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  1. Yeah my save was repaired as well. Happy days. Just had a go at the challenges having not played for a month, man am I rusty.
  2. Its a lie. The screen shot is from Grid 2. The patch still isn't out.
  3. I'm just a bit worried that this patch isn't gonna fix my save. I mean I don't think my corrupt save had anything to do with the supposed known causes. I loaded up the game fine and had a few races online then went to download the boost pack, after the fifth try it downloaded, then it asked me if I wanted to go back to the start screen to load the DLC and so I naturally selected yes. Upon reloading the game I got the corrupt save message. @Loore will the patch fix that?
  4. He could answer that question if it had of been passed to Microsoft but lets all stop kidding ourselves here, it hasn't been. The people who continually blame MS/Sony need to wake and realise what's really going on. Oh and Loore might as well just stop posting, I've never seen someone type so much without actually saying anything.
  5. Could be another week? That actually means more like two in codemaster speak. Loore told us though that it would be here by the end of the month, "Hopefully". Just another line we've been spun, no surprise I guess.
  6. V8R3L3NTL3SS1 you do realise we have been lied to, or at least mislead about this patch already? 14th Loore says its entering the submission process, 24th Loore says its entering the submission process. Like I said in the other thread, at best one isn't true and at worst both aren't. To be honest the situation is beyond ridiculous now.
  7. So Loore said on July 14th "Console Patches are starting the submission process, once it starts to clear that we'll be able to provide you with a definitive date." He then said on July 24th "Currently we've got another PC patch getting ready to be deployed and the console patches are starting their submission process." So at best one of these isn't true and at worst both aren't true. Just go and play the Destiny beta or something, this is gonna be a long long wait.
  8. If the patch isn't live before the end of the month people will still be annoyed now you have said it Loore, so you might as well guess. :D
  9. Are you on Playstation because theres still no update for Xbox. Doesn't sound good though. :'(
  10. So I just thought I'd have a search and see if I could find any info about how long Sony/MS take to approve a patch. Turns out Capcom have answered this question in the past. They said "SCEA and MS can turn things around in 5-7 days most times". So if that's the case the patch should hit any time now. Don't hold your breath. :'(
  11. Yeah its weird how everyone just seems to of stopped caring about this so soon, either they have started out all over again or moved on to other games. I don't want to start out over again or start something else, I just want me save to work. :(
  12. Personally I just don't believe the patch has been submitted, its just an easy way to calm people down. Obviously I have no evidence for this but if the patch still hasn't arrived by, I dunno, Thursday/Friday then I'll doubt it has even more. If/when I'm proved wrong I'll be more than happy to apologies.
  13. Even with all the problems GTA V had rockstar was pretty quick with getting patches out, certainly seemed a lot quicker than CM have been with this fix for PS/Xbox. Why would that be?
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