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  1. Also its nice to see this forum is cleaned up and consolidated with easy to find topics! It was filling up with to much negative ,  and free speaking posters(customers)! Anyway a forum should be heavily filtered, monitored, one sided and happy to be in a forum because they have nothing exciting to do otherwise! What would maybe make this better separate topics by country and color code posts. Red for complainers,  nonbelievers of everything their told , dissatisfied customers, non suckups,  thinker's and wolves! White for  100% Pro CM, pacifists, and sheep!  
  2. We should be patient at least with MS & PS! First testing a patch that was nonexistent and then testing a large bug, sorry i meant patch that also needed a patch! I heard their patchers told their debuggers it will be next week sometime. 
  3. I deleted a bunch of game saves and dlc that i don't use from one of my new racing games and freed up alot of memory on my xbox! 
  4. Its always someone else's fault...well at least the dlc's have no problem getting out! So if they charged for the patch it would be out now and I would be playing the game instead of playing in their exciting forum! Hey anyone tried the new cars in the British pack? I bought it but I'm on standby for the missing patch! 
  5. All of these dlc's coming out when there is a major fix that should be out and top priority! I feel like an idiot for contributing to your company! I should have withheld buying anything until this was fixed! Also to you advocates that are challenging us customers that rightfully upset to not getting what we paid for, not getting straight answers.....you are not helping us with pushing code amateurs to resolve this with more urgency! All I hear is tentatively "A fix is on the way". Its like getting answers from politicians! This game is like dating a slut that has a nice body! You enjoy her gr
  6. well there goes my second corrupted save! 500+ online races! Just right after paying you money for your new dlc packs, I go to play and get this message "Thank YOU FOR YOUR RECENT PURCHASE AND THE HOURS SPENT ON OUR WONDERFUL NEW GAME ! TO SHOW OUR APPRECIATION WE WOULD LIKE TO CORRUPT YOUR GAME SAVE AND GIVE YOU A FRESH START!"...... So I guess the boost pack makes sense  now! Seems like a scam is being pulled! I'm done with your game!!!! Codemasters ... The name doesn't fit!!!!
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