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  1. To add something to my previous post... -the intelligence of lapped cars---When lapped, AI should not only reduce their speed, but they should also be able to be aware where they should reduce the speed to let faster cars through. Being blocked by a lapped car in the corner which has only one racing line /in the apex is just so annoying but helpless. -the simulation of qualifying---AI only posts their fastest lap times whenever the player is on the circuit. And in Q3, it is really ridiculous for all the AIs keeping just 1s from each other when they do their flying lap. They should be smarter,
  2. From the perspective of offline PC (keyboard) player, here's my suggestions based on the already-pretty-improved F1 2013: -manual pitlane control---pitlane driving and tyre change (by pressing a series of control buttons) -3 practice sessions (essential!!) -tyre data consistency---I suggest the tyre degradation should be consistent. For example, if a set of fresh medium tyre can last for 10 laps on a certain circuit in the FP session, then in the race it should also last for at least 8-9 laps (depends on the race distance choice i.e. 10%, 15%, etc.). The difference should not be very large ( 5
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