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  1. Time to take the leap into the world of triggers.  Use them like you would a pedal in a real car, and you have so much more control.  I use a joystick. It doesn't have any triggers. Unless I used the Y-axis of the stick but it would be impossible to turn and accelerate at the same time.
  2. Especially when you use buttons for acceleration/brake. My left rear tire only has around 5 durability left by the end and it's impossible to get traction out of the turns. I even do better with traction control on.
  3. It's easy to tell if someone is cheating or not in time attack events, you just have to select their ghost as your target. The guy currently in 1st place in the touring discipline is terrible in turns and a missile down the straights. It couldn't be more obvious. The other events however it isn't that easy, since you can't drive against player's ghosts. I'm currently 2nd in the open wheel event, almost 2 seconds clear of the guy in 3rd. I hope that's only because the challenges are still in the early stages but I wouldn't be surprised if I got falsely reported because of the big gap. I can't
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