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  1. Sadly, this shouldn't even be on sale..  As I mentioned on the Steam store page it's a blatant cash grab, playing on the nostalgia of CM 2.0. There is not one redeeming factor with this release.  Disgusted in Codemasters.
  2. You can purchase it on Xbox 360 due to there being no Season Pass. On PS3 and PC the only way its acquired is by owning the Season Pass and it isn't available to purchase separately.  EDIT: just rechecked and 5 slots added with Season Pass on PC
  3. Version : PC In multiplayer with a custom race , with some mates and AI to fill out the grid. Randomly, some of the AI will sit at the grid for me as the host at race start.  Other players will not see any AI at all, nor on the racer list.  At the completion of the race the result table will show some of the AI still racing for me and the race will not finish, needing me to quit the session.
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