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  1. lloydsmith

    The Positive Thread

    Positive towards the game, and noting very little praise for it on here and much criticism, which is unfortunately is human nature.
  2. lloydsmith

    The Positive Thread

    Mm. the personal attacks just endorse my point, many incorrect assumptions there as well. As to my credentials professionally, you can look me up and judge my judgement for yourselves timlloydsmithfineart.com No doubt after longer play I will find plenty of faults, and the repetitive aspect wearing, but anyone reading the forum new to the game would think it a shallow, incomplete broken mess, which is not the case. I am just saying that it is an simcade game suitable for casual play, so I read it accordingly, I am not blind to things such as the Multiplayer issues, the damage has higher fidelity than of old but agreed is more restricted. The intention of this thread is to convey my thanks to Codemasters for entertaining me and encouraging people to post some positives.
  3. lloydsmith

    The Positive Thread

    Yes you surely are
  4. lloydsmith

    The Positive Thread

    My working life is very stressful at the moment so, despite my reservations, I picked up a copy of Grid to distract me from the real world for a bit. It gave me enormous pleasure to report I found plenty to applaud and little to justify the bashing this game has gotten so far. Far from being underdeveloped ( I eat my heresay based words) this is a well polished reboot that surpasses the previous titles in most areas, (I have owned every CM racing game since Toca 2 and hated some aspects of the Grid series.) Presentation doesn't look bland to me ( and I am an artist by trade), smoke blowing over the menus is a nice touch, lovely opening credits and well chosen BACKGROUND music.. custom your own soundtrack if you like but at least there is nothing annoying here..The announcers are always a bugbear but having them shut each other up with the x button is a masterstroke.. Stellar handling straight off the bat on controller, and well executed damage and particle animation - the smoke effects have to be up there with the best, and the flying body parts are really convincing, they somehow seem to have real heft to them as they gain air . Less structural deformation perhaps than of yore, and of course scripted rather than soft body, but it certainly beats GTSport and Forza for detail and execution. Regarding content, there are surely sufficient events and cars to master, it is certainly going to take me forever to handle that tankslappy 240z in the wet. The track selection is going to be added to for free anyway. Like it or not this is current industry practice and, running my own business, I know how hard it is to juggle priorities, the customer often just doesn’t get this. I am the first to shout if I feel cynically shortchanged. That is not the case here, and I am angry when I see people jump to conclusions and be disrespectful just because they cannot have their all their demands met. The trees are pretty bad though, I will give you that... I would imagine the designers thought the code was better spent elsewhere, but they look like cellshaded cut outs from Automodellista. Now lay into me instead, and give Codies a break.......lol.
  5. lloydsmith

    Thankyou codemasters._. Bout time._

    Birth certificate or it didn’t happen.. 😉😆
  6. lloydsmith

    Thankyou codemasters._. Bout time._

    Quirky....but a change from the norm If you meant adult pocket money playing Toca then I’ll buy old, but child/teen pocket money makes you somewhere in your thirties, if we are talking that then I have some twenty years on you, my good man.. (No doubt there is some octaganarian about to pop up and top trump the both of us 😉) Btw I agree with the above that **** graphics are exactly that, and I am looking for development in a franchise which is why I am reluctant to buy an underfunded reboot at this point. Prove me wrong Codies & I will be delighted to eat my peaky blinding 🧢
  7. lloydsmith


    Fairer AI - please, please PLEASE.. :-)  It is great that the AI has an aggressive personality but it breaks immersion to be repeated shunted off the track rather than being able to trade paint. I don't want to repeatedly rewind to reset my hard won position - that is not racing.  As in previous Grid games, my car feels feather light and they are solid and immovable. I ferevently wish you would dial this back a little in the interests of better gameplay. I don't often race online so the AI really matters. Such a shame as the handling is now so much better than the previous game.   I would be very interested to know why your team decided to make the AI coding the way it is. Apart from that - thanks - the best game in years from you.