If you're such a hero driver focused on the track Codies might as well give your car a generic white livery to free up stress on the old consoles, whats the difference you'd never notice anyway seeing as you're the quintessential F1 ace (in your head anyway)

    1. Steve Hood personally said it wouldnt be included because he didnt feel it "added anything to the game", what I think he meant to say was that he didnt feel like adding anything to the game.

    2. If the consoles were so seriously maxxed out in 2012 how the heck did they get all the classic content on there? Thats been removed now and you honestly beleive a race number is going to tip things over the edge? If thats the case all the car numbers and helmets will stay the same from last year as the consoles simply cant handle such a drastically major graphical update.

  12. R4pp3r said:
    mmpaw37 said:
    Whoa wait hold up! Why does the Lotus have the display steering wheel? They don't have this in real life

    Agree, Why is this?...Now we have the Lotus AND the Williams wheel completely wrong...ah 'sigh' :/
    Okay this was posted in another topic by Hatta but from what i understand they had a resource problem whilst trying to make all wheels personalised to each team, the only real way of getting around the problem was for all cars to have exactly the same wheel. So from my understanding As i've said before the current consoles are maxed out and cannot handle anymore therefore even though they've removed some stuff theres still not enough room/ram or whatever to be able to store the resources required for each individual wheel there fore by using 1 wheel for all you only need 1 lot of resouces instead of 11 and it uses much less room, thats my take anyway could be wrong. Post by Hatta:

    Hatta said:
    mmpaw37 said:
    Hatta said:
    You know you can just PM me right? :)

    But yes, certainly. I can't speak for Steve, but I can definitely ask about a future Q&A with you guys.

    Cheers, and thanks for asking in a civilised manner. ;)

    There are many of us on this forum Luke that have asked questions in a civilised manner, both on Twitter and here on the forum, how many different ways do we have to keep asking the same question/s, just in order to try and get some response?

    So, I would like to ask my question again if its ok...

    Q: Can you please explain in detail as to why the steering wheels are not accurate to the 2014 season?


    I never said HammyMansell was the only use to address questions in a civilised manner.

    As for the wheel question. I answered this in another topic earlier today.

    "As far as I'm aware we were faced with a resource issue for the wheels, and sadly the only option was to create a generic wheel for teams using the new display. Well there was another option, we could have just kept the wheels the same, but we did not want to do that. 

    This wasn't what I or any of the other team wanted, but sadly, due to the resource issue, it was the only real option we had facing us."

    I find this VERY hard to beleive. All the classics last year had unique steering wheels without any resource issues... If you take F1 2013, subtract the classics, and add 2014 steering wheels things still dont quite add up content wise. That would be like EA saying they've removed x amount of leagues from FIFA and due to resources or hardware limitations cant replicate y amount of kits for the next game. It just makes no sense