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  1. The game was a log of input lag and performance issues, only on multiplayer mode. I have tried lowering all the settings and still have a lot of problems and eventually gave up. Is there any fix or more people with the same problem?
  2. Hey forgot to answer back and not home. An update fixed it, can play at medium settings, thanks for the help anyway
  3. i7-6700 and gtx960 4gb. I have turned both off, especially the nvidia one because it messed up with a csgo update and when it got fixed I never bothered to turn it back on, the mobo is from a asus prebuild btw. I do not have afterburner because I overclocking is a bit unstable and couldn´t overclock much so I just uninstalled long ago. I run the game perfectly fine with more than 60fps at medium 1080p, the multiplayer is just a big mess, and today it crashed. Thanks for trying to help
  4. Yerah it was a little low effort might try and do a bettert post with a full template. I searched a bit and went on reddit as well and from what I searched I couldn´t find what I was looking for and the problem I have. Per example trying to find info about achievements and mods was also hard because the most recent questions were even unanswered but I removed my helmet skins and achievements started working again so I found out that for myself. Maybe I searched poorly or not in the best way