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  1. - In-race commentary from the BBC crew David Croft, Martin Brundle with comments about the race, who's leading, accidents, retirements, etc. and Ted Kravitz in pit lane covering news. - driver/team communications. So being able to advise need for tyres, front wing, change in weather or who's in front/behind and how far. - telemetry would be nice, say on the left side of the screen showing either top 10 or all drivers and time differential. Sorry if someone has suggested already. I'm seeing very good ideas.
  2. What I'd like to see:Customize your driver option: everything from facial features, skin tone, hair styles to more helmet options,Bring back the interviews and make the answers mean something (e.g. popularity),I'd like to see the podium with winner national anthem,The ability to import drivers that may not be in the current F1 season, such as legendsFull mechanical customization in multiplayer split-screenMost importantly - CREATE A TEAM MODE: Everything from choosing your engine manufacturer, home race, team colours, car design, hiring and recruiting drivers and team (e.g. team principal, rac
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