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  1. Thanks, but can you please do the same with F1 2010? It's like best F1 game ever made and I can't play because of crappy GFWL...needs to be Steamified.
  2. The moment the license becomes available, steal it... :smile: Thanks in advance.
  3. Good point, plus those tracks are practically already made and licensed, all they'd have to do is re-license them for the next game or whatever to include. But then I have this feeling deep inside (not emotionally lol), that they don't wanna do that because practically Nur and Hok switching every year is what makes this game worth even buying to some people so what's the point to include all in one game and not in the next game.
  4. Don't like classic, it was pretty dead honestly since a week after release online...needs more modern DLC's and that's tracks tracks tracks. :p
  5. I am just wondering if it's possible that they could release DLC for either this or next game. I am talking about tracks DLC like Turkey, Valencia and other tracks that perhaps got removed from previous games or simply other tracks that haven't been on F1 schedule for awhile. I mean if we can race current cars on F1 2013 on old circuits, there has to be a possibility of having just tracks DLC for this of future F1 games. What I wouldn't give to get Turkey track DLC on current game lol...
  6. Lol, I give you my kidney if you manage to win in Spain with no assists too.
  7. He's probably trolling you with a setup or is simply better than you.
  8. Practically impossible to get them any time unless it's at Monaco and first corner gets bottle neck...which is super rare, maybe once in 10 times AI will do that...other than that only player can make those by crashing few cars in a random corner which I mean is fair enough, but would be nice to have a SC more often as someone rolls off to a stop due to problems or something like that instead of them just retiring the race.
  9. I experienced same thing, I am not sure if this isn't a regulation or something though. But I do remember when I was in Monaco I did get DRS from a Williams in front of me which I was going to lap, but not Caterham or Marussia which was weird.
  10. Yeah in my career Alonso is almost on every podium...I haven't even seen Williams lol.
  11. Yeah maybe I have no clue to be honest and neither do I care much...I just found it very odd lol after my mid sector was 0.5 slower and then I end up doing best lap as soon as I pit.
  12. Lol, I like Codemasters...but not to insult this years game could have been done by 2 person modder crew in 3 months by working 3 hour days. Sure there are other things than just developing, it's paperwork mainly I bet that makes it take the ages for the game to be released. Either way, I will never understand what's the benefit of taking features out rather than adding them...or at least leaving them as is.
  13. You can even adjust the pit stop strategy before the race while in your car when you sit in the garage by turning right or left. I am using Mercedes, and Hamilton is always pitting 1 lap after me by default which I don't like since he leads a lap...so I set my strategy to 2 more laps...but as others said, this is guideline only...you can pit any time you want.
  14. They won't confirm DiRT 4, but will certainly confirm that they're making NASCAR game.
  15. At Silverstone my fastest laps come when I perform a pit stop...this is probably due to pit road speeding zone being either too fast or too far down the pit road as soon as you enter the box area. Either way, just worth checking it out for the next patch or something. This is happening on PC platform.
  16. Performance stays the same, I wish it worked like that...
  17. You can't even manage engines like in previous F1 games where you could load engine from another race or save new engine for final parts of the season which would give more performance.
  18. I guess it's like in other F1 games where you lose upgrades for next season. That's because I used to race Marussia in most F1 games and then my performance would be back to nothing in the next season lol. And besides, upgrades hardly matter when you can beat hardest AI fairly easy without any upgrades whatsoever.
  19. I race 25% races, it's fairly enough for me...but when I go online I only for for 5 laper ones, although 25% can be fun too. Career like I said is pretty much Grand Prix mode, no career left in it whatsoever. Maybe they made this game dull on purpose so they could over-hype the next one by adding all the stuff back in it lol. I am not saying this is terrible game, it's still a fun game, I like to get me a updated game...but just saying...why remove all the good things from it, certainty can't hurt to have them even if they are rather useless. People say having that post race conference whe
  20. Let me begin by saying career is very dull and pretty much feels like Grand Prix mode. No paddock which yes hasn't been in the game since F1 2011. It wasn't much, but having assistant and more people walking around your paddock when you progress through career just felt like a nice feature. You can now choose any team to drive for straight away. What's the fun in that? Again, it just feels hopeless because if I was driving for Marussia or something I'd know I have to drive the heck out of the car so I could get a better offer, perhaps a Lotus ride and then onto Ferrari for season 3 or someth
  21. I guess this is just the only place where we can freely discuss the stuff that we wouldn't be able to over at our forums lol, but with every day passing by I am less optimistic that someone took the license, but I still believe that Eutechnyx pretty much will not make another NASCAR game.
  22. Yeah I understood, just saying they wouldn't take that approach to be better, they'd just go to even worse direction.
  23. Whatever you're suggesting @73duster‌, would not happen if Eutechnyx were to continue. In fact, if they were to continue making NASCAR games, you'd see an even bigger recycled game than what we just had in order for them to make a good amount of money to help themselves financially . They do not even have next gen engine, so they wouldn't make next gen title. Does next gen matter? Perhaps not just yet, but less and less people will buy games for older gens thus whatever they'll do I think will just ruin the franchise even more.
  24. Yeah, I think you're dead on about the DLC, they might be trying to keep us confident just so people don't run away and don't buy DLC. After DLC is out, the story might change drastically.
  25. They wouldn't be publisher either, the only thing they'd be able to do is have bragging rights. In all honesty I don't think that's how it will be at all, but those things coming from Eutechnyx admin is really surprising when all the Towlers and what not have already been laid off...they don't even have anyone to do 80% of the work anymore.
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