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  1. only buy 2015 next gen if its good enough otherwise no to both
  2. they should hire somebody who is good at pr because they seem to be scoring own goal after own goal.  first no information and when they its disappointing and still doesnt give what next gen game is like.  talk about alienating customers.  
  3. what a joke codemasters cant even manage to bring out a next gen version.  how come other companies can mange to do so.  time to give up the licence as you clearly dont have the resources to make the game.  why would i buy a last gen version with the same old tired graphics and lack of ideas
  4. its nothing to with fom as stated by hatta a codemasters employee  its their own "internal issues"
  5. yeah working to bring a substandard product up to the standard of forza horizon 2 and project horizon 2.  thats why they probably havent released any screenshots as they have seen the debacle of ubisofts watchdog hyping up something which in the end was rubbish
  6. think we should give them until end of month to start releasing information or we should organise a boycott.  how hard is it to release some screenshots, a press release and maybe a video.
  7. its all become a bit of a joke,  no information, codemaster staff treating us with contempt, steve hood and his pathetic twitter feeds.   we should all vote with our wallet and dont buy the game that will wipe the smile off their faces plenty of other racing games on the horizon
  8. the career mode needs to be much better.  should only be able to start in a poor team like torro rosso or caterham and when the season has ended can switch teams to higher up team based on your performance.   also when first season done second season should have a few different tracks 
  9. the only issues are codemasters internal issues not fom/fia.  .maybe  its time a new developer was offered the chance to develop a f1 game as codemasters have gone stale, dont give information and theres a wiff of disrespect
  10. the way things are going the game is either going to be released after the f1 seaon has finished which is pointless or next year which is even more pointless.  
  11. exactley my sentiment jpm72   codemasters need to start treating us customers with respect there is no need for secrecy and there is other games that will grab our attention.  yet steve hood on his twitter account has a picture of all past versions of f1 and says when the next one will be.  stop winding us up codemasters and just give us information even if you dont know when its released you can tell us what features will be in.  
  12. yet again treated with contempt they know what formats its on but wont tell us why whats the secrecy sheer arrogance of the company yet again.   At least we  have forza horizon 2 to keep us petrol heads occupied
  13. I think codemaster is treating us customers with contempt just what is with the secrecy its a racing game.  Surely giving regular updates about the game would be  much better .    Maybe if we all agree to not buy the game they may change their attitude just like microsoft did with its arrogant attitudes on xbox one 
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