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  1. RickFlare96

    SERIOUS BUG - Career Mode (PS4/PC)

    UPDATE : I just tried again to see if the save file itself was corrupt, turns out that isn't the case. I just tried restarting a career going through F2 then proceeding to F1 like I always do, selected Lance Stroll as my teammate at Racing Point, did one practice program in P1, saved and exited but this time I wanted to see what would happen if I were to just leave the name of my save file as the default file name and then try loading my career mode again and it loaded the game in the Data Centre instead of where I left off in P1 however, my teammate was still Lance Stroll this time around, so anyway I decided to finish P1, move on to P2 and then save my game again. Turns out when I loaded my career up again, it took me in to the exact spot I saved in P2. I changed the name of my save file, exited and then loaded my career again and I was able to continue where I left off in P2 so something is definitely not right with the save game feature, seemingly when saving, exiting and then loading the saved career mode file during P1 of Round 1 of the Formula One Australian GP. This bug is happening on my PC version of the game as well as on my PS4.
  2. RickFlare96

    Patch 1.18.1 (PC) crashes game

    @BarryBL so far so good, the crash bug seems to have disappeared however, I have a career mode bug that seems to be affecting my save file. I posted the bug in a separate thread in the Technical Assistance forum.
  3. So I started a new career, went through the F2 scenario races then selected Racing Point as my F1 team. I chose Lance Stroll as my teammate, went into the first practice session and did one practice program before saving my game and leaving my home to go out for a brisk walk. When I got back and loaded my career mode from where I left off, I found myself back at the Data Center and Sergio Perez somehow became my teammate?? How is that even possible when Stroll is my teammate and how on earth is it possible that I ended up back at the Data Center when I was in the midst of Practice 1? I will note however, that before I left home I changed the name of my save file from the default "F1 2019 Save 1" to "SpScore Racing Point". Perhaps that had something to do with it? Either way, it's a pretty nasty bug that I hope Codemasters intends to fix.
  4. So I just installed an update for Steam and when I went to launch F1 2019, it crashed to the desktop before the loading screen. I then signed out of Steam and then restarted it in offline mode and tried again, the game again crashed to the desktop. Funny thing is, I didn't get any errors, the game just crashed to the desktop. Anyone else experienced this?
  5. RickFlare96

    Suggestions for Patch 1.17 (XBox1, PS4, PC)

    For the record I wasn't trying to be mean nor was I trying to be a smartass! 😉
  6. RickFlare96

    Suggestions for Patch 1.17 (XBox1, PS4, PC)

    Well, you among others, clicked on the link so.....mission accomplished! Haha! :p
  7. RickFlare96

    Suggestions for Patch 1.17 (XBox1, PS4, PC)

    This post isn't misleading, I was merely asking if there was going to be another patch, I wasn't implying that there may or will be another patch. And it's Codemasters not Codemaster, just sayin 😉
  8. Will there be a patch 1.17 focusing on modified vehicle performance and safety car fix?
  9. RickFlare96

    What is your driver number?

    Growing up I used to follow an American professional hockey player who played for the Minnesota North Stars named Mike Modano and he wore the number 9 jersey. However, in high school I had an average grade of 96% in Geology so because it was my highest grade average for a course ever 96 has become my lucky number but since 9 was my favorite number I go with that one :D
  10. RickFlare96

    F1 2019 : Random loss of engine sound [SG]

    It usually happens when selecting "flying lap" when participating in practice or qualifying sessions but at random times, I even noticed the engine sound disappearing a couple of times when selecting "drive out" during the same sessions. To be honest, there's no real pattern, they're just random occurences.
  11. In the patch notes for patch 1.15 it says "AI Race start performance variance updated leading to slower starts by the AI on average" but still it seems that the AI frequently gets away off the line quicker than I can, especially in F2. I find I'm ridiculously slow off the line in F2, even when I release the clutch the moment the lights go out. No matter what I do, the car is painfully slow to accelerate off the start and multiple cars end up overtaking me. As for the race starts in F1, I don't really see much of a difference. Also, will there be any more team performance, car model and livery updates?
  12. RickFlare96

    F1 2019 : Random loss of engine sound [SG]

    I notice I randomly lose sound when participating in sessions (any session to be exact). I'm also noticing extreme frame skipping/lagging when going into replays with a track full of F1 cars. Is the development team at Codemasters looking into resolving these continuous issues in an upcoming patch, @Faya? I have a report code here from the game on my PS4 : VTCM-JRXH-KVHB-SVSM Please note that I am also experiencing these issues on the PC/Steam version of F1 2019 as well
  13. RickFlare96

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    Great to see that the AI's R&D development has been rebalanced. Now is there a possibility that the engine sound balance will be adjusted in a future patch? I enjoy playing in TV Pod Offset camera mode and I notice the sound of the other cars around me are just as loud as the sound of the engine in my car, it's a little tricky to judge when I am shifting up. Hopefully sliders will be added in the Audio settings so we can adjust the volume of the player's engine in comparison to the AI's engines cause honestly, I'd rather the engine of my own car be louder than the ones of the cars around me while playing either in Cockpit camera mode or TV Pod/Offset mode. Also, it would be nice if the pitch of the engines revving up in Cockpit or TV Pod/TV Pod Offset camera mode were more aggressive and powerful while accelerating, so would it be possible for Codemasters to work on that too, @Faya?
  14. RickFlare96

    F1 2019 Engines

    I'm curious as to when or if the engine sounds will have a more aggressive higher pitch while accelerating to max RPM as we shift up gears? @Faya
  15. RickFlare96

    Replay FPS bad (F1 2019 PC)

    I notice when I watch replays the frame rate is terrible, lots of frame jumping/skipping. It's been happening since release, is there gonna be a fix?