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  1. My gripe is with the Mercedes engine, particularly the downshifting. On F1 2020, it sounds pretty rough, like someone threw a wrench in the gearbox or something. On the video you notice the smoothness of the Mercedes engine when downshifting along with a "whistling" sound. The sound you hear on the YouTube video is the way it should have been implemented in the game but sadly it isn't. I'm hoping for a patch that resolves this sound gripe but I'm thinking that this is wishful thinking at best lol
  2. A sound patch that fixes the downshift sound of the Mercedes engine? It sounds too rough @BarryBL
  3. @BarryBL Not sure if this was already asked but just in case it hasn’t, will there be at least one more livery update coming to F1 2020?
  4. Did anyone notice that the AI cars don't zig zag to warm up their tyres during the formation lap and safety car period? They did in F1 2019 but not in 2020, what's up with that?
  5. I unfortunately must say that I can relate as I am experiencing choppy replays on my PC/Steam version of F1 2020. In fact, I was doing a time trial on the Hanoi circuit (Vietnam), initiated the instant replay and the frame rate dropped so dramatically and got so choppy that the game crashed on me. I dunno if it’s a hardware issue or if even gamers with the best high end computers are having the same issues as we are but there’s definitely something that’s not right here.
  6. I tried playing F1 2020 with some earphones and I must say the engine sounds with broadcast mix on sound very close to the real life broadcast sound you hear on tv! Perhaps the quality of my laptop’s audio device isn’t as good as I thought or maybe I didn’t have the volume high enough lol In any case, I was wrong about the accuracy of the engine sounds (although I still maintain that the downshifting sound of the Mercedes engine could still be a little smoother and also the whistle of the Ferrari engine should be more noticeable 😉)
  7. I'm experiencing crash issues on my Steam version of F1 2020 v1.03! Every time I go in to replay mode in Vietnam, the frame rate decreases significantly and jumps considerably, then it crashes. Game mode I'm on is Time Trial. Tried it several times to see if it was just a single incident that would clear up but alas, I still get the crashes, even after changing graphics settings. After the game crashes, a pop up appears with the option to send a report of the crash which I have done so I dunno if Codemasters got the report or not.
  8. Perhaps you’re right! I guess I was just going by what I heard on tv, as was the reason for my little nitpick but I mean, overall the sound really is an improvement over past games
  9. I must nitpick when it comes to sound. The engine sounds are for the most part pretty good but the downshifting is kind of suspect. Like for Mercedes, downshifting doesn't sound smooth at all, it sounds rough, like someone threw a wrench in the gearbox or something. Now I compared the audio work of some of the modding communities with CM's and I noticed they got it spot on. I know CM's audio is more than capable of giving us some great work here, just like the modding communities have, the only left to do is implement it. Just my opinion
  10. Done! Thanks for your help, kind sir 🙂
  11. I just verified and it says that I have F1 2020 Seventy Edition (PrePurchase). Unfortunately, I don't think anyone with the Seventy Edition will have the benefit of the three day early access feature. Am I correct on that, @BarryBL
  12. I guess I preordered the standard edition. I would like to upgrade the preorder to the Schumacher Deluxe Edition but steam tells me I already purchased it when in fact I did not. I'm just wondering if I can upgrade my preorder to the Schumacher Deluxe Edition so I can get the three day early access. I'll understand if I cannot and will wait until July 10 to play.
  13. I'm not so sure I would compare the engine sound from the 2018 Ferrari and the 2020 Ferrari. Different chassis and engine specs, 2020 Ferrari is much better a sound, just sayin' 😄
  14. I notice a comparison under acceleration but I didn't notice any comparison when downshifting. Seen F1 2020 game videos and the downshifts need work but again, it's a work in progress so we may yet to see improvements here 🙂
  15. I agree with you and it's not just for Mercedes but for Ferrari, Honda and Renault too. The audio is still a work in progress so one can assume the audio team is consistently reviewing the engine sounds and modifying them as such to increase accuracy 🙂
  16. I will reiterate after hearing the onboard engine sounds for the coming F1 2020 however, that they are an improvement but the downshifts are a little suspect to me. I've read that the audio is always a work in progress, which is awesome news but is there any way to get the downshifts to sound like in the video below :
  17. I'm not so sure I agree in this case. Like for me, I prefer playing F1 with the "Onboard TV Pod Offset" view so I believe that the engine sound in this particular view should be accurate or closely accurate to what you would hear when you're watching F1 on television. I understand different microphones are used which accounts for the difference in pitch in the sounds and whatnot but even if the audio team could use one of those microphones to record the Ferrari, Mercedes, Honda and Renault engine sounds while driving in the "Onboard TV Pod Offset" camera view with a great deal of accuracy th
  18. Installed patch 1.22 and read the changelog for the patch. Played the game on Steam but I'm still experiencing crash to desktop issues, no errors, it's just crashing. It doesn't seem like this issue been resolved with this new patch and I don't understand why. It's been reported enough times, surely something should have been done about it, yes? @BarryBL
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